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Name Description Average rating Downloads This program keeps a detailed record of your pocket money. Introducing a one time only start-up screen and custimization. A greeting is displayed depending on the current time on the calculator. The ability to add/remove your pocket change in a isolated fashion gives you more in… No ratings 324 For use with the Prob Sim Application. Though, it is not required. This program IS DEPENDANT on an outside source, and will not work as a stand alone. This program uses the lists CARD, DRAW, and SUIT, to create data. The flash application, Prob Sim creates these lists (Under opt… No ratings 275 !!This may be an older version of v1.5*!! This program manages 6 classes at a time, displays all 6 classes grades and GPA on one screen through a GUI, or Graphical User Interface, that is easy on the user while keeping a professional look and feel. The program archives the on… No ratings 267 Update: 3.16.12 New Programs STRTPRGM: new design Programs MATH ANGLPOLY: gives the measure of the interior and exterior angles of any regular polygon from 3 to 24 sides FOIL: performs the First Inner Outer Last technique in solving inequalities LINEINFO: gives … No ratings 374 That's right, now you can encode QR codes on your very calculator! The program is of course limited, currently you can only generate Version 1 (21x21) symbols which store up to 17 characters of text. No ratings 273