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The TI-84 Plus CSE is largely incompatible with programs designed for the monochrome or CE calculators, but BASIC on the CSE is compatible with the CE so most programs designed for either will work correctly on a CSE and some monochrome BASIC programs will also work correctly. Most assembly programs require Doors CSE 8 to run, as do some BASIC programs.



  1. Made on US Independence Day 2013, a simple simulation of fireworks using projectile motion formulae. It simulates firing fireworks at random velocities from the ground; when they reach a peak, they explode into brilliant, colorful particles that slowly fade. A small, mesmerizing addition to your TI-84+CSE.

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  2. Watch as lightning zips and flashes across your screen! Enjoy a lightning show the 100% safe way! Does not require Doors CSE to run.

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  3. A pretty decent paint program for the CSE, draw pictures, save and recall pictures.
    ZK Paint has several features, with a few more planned:
    -Opening previous pictures
    -15 different colors
    -A basic eraser and pencil tool
    -Re-colorizing (read Readme for more detail)
    -Includes the demo Zelda picture

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  4. This program draws random circles around on the graphscreen in random spots, going from a radius of 1 to 35, and using a random color for each line the calculator draws. Fun stops when a key is pressed. Just something fun I was playing with to learn about the Circle( command and how it uses colors. Plus it's nice to see how it interacts with the other circles already drawn out.

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  5. This TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition version of my Dynamic Recursive Fractal Generator takes advantage of the new calculator's bigger color screen to generate detailed, colorful fractals. It now renders faster and more accurately, and you can cleanly escape by pressing any key. Simply enter
    a coefficient for the fractal, sit back, and enjoy. Now with Doors CSE 8 icon!

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  6. Just a matrix animation for the TI84PCSE. stare into it for a hour if you are bored.

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  7. Triss is a simple screen saver that draws a triangle and bounces it around the screen.
    You can control the background color, triangle color, the trail length, the line thickness, and how much the triangle moves each step.
    Press 2nd to enter the settings menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to change the values.
    Press any other key to exit.

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  8. This program is a simple drawing program where you can change the tool and color easily. It is not very complicated and has a very simple saving saving future. More info in the readme.
    Note: There are some parts in the screenshot that don't appear. They are fully working in the real version.

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  9. This program will create a pink (technically Magenta) Heart image using graphs and shading. Use this program to expand your love life, or just look at the code to learn how to make a heart using graphs.

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  10. This program was originally made by tifreak8x, I only created and implemented the load code. Doors is NOT required to run this program.
    This program is a utility for programmers to create cool icons to go with their programs. It will show up in Cesium, Doors CS 8, and the upcoming Doors CS 9. Abilities: Use all 15 colors provided by the OS, preview your icon, reload to edit your icon, and more! Read the ReadMe for more information.

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  11. Backstory: I downloaded an ECG program produced by Kerm Martian, which simply put 5rand & -5rand in Y1 and Y2, which is a major code saver, but it looked horribly unreal. I decided to make a pretty and generally realistsic (every line crosses the x-axis, and every line is connected)
    (Does NOT require Doors)

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  12. A simple drawing program. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.

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  13. Doors CSE Icon Creator v2 is an upgraded version of the previous, only this one works strictly with DCSE 8.1 and newer. This version creates the program you want to generate an icon for, and inserts all of the BASIC header data into that program once you finish your icon.

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  14. Sort of a screen saver for the TI84PCSE. Exits on a key press and works well (in my opinion) A port of Blub's ASCIIquarium. My first xLIB/Celtic program :D

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  15. A very simple program that can invert colors on the screen, make it look old, fill the screen with a specific color and animate drawing commands. I hope someone will find a use for it! :)

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  16. A simple flashlight program. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.

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  17. Kerm Martian's Cemetech logo drawing program, ported to the color screen calculators by me, SM84CE. This program will draw the Cemetech logo on to your graph screen. See readme for more detail and credits that explain who did what.
    Doors or Cesium is NOT required to run this. Updated Subprograms so that they don't graph anything when the program is running.

    Feel free to post feedback here or in this thread:

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  18. This program draws random squares around the graphscreen. To stop program press any key. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 or higher.

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  19. GraphAs is a tool designed to allow users to graph more functions at once than the TI-84 normally allows. Choose a graphing mode and watch it graph. More info in the README

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  20. This program demonstrates coloring the foreground and background of homescreen text using Doors CSE 8.x's det(12) function. It generates a version of the classic Matrix animation, falling green characters on a black background. Requires Doors CSE 8.0 RC2 or higher to run.

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