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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Dungeons The classic escape the dungeon game brought to you in basic. One of the best basic escape game made! MADE ONLY IN BASIC, NO LIBS. Using exclusive text characters the gameplay is amazing. Source code is included for those who want to scramble their mind. This is a really great ga… 526 9.5/10
Etch A Sketch Ever played around with the classic Etch-A-Sketch? Where you draw lines and shake to erase. Here it is on the Prizm, now not only with black, but 7 different colors. 1388
[Prizm] Asteroids: Beta 1 This is just to show movement in my steadily progressing Asteroids game for the Casio Prizm. Please give it a try and pm me your concerns or post. Thanks. Keys: [Shift] Accelerate [Arrow keys] Change direction 649
Dungeons v2.0 Same as Dungeons v1.0 but now with a complete textfile help section. With 15 levels including multiple tiles types including: movable boxes, fillable holes, teleporters, and current tiles. This version also comes with a level editor which I hope you design your own levels and se… 428
Atomic This programs calculates mass in grams of atomic structures. Really nice custom input which makes structures easy to see. This is a good program for any chemistry students and saves time when calculating mass. 860
3D Gravity Guy A 3D gravity guy of sorts. Instead of the original sidescroller where you switch from top to bottom, it is coming towards you. There is a highscore feature. Becuase of the way I set the graphics up, you need ~9000 bytes to play. 1401
CSE Pretty Math Allows user input in a easy to use program. Evaluates math operations and displays in "pretty" format. At ~1200 bytes it is not a problem for memory confined calculators. Or stick with App4Math at 49,152 bytes!! your choice (; NOTE: will only work on the Ti-84 Plus C Silver Edi… 699
ZK Paint CSE A pretty decent paint program for the CSE, draw pictures, save and recall pictures. ZK Paint has several features, with a few more planned: -Saving -Opening previous pictures -15 different colors -A basic eraser and pencil tool -Re-colorizing (read Readme for more d… 1189
CSE Minesweeper The popular windows game, minesweeper, arrives on the CSE. Featuring: -Variable size boards; 6 different sizes -Color -Timer, so you can challange friends and family -4 difficulty settings; Easy, Medium, Hard and Pro -Custom mine settings -The smiley face from the windows… 13083 7/10
Projectile Project Linksoft 2013 is proud to present Contest #10's humble winner, Projectile project, finally coming to archives for download. -It all starts when you are kidnapped by a scientist because area 51 needs a new brain, yours. It is the midst of a war with Russia and missile testing ne… 514 10/10
Minesweeper CSE Minesweeper clone for the CSE Several exciting features: -Stimulating color sprites for engaging gameplay -Fully functioning timer; yes it is accurate -Smart flagging; flag and un-flag to your hearts content -Flag counter; a nice display showing how many mines still left t… 1414
CSE BlackJack Casual card game BlackJack comes to the CSE. In under 4K bytes, this is a guaranteed fun way to pass your time in class, or even outside of class. Features including: >Save and continue games; Having some unreal gamage? Save and continue your lucky streak. >Beautiful graphi… 1536
Yahtzee CSE Yahtzee, the dice game everybody knows, coming to the CSE! With great graphics, highscore table, save and continue games later, and the fun gameplay of yahtzee this is sure to be a keeper on your calculator. Requires Doors 8. Made by Daniel Zeldaking Thacker, from Linksoft Pro… 875


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