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CommandBlockGuy releases TI-84 Plus CE Serial Library
Published by MateoConLechuga on October 23, 2018 at 6:42:52 PM CST | Discuss this article (6)

As the USB port for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI 83 Premium CE becomes easier to use, users throughout the community have been eager to connect their calculators to other devices. One such Cemetech member helping to lead the charge is commandblockguy, who has released a USB serial driver, available on GitHub: https://github.com/commandblockguy/CE-serial. This driver allows one to attach a plethora of devices, such as an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many others as long as they use the standard CDC serial interface. Currently commandblockguy has successfully tested an Arduino link.

This will hopefully enable users to be able to easily build one of their own similar TI Innovators, along with many other potential uses. Perhaps one day we will see a remote controlled car driven by a TI 84 Plus CE! (Or a real self driving car perhaps?). As one of the first released USB drivers for the latest member of the calculator family, it will be exciting to see where the community will take it.

The driver is currently implemented in C and assembly, and is easily buildable by downloading the repository and using the CE C Toolchain. Most likely you will need a variation of a USB OTG adapter in order to be able to use the driver. Pull requests and feature additions are most welcome, in addition to any bug reports and testing.

Let's all give commandblockguy some good vibes and credit, and test out this great new addition to the calculator world!

MateoConLechuga Demonstrates TI-84 Plus CE USB Library
Published by KermMartian on October 16, 2018 at 5:46:25 PM CST | Discuss this article (31)

Over the past few years, Matt "MateoConLechuga" Waltz has made a name for himself, creating well-known projects from Oiram to Cesium to everything in between. He has also worked hard on the tools that now make TI-84 Plus CE development easier than ever, like the CEmu emulator and the C SDK toolchain. Among all that, Mateo has also led the efforts to understand the USB controller inside the TI-84 Plus CE to make it possible for the community to interface with USB devices. His efforts have now borne fruit, in the form of a demo showing reading a file from a USB flash drive.

To make this demo work, MateoConLechuga needed to not only write the underlying code to initialize and interface with USB devices, but also wrote a FAT library. This means that a calculator and a computer with a modern operating system can both use the exact same flash drive. This isn't a first for the calculator community (MSD8x by Brandon Wilson and Michael Vincent holds that distinction), but it's a major breakthrough for powerful programs on the TI-84 Plus CE. We look forward to seeing what the community will be able to do with this, including pitching in to help Mateo test, debug, and demonstrate this capability.

MateoConLechuga demonstrating connecting a USB flash drive to a TI-84 Plus CE

Projects of the Month: September 2018
Published by Michael2_3B on October 14, 2018 at 11:27:58 AM CST | Discuss this article (2)

Hello again, Cemetechians! This month we had slightly less activity, with schoolwork piling up for many; however we had some great projects nonetheless! Check them out:

  • 2048 in ICE: This month, jcgter777 has started working on a clone for the classic game "2048" in ICE for the TI-84+ CE! It appears to still be in the works, so go send your support!
  • BOSshell for the TI-84+ CE Development thread: This month, beckadamtheinventor has made more plans for his shell! There is still lots to do for this project, so go check it out!
  • Calc Crusader (TI-84 Plus CE, ICE): dankcalculatorbro has been hard at work on his crusades game this month. This month, the author has specifically targeted fixing the battles and other important elements of the game. It looks like it will eventually be a very fun game!
  • Fruit Ninja CE [C]: Michael2_3B has started work on a fruit ninja clone for the CE, written in C! We hope to see this project completed in the future. At the moment, the author would appreciate anyone with sprite making skills. Be sure to go show support!
  • Gateway to Legend: This month we are very happy to see that 123outerme has officially released v1.0.0 of his computer RPG! The author has worked very hard to get to this point, so be sure to go try the game out, and leave him some feedback!
  • KhiCAS, a full-featured CAS for Casio CG50/Graph 90+e: parisse has made good progress on his computer algebra system. If you are looking for more math tools, this is the project for you!
  • Latest News on Star Trek: This month, Cemetech member ACagliano has made many updates to his algorithms and other pieces of code, as well as some graphics and gameplay updates. There are some cool new screenshots this month, so check them out!
  • Maker Faire: Calculator Controlled LED Cube: This month, Nik, Kerm, and geekboy1011 collaborated to finish the LED cube for maker faire. They did some awesome work before the maker faire started, so go check it out!
  • NOS - An alternative shell: LAX18 has made some good work on his shell this month. Progress appears to be slow though, so go show him some much needed support!
  • Programming Language / URISC Virtual Machine: amihart has worked hard on his new programming language! There are many different elements to this project, more than I could possibly sum up here. Be sure to check it out!
  • PSEAC: A Simple CAS for the CE: With inspiration from BasicNote, CodertheBarbarian has made a computer algebra system with his very own GUI! There are still some things to fix, but it looks to be very promising! Check out the video in the thread and show the author some support!
  • Recreating Lyrebird API in Python: JWinslow23 has done some neat experiments lately. By reverse-engineering lyrebird, the author has tried to put together some audio files using python. Check it out!
  • Text Dungeon Progress!: Cemetech member [PixelPerfect] has made some good progress this month on his RPG, in which he has implemented a few more features and has worked on shops and battle systems. The project is not done yet but it looks promising!

That's all for this month. Don't forget to vote for your favorite completed project!

Projects of the Month: August 2018
Published by Michael2_3B on September 3, 2018 at 4:41:01 PM CST | Discuss this article (4)

Hello fellow Cemetechians! I have found a little bit of time this labor day weekend to write, and am back with another POTM for the month of August! For many, this month was the start of another school year. However we still saw many amazing projects being worked on, some of which were released! Take a look:
  • Agenda CE [ICE]: SM84CE has some awesome plans for a new electronic agenda program, written in ICE! Here you will supposedly be able to keep track of your classes and other events, all from your calculator! There isn't much code yet, but it looks like it will be a great project!
  • Arcade Bartop DIY tutorial powered by RetroPie & Rasperr: This project was a wonderful surprise! New Cemetech member Ryadel has constructed an arcade game player, which can sit on a bartop or other table! This project is fully completed, and has images, documentation, and much more in the thread! Be sure to check it out!
  • Attack of the Snails!!!: This project, being worked on by _iPhoenix_, is a port of an unreleased TI-BASIC game into Assembly! It is _iPhoenix_'s first actual Assembly game, and it features fun sprites and an epic font. It looks cool, and was released into the archives this month, so go check it out!
  • BasicNote CE Progress Thread: After a successful release last month, Michael2_3B has made a few updates to his powerful TI-Basic text editor this month! With the current version being 1.1.2, there is now a find&replace feature and a compression on/off feature to save time! Be sure to check this one out!
  • BOSshell for the TI-84+CE Development thread: beckadamtheinventor has been hard at work on his epic new shell for the TI-84+CE, in the ICE language! BOSshell, which stands for "Beckadam Operating System Shell", will be capable of many of the things you'd expect out of a shell: file and folder management and editing, file importing, various subroutines, and more! There looks to be a pre-release in the thread now, so go check it out!
  • Boxman TTL: Botboy3000 has recently announced that he will be porting his famous box game to another piece of hardware he is making! It will use TTL, or transistor-transistor logic, and we can't wait to see this project develop.
  • Calc Crusader (TI-84 Plus CE, ICE): An adventurous and fun looking game, dankcalculatorbro has continued work on this Oregon trail-esque, city conquering game. This month, among many other things, he has updated battle mechanics, saving, soldier count, and more. Go show the author some support!
  • CEmu - A CE Emulator: MateoConLechuga has made a huge update to his full TI-84+ CE emulator! With version 1.1, there are many helpful additions for programmers, as well as GUI improvements, other improvements and bug fixes. Be sure to get the latest version!
  • Gateway to Legend: 123outerme has released some more betas for his awesome new computer RPG game! There are screenshots and downloads in the thread, don't miss out on them!
  • Generating electricity from sound.: TheLastMillennial has come up with an ambitious new project. Though difficult, the author plans on getting some microphones or piezos in order to generate power. The power may be minimal, but this project sounds very awesome and could potentially power small things like an analog clock!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial has made some awesome progress on his project this month! He has fixed some math and other things, and now has a menu to display different pictures! This project is developing quite nicely, so be sure to go check it out and show him some support!
  • iPhoenixBot: This month, _iPhoenix_ tried his hand at creating his own bot that imitates his own IRC chat logs. Inspired by nikkybot, iPhoenixBot looks like a cool new spin in the bot area. Be sure to check it out!
  • KryptonIDE - A better program editor for the TI 84+ CE: KryptonicDragon has made a ton of progress on this project this month! He has changed and added a ton of features to his program editor, so be sure to check them out! There are also beta releases in the thread, so don't miss them!
  • Latest News on Star Trek: This month, ACagliano has made some neat progress on his Star Trek game! There are some flashy screenshots in the thread, and be sure to go show ACag some support!
  • Maker Faire: Calculator Controlled LED Cube: Nik has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming Maker Faire! The plan is to have an animated LED cube displayed, with a GUI on the calculator that is able to customize animations and change the colors of the LED. It is not quite done yet, but be sure to check out the code and electronics information if you're interested or can help!
  • NOS - An alternative shell: Created by LAX18, NOS is still under development! NOS promises to be a simple shell to scroll through programs, similar to a Kindle Fire Home Screen. This month, LAX18 has done a lot of work internally, but he has also posted an icon creation contest! Go show the project some love!
  • Online Pictochat Remake: This month, Cemetech member ckosmic has come up with a Pictochat remake, from the DS into HTML. Pictochat has almost all the features of the original such as typing, drawing, dragging letters from the keyboard, rooms, and more, and allows you to creatively chat with friends online! Go check this project out!
  • RPG Game: The RPG You've Seen Before: One of our newer Cemetech members, [PixelPerfect], has stepped right out and released his first program! As the title suggests, it may be simple, but it looks cool nonetheless! Don't forget to look at this one.
  • Text Dungeon Progress!: Yet another new program from [PixelPerfect], this Text Dungeon game looks to be a simple but promising RPG through an endless dungeon! It is not finished yet, but check out the cool screenshots in the thread, and show the author some support!

Hats off to everyone who completed a project, and to those who are still working hard to finish their own projects despite time constraints! As always, be sure to check out each of the projects listed, and vote for your favorite completed project in the poll.