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Pythagorean Theorem This is PYTHEORM for Ti-84 PCSE and Ti 84 PCE This program will help you both complete the Pythagorean theorem without using any brainpower, and, if you wish, also simplify your answers to the simplest radical form This is a very useful tool for math. This program didn't … 3181 10/10
BELLSCHD for TI 84 PCE / PCSE This Program will allow you to keep track of your schools Bell Schedule, both in the program, and storing it in a PicVar to be viewed quickly. To personalize this program to youe specific times, just edit the values in the BASIC program. Have fun using this! 634
PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE This Program will allow you to lock you calculator with a password, while displaying a cool animation that can set your calculators properties to what you want. This program utilizes ONBLOCK, a program developed by MateoConLechuga, to prevent escaping the program without the… 2937 10/10
Clock Mechanics This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the functions. It allows you to Set the Time and Date, view a real-time clock, use the built in timer, and preform ma… 980 5/10
Clock Mechanics This will NOT work for TI 84-Plus CSE, as the menu bug (seen in the screenshots) will make it very hard to use This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the… 817
2D shape Centroid Finder This program will allow you to find the centroid of any 2D shape by dividing the shape into sub-shapes. Finding the Area and individual centroid dimensions of each of these sub shapes will allow you to find the overall centroid. Just input the amount of shapes, and then the Are… 794 10/10
ECG Color! Backstory: I downloaded an ECG program produced by Kerm Martian, which simply put 5rand & -5rand in Y1 and Y2, which is a major code saver, but it looked horribly unreal. I decided to make a pretty and generally realistsic (every line crosses the x-axis, and every line is connec… 449
Heart program This program will create a pink (technically Magenta) Heart image using graphs and shading. Use this program to expand your love life, or just look at the code to learn how to make a heart using graphs. 539
SCRAMBLE v1.0 program This program will scramble a sentence of words, jumbling the letters of each word, but leaving the first and last letter the same. This was inspired by a study done by cambridge university (read about it here: Use this prog… 596
APONG program I wrote this program for the classic Pong game in my spare time when I started experimenting into game programming. This version is a two player version of pong, where two players play each other on the same calc, Left player using 2nd and Alpha to move, and the Right player usi… 12310 8/10


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