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ACT Based from ACT for the TI-83 and 84 by Chris Bethal and Ryan McClain, RoccoLox Programs gives you the ACT Helper for the TI-84 color screen calculators. Has almost all the same features that the original ACT program/app gives you, but with even more! Some added features inclu… No ratings 113 This is a TI-Basic Program that does Math for you, It has Geometric Figure, Slope, Inequality, Equations, Calculation, and even graphing. It is also available for TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition! You can download here or on the TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition Archives, it doesn't matter… 5.5/10 (6) 5542 ARAMCE is the updated version of ARAM for the TI84 Plus. This program approximates area under a function with three different approximation methods: Rams, Trapezoidal Rule, and Simpson's Rule. Please read the readme for more info. No ratings 552 The program ARC84C calculates the arc length of function Y1 between any two points. The function is then plotted and the arc length is colored in red. You can use the function Y1 in storage or enter a new one. No ratings 1709 This calculates the area between two curves, Y1 and Y2. This program works best if you can set the graph screen to where the curves intersect at only two points. The program first searches for two intersections, one from the left side of the graph screen (Xmin) and one… No ratings 1510
Algebra Math Problem Solver This program can solve most Algebra problems. There is a formulas page to help you if there isn't a solver for a certain problem. This is the first version of this program, so there will be some issues. But I have tested all the math solvers, and they work correctly. This will b… No ratings 16 AllMath is a math program with many things; an algebra solver, trig, and more. Even has settings menu so you can customize decimals, and more. 6.3/10 (3) 2492 This will sketch any angle, in radians or degrees. Read the included readme for further directions/information. No ratings 1599 This base converter is very simple to use. Converts bases from 2-32 and works very well! If you get errors, try deleting all variables and strings and try again. Message me if you have any problems. No ratings 1324 Convert any base to another base! (Up to base36). Now conversions to/from binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and more are all a piece of cake now thanks to this program! A MUST download for your TI83+ or TI84+ series calculator! No ratings 98 This program takes a user-input rule (from 0 - 255) and then draws that rule on the screen using a binary drawning method. It uses the three cells above the current cell to determine if it will be a 1 or 0. No ratings 393 This program will allow you to find the centroid of any 2D shape by dividing the shape into sub-shapes. Finding the Area and individual centroid dimensions of each of these sub shapes will allow you to find the overall centroid. Just input the amount of shapes, and then the Are… 10/10 (1) 560 Note: ONLY COMPATABLE WITH CE OS 5.2 AND UP This unit circle program uses draw commands and obnoxiously complicated keypress tracking to allow the user to select from three different unit circle diagrams. Version 1.1: Tidied up overall code, Added Radian<>Degree Converte… 9/10 (1) 5409 This program takes 4 values: Side A, B, and C, and a rounding value, and solves for Theta, the angle opposite to side C. It uses the standard law of cosines format/equation. No ratings 1960 A fast yet simple encryption/decryption engine written in Basic No ratings 244 Calc2 is (in my opinion) a program that makes calculations MUCH easier. With auto fractions, equation solving, and more, it is a pretty awesome program. It is based of the built-in calculator in Mathtools, also made by me. No ratings 4823 This is a BASIC program that takes up to 9 different unknowns and solves for each unknown. The equations can be complex numbers, which allows the user to solve for systems such as those in time varying current circuits. Uses matrices to solve the equations, and may take large am… No ratings 24 A simple program to calculate interval and continuous compound interest. Some tweaking allows this to work with other calculators with TI-BASIC support. No ratings 1217 DISCLAIMER: TEXT WILL BE CUT OFF ON NON-COLOR CALCS This program will solve a system of equations requiring a 3x3 matrix, using Cramer's law visually. No ratings 775 A simple program to calculate the roots of a cubic equation. No ratings 1315 This is a simple program that allows the user to convert distances from both the imperial and metric systems. No ratings 1523 **This will NOT work on the CSE or any monochrome calcs** **This requires CE OS 5.2+ to run, due to use of the toString( command** ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview: This is a program for multiplying, dividing, finding the roo… No ratings 434 This program finds the distance between two points No ratings 1217 Enter a polynomial. Same syntax as PEMS. However, this has one crucial change. One that took weeks of working on the engine... MULTIPLE VARIABLES!!! While PEMS has support for expressions like *:(x^2+x)(x+45) ExpandCE can expand expressions such as *:(x^2+5y^2x^5z^2)(99… No ratings 668 F15 is a fractal grapher with many features: plot Mandelbrot, Julia, Sierpinski, and custom formulas; customize color preferences; adjust pixilation range from 7x7 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; and do much more. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible … No ratings 636 This is a factoring program that factors Ax^2 + Bx + C 10/10 (2) 6619 This program will let you enter in your quarter grades, and it will tell you what you need on your final to get a certain grade for the semester. My entire math class swarmed me when I told them about this program. I hope you like it too. No ratings 202 A TI-BASIC Fibonacci Sequence generator, for ALL TI-84 calcs. Untested on TI-83. Instructions in the readme. Update: Added sending instructions, which I forgot, into the readme. 5.5/10 (2) 313 This program is used for geometry. This program will ensure you get an A+ on your geometry test :). It has so many things to do (like over 20). This was originally made for the TI 83 calculator but yeah here it is on the TI 84 plus CE. NEW VERSION! (Added an DCS icon/Cesium Icon… 8.5/10 (2) 3455 If you have any problem with your graph or if a program left something there this programs is for you. This program resets your graph to its default's and fixes any problems on the graph. Not any problems with Y1-Y9 those can be erased by pressing the Y= button. Thanks for downl… No ratings 1013 Two simple utilities that will make your life WAY easier if you are programming in hexadecimal on-calc. They are also fun to mess around with :P No ratings 98 If you have a function you can use the CALC menu to find a value, find a zero of the function or find a maximum or a minimum. What if you only have equally spaced data points available without any functions? It is still possible to use only that data to obtain a value, fin… No ratings 167 A small program that automatically finds the intersection of two lines, two parabolas, or a line and a parabola. Easy to use just requires that the equations are in Y= form. Written by Nate Matthews. READ THE README TEXT FILE! No ratings 1042 I got this idea from my sister when she needed to learn her math facts. Should be self explanitory No ratings 1031 This is a constant work in progress. Slow, but still making headway. Requirements: - TI-84+ CSE - Does NOT require Doors CSE8 (future support possible) Changelog: v2.0 beta 3 - Totally revamped and included my Triangles program (TRIANGLE) - Totally revamped and included my Pytha… No ratings 1537 This program finds the midpoint of 2 points. Please look at screenshot. Thank you for downloading! No ratings 1884
Math Math Finder is a program for the TI 84 Plus CE that can find the volumes and surface areas of geometric shapes. For more info please visit: This program is still in beta, so you may experience errors and mishaps. Math Finde… No ratings 9 This ultimate program will solve EVERYTHING you'll find in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 and many thing in Algebra 2. Features include solving for X, Factoring, Radical simplifying, Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratic equation, Everything related to linear equations, System of Equations,… 10/10 (2) 7468 This program calculates the mean, median, range, and standard deviation of a list of numbers. It also includes a line grapher that will plot your points and draw a line of best fit through them. Enjoy! No ratings 2052 Whether you are a beginner or a master mental calculator, Mental Math is a great program for learning how to compute problems in your head much faster than doing them on paper. Have fun! Version 2.0.1 CE 10/10 (1) 186 Pieman7373; Newton’s Method This program was initially created in November 2016 by Kaleb Allinson (My AP Calculus teacher), but i looked at the code and said that i could make it more user friendly to normal (non-calculator savvy) folk, so he let me. This program is for using… No ratings 697 V5. Sorry, I didn't upload versions 2,3 and 4 because they were really unstable and barely worked. Input a polynomial expression in reverse polish notation (described in readme) such as *+*:(x^2+4)(x^3+x+5)(x+4). Output: Simplified polynomial! Speed results: 15 sec for (x… No ratings 550 This is PYTHEORM for Ti-84 PCSE and Ti 84 PCE This program will help you both complete the Pythagorean theorem without using any brainpower, and, if you wish, also simplify your answers to the simplest radical form This is a very useful tool for math. This program didn't … 10/10 (1) 2349 This program is designed to find a certain row of Pascal's Triangle. It can also use Pascal's Triangle to expand a binomial to any power. No ratings 1080 This is a simple program which does not require Doors and can help with everything related to percents! No ratings 403 This small and nifty math program takes two polynomials of any size in the form (A*X^B*Y^C...)(A*X^B*Y^C...). It then expands these two polynomials and combines like terms. Save time, reduce error. Note: This program requires the newest version of the TI-84 Plus CE OS, because o… No ratings 1276 Type the angles and get the Answers! Very helpful in Math class! No ratings 157 This program solves and graphs quadratic equations. 136 bytes. No ratings 4039 This little program will quickly solve for all roots of a quadratic equation, including those which are imaginary. It will catch all errors and works on either color calculator. Comes with a Doors CSE icon for if you have it, but Doors is not required. No ratings 4453 Unlike other Quadratic Solvers, this will automatically simplify the equation to it's best ability. No decimals! (v1.1 - No longer displays an unnecessary "1") No ratings 1247 This program is unlike other quadratic solver, you don't have to type the variables in separately, all you have to do is type in a Quadratic equation. You don't even have to know what the variables in the form ax^2 + bx + c are. All you have to do is copy down whats in your math… No ratings 144 This is used to practice your math facts. You can do addition all the way to Trig. It is useful for teachers who want their kids to practice their math facts. This volume now uses lowercase letters, Goto instead of prgm and negative numbers Plz unarchive this prgm if you are… No ratings 94 This program states the restrictions of a variable in an equation so that the denominator does not equal 0. 325 bytes. No ratings 533 Minimum OS: 5.3.0 (5.2 might work) A Wikipedia article and the readme file can better explain this. This program simulates a Reverse Polish Notation calculator that computes more basic math in a different way. Example: "5^2=" would be "[5][Enter][2][^]". Or "2+3+3" would be "[2… No ratings 219 This is a simply incredible program that uses the Pythagorean Theorem, Sine, Cosine and Tangents to solve all sides and angles of a right triangle. With an easy to use interface and extremely quick solving, it is a must have for people taking units related to right triangles.… No ratings 1853 This program creates a rotation around a point. Nuff said. Written in TI-BASIC Public Domain | No Warranty | No cheating No ratings 442 This program simplifies radicals if it can be simplified. No ratings 794 -Easy to use -Radians or Degrees -Small size at about 300 bytes No ratings 1049 *Various Math Programs for Quick and Easy Use* Current Version: 2.6.1 Simple+Math 84 provides a slew of programs to help make algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems a little bit easier. Fast and simple to use, Simple+Math 84 will be a great help for your math problems! … 1/10 (1) 261 ***NEW VERSION WITH VITAL BUG FIXES*** Enjoy the timeless fun of the renowned Spirograph toy right within your calculator! Handles three colors and graphs at once to replicate the original Spirograph. Uses intelligent Tstep design (Idea by Jacobly) to keep graphs from repeating… 8/10 (1) 532 This program calculates the square root of an inputted number to as many decimal places as needed. It will even calculate the square root of non-square numbers, to as many places as the calculator's memory will allow! Also included is a calculator for the golden ratio, phi. No ratings 235 This program contains some of the basic parts to introduce newcomers to trig. It helps calculate sine, cosine, and tangent of angles and sides. It may be edited, but I request I am given some credit if re-uploaded as a smaller or better file. No ratings 997 TriMake is an all-in-one triangle solver and grapher. Solve any triangle assuming enough information is given! Make using those annoying formulas so much faster! Version 1.1: Fixed code to work with less information, simplified solver No ratings 280 Will convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. No ratings 1450 Solves a triangle given 3 known values for 3 unknowns. Uses the laws of sines and cosines. Degree mode only. No ratings 3142 Use this program to easily solve any trigonometry problem! Use this for an easy A in your math classes. If you find any bugs make sure to contact me. Hope you enjoy. No ratings 342 Use this easy to use, small, and fast program to quickly view and graph trigonometric graphs! No ratings 381
Unit Circle Just like version 1.0, the Unit Circle 2.3 is a simple program that displays the unit circle onto the graph screen of the calculator. From there, the program displays a red dot representing which degree measure you are on. By using the arrow keys you can change the degree mea… No ratings 109 Just input the numbers that you have and it will solve for either wavelength, speed, frequency, or energy. Read the included readme for further directions. Enjoy! 10/10 (1) 2684 A math program that finds the arc length, average value theorem, Riemann sum, tangent finder, rotation volume/surface. Requires Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus CSE. Works also on the TI-84 Plus CE. No ratings 5240 Conics gives the properties of a circle, ellipse, hyperbola and parabola. No ratings 2386 This is a program that makes the calculator display incorrect results for calculations inputted. Use this to prank your friends. I do not take responsibility for those who abuse this and mess up others tests. 5/10 (1) 246 This program efficiently triangulates the position of a stronghold using two position and angle fixes obtained by sighting an Eye of Ender and recording the position and angle from the F3 debug menu. Not compatible with Bedrock Edition because it doesn't show your angle. No ratings 16
geometry Includes 17 different area, volume, and surface area solvers. No ratings 6506 Graph3D v4.1 is a re-written version of my decade-old TI-BASIC 3D graphing application for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, taking full advantage of the new colorful LCD. It is a fully-integrated 3D graphing utility that can graph up to 6 simultaneous 3D equations of the form Z=… 10/10 (1) 4317 This amazing program, written in pure BASIC, lets you use your calculator to preform math in bases 2 through 36! All further information is outlined in the README. Source code now included! (no clue why it wasn't before) 10/10 (1) 434 My very first program. View all the necessary details in the included README.txt. ZIP includes file, README, and several screenshots. 1.5/10 (2) 417 Solves a system of equations. Type systems just like in textbooks. No ratings 3231 This Pi Day 2013 tribute program for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition teaches trigonometry while you eat pie. You choose the amount of pie to eat, first an amount, then whether that's times pi or not, and finally if the angle is degrees or radians. Along the way, the program will… No ratings 613 A math program that gives the properties of the platonic solids. It can calculate the inradius, midradius, circumradius, surface area and volume of a platonic solid by a given side. No ratings 444 This short program tests if numbers the user enters are prime. If they are not, it prints the number's factors. Feel free to distribute it - in fact, please do! No ratings 229 This program calculates a user-selectable applied tax on the input amount. VERY HELPFUL!!! UPDATE: Now allows you to set a custom tax percentage and store it locally, idea provided by KermPhd NOTE: You need to set a local percentage BEFORE using the custom percentage tool!… No ratings 154 This is version 2.0.4 of the TIFC. The previous version only supported roughly 68 conversions, took 4 programs and a picture variable, and was around 6kb in size. Version 2.0.X supports the usage of a single program, and boasts 708 conversions available in this single program of… 9/10 (2) 1807 Simple tip calculator which allows you to split your bill. No ratings 469 This is a port and upgrade of Trig Finder v2.0 to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It now supports all possible angles, both degree and radian measures, and will automatically fix your angle settings when it quits. Simply run the program, enter the angle in degrees, and the prog… 9/10 (1) 3187