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Cemetech Contest #24: Collaborative Safari
Published by KermMartian 1 month, 2 weeks ago (2020-10-06T21:02:55+00:00) | Discuss this article

Communication is one of the most important parts of any expedition, including software ones. In this contest, you will work with exactly one (1) other person as a team to produce a program centering around this contest's theme: wilderness.


You will be allowed to choose your collaborator for this challenge. You can only be on one team. It is advantageous to pick your teammate early, as you cannot start working on this contest without a second person (solo entries are not permitted). Both team members are strongly encouraged to be active in the development process of their submission.

If you're interested in participating but don't know who to team up with, post about your availability in this discussion thread for this contest.


Your team's program can be in any language, for any platform. Your submission must incorporate the theme of "wilderness" to qualify- how this is implemented is completely up to you; be creative! You are allowed to use sprites, code, and other assets provided they are public at the start of the contest and the submission is still original. There must not be any inappropriate content or any content that discriminates against others. This contest is open to all Cemetech users, except for judges.


Your team should create a thread to document your progress, with the title format "CC24: Collaborator #1's username and Collaborator #2's username". You are allowed to receive help for this contest, provided that it is done publicly on the forums, SAX, or public channels in IRC or the Discord server. If you receive help from someone, make sure to give them credit in your thread.

Submitting your entry

Submit your entries through email (contest at this website's domain). Submit it in the same format as you would upload the file to the Cemetech archives. In the readme file, please include a contest-specific section that includes the language it is written in and the platform it was written for. Include any optional screenshot(s) in the submission itself. As code quality will be assessed by the judges for scoring, your submission must include the source code for your program. You may choose not to include the source code when you upload your program to the Cemetech archives, but it is required for the email submission. You are also allowed to submit your entry to the Cemetech archives, however, it will not be accepted until the contest submission period is over. All entries must be in by the dates outlined below, under Timeline. You may only submit one entry (if you want to submit an update to your entry, PM either _iPhoenix_ or KermMartian, and re-email your submission). Only one person in your team needs to submit the entry.

Judging and scoring

Judging for this contest will be done by a panel of four judges: _iPhoenix_, Jeffitus, commandblockguy, and Nik. You will be scored on the following broad categories:

All judging criteria are scored out of ten and then summed for a total score. We will consider language and platform restraints.

  • Originality: How novel and interesting the core ideas for your submission are, including implementation details and platform.
  • Style: How well the entry is implemented visually.
  • Theme: How well the entry fits the theme of wilderness.
  • Code Quality: How well the entry is implemented. This is a combination of readability, speed, documentation, and optimization.
  • Enjoyability: How much we liked the submission, in general.


This contest will begin on October 6th, 2020, and end on Monday, November 30th at 11:59 pm EST. Assuming no delays or extensions, the judges' results will be posted on or before December 7th.

Projects of the Month: July 2020
Published by TheLastMillennial 2 months ago (2020-09-24T16:33:37+00:00) | Discuss this article

July was full of amazing software and hardware projects! Be sure to read about each project and vote on your favorite!
  • Apollox (Futuristic tower defense game):
    fXXa has been planning out a tower defense game for the Casio Prizm! There's a trello list you can check out and give the author some support!
  • Breathing Exercise Program [TI-Basic]:
    It's no lie that 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. To combat poor breathing, Michael2_3B has created a program that helps you learn to breath slower. It's a very relaxing program so go visit the thread and try it out!
  • Cap'n Hook - A Hook Manager for the CE:
    Ever wanted to make a hook in your program that would allow quick access to features, but you didn't want to conflict with existing hooks programs used? Commandblockguy has you covered with a library that will manage all those hooks programs like to install. The program is nearing released but it needs someone to try it out, so go be the first to integrate this amazing tool!
  • Contagion CE - Plague, Inc. port:
    Epsilon5 and Everyday code are collaborating to create the most relatable game of 2020, a port of Plague Inc.! They've made tons of progress with a map already made, mutations to the virus, and different modes of spreading your virus! The game looks fantastic so go check out the thread for some screenshots!
  • HD Picture Viewer [C] [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]:
    TheLastMillennial has started work on re-writing his high definition picture viewer again, this time making it in a more reliable language, C! This month he finished the computer converter and a portion of the calculator viewer so pictures of any resolution can be displayed! There's some cool screenshot documenting progress so go visit the thread!
  • HexaEdit CE: On-calc hex editor:
    If you've ever found yourself wanting to chea- I mean debug some games without a computer, Captain Calc has created a hex editor which will allow you to edit files directly on the calculator! The interface is clean and intuitive and the program even contains some easter eggs for you to discover so go check it out!
  • Maze Dash CE [C]:
    Even though the original game isn't even available in the US, that didn't stop matkeller19 from scouring the internet to find levels and gameplay to port this fun mobile puzzle game! The game's objective is to cover all the squares of a level using a snake and all the resources given to you in the level. There's some screenshots showing the awesome progress so go see what it's about!
  • Modding my CE with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging!:
    This month, TheLastMillennial completed their latest modification to their TI-84 Plus CE, hiding a Bluetooth speaker to the inside of the calculator to play music! It's a very clean mod with lots of eye candy and even a video demonstrating the sound quality and features so go check out the thread!
  • NESizm (Casio Prizm NES emulator):
    Tswilliamson made a bit of progress this month showing off an awesome feature before the full release! You can still download a beta version so go give it a try!
  • Planet Generation:
    KosmicCyclone has created a little program which will draw a very full planet on the screen! It's so detailed it takes quite a while to render, but that could become a fun code golf competition! The source code is available right on the first post so go check it out!
  • Tanks! CE:
    Commandblockguy has made a ton of progress on his detailed port of Tanks for the Wii! This month he got the enemy tanks fully rendered and now has the game running at a great speed! The thread is full of awesome screenshots and progress so go visit the thread!
  • TI-80 ROM dumper:
    Previously, transferring data from the TI-80 calculator was incredibly difficult due to the lack of any sort of link port. Fortunately, it's significantly easier now thanks to Zeroko who cleverly discovered a way to use an AM radio to record data travelling across the ASIC, RAM, and ROM! It's an awesome trick and they even got a successful ROM dump transferred using the method so go check out how it works!
  • TI-81 Wi-Fi enabled keypad mod:
    Sticking with amazing tricks for vintage calculators, tr1p1ea has just made their TI-81 completely remotely controllable via Wi-Fi! In short, this was accomplished by carefully soldering a Wi-Fi chip to the internals of the calculator! There's some fantastic photos of the progress and even a video of the project working first try! To see such wizardry, go visit the thread and see for yourself!
  • TI-Terminal, a BASIC terminal interface for TI-83/84+:
    TIny_Hacker is just released a new program that lets you create and run not only your own functions, but also programs as well! The UI is a clean looking terminal interface and has quite a few features so go check give it a try!
  • tihle: calculator emulation without ROMs:
    Spurred by the recent development of TI removing Assembly support from the TI-84 Plus CE, Tari has started creating a new emulator that doesn't use any of TI's code at all! This means you can emulate any program without the need for a ROM which all other emulators require! Even better, you can run tihle even directly into a web browser! There's a far more detailed description on its capabilities and the development process which you can read by visiting the link in the thread!
  • Windows 10 Simulator [C]:
    Alvajoy123 has the idea of porting the Windows 10 interface to the TI-84 Plus CE. It's just an idea right now but there's a proof of concept image so go show the author some support!
  • z80 QR Code generator:
    Inspired by his past attempts at making a QR generator in Basic, ReGuess has decided to make the project way better and port it to Assembly! This means far bigger, more complex QR codes can be created faster! It's a pretty cool project and the source is right on the first post so go take a look!
  • Zipper 3.0 (C/Asm):
    Beckadamtheinventor has just created a zx7 compressor/ extractor tool for the TI-84 Plus CE! This will significantly reduce the size of files on the calculator which could be very useful for large projects! There's no download yet but go show some support on the thread!
  • [TI84PCE] Scratch CE Development [C]:
    Despite TI unjustly removing Assembly from the TI-84 Plus CE, that didn't stop Alvajoy123 from making massive progress on his implementation of Scratch, the popular block-based language! This month he nearly finished the UI, added over a dozen commands, and kept the program size and speed at reasonable levels! It's truly a great project you should check out!

That was quite a hearty list of quality projects! That's all for this month though, be sure to vote for your favorite!

Projects of the Month: June 2020
Published by MateoConLechuga 2 months, 1 week ago (2020-09-15T01:34:20+00:00) | Discuss this article

The month of June was a productive one for the Cemetech community, with many new and interesting projects. All members contributed their time to making these projects a reality, so check them out and feel free to post your thoughts!

  • 1-bit sound engine for the 83+/84+ series: Cemetech member fghsgh has brought an extremely improved sound engine to the monochrome z80 series, with 4 square wave channels and even support for arbitrary code execution within the player. Weighing in at a light 496 bytes, the player itself hasn't been released yet because fghsgh is offering a reverse-engineering challenge to anyone who can determine the data format and figure out how it works. Take a look, and make some tunes!
  • Agar.io for the TI-84 Plus CE: Many of our members have spent countless hours on the popular online game agar.io. EverydayCode has recently ported this game to be compatible with the TI84+CE calculator series, and supports an infinite map! A video showcasing the various features can also be found there.
  • An XTREME Golf Game: slimeenergy has picked up this project again after a brief 361-day break. After implementing a fully-functional level editor and fixing some debouncing issues, the game is becoming more and more polished. Visit the topic and post your support to avoid another hiatus!
  • bz80: A ez80 emulator in TI-BASIC: Following the disheartening news that TI removed assembly support commandblockguy started an insane project that emulates an ez80 processor entirely in TI-BASIC. Besides being petty, the technical details behind this en devour are rather interesting. Contributing to this project is more than welcome, and if you want to hear more about it; give a post in the topic!
  • CalcTale - An UNDERTALE battle engine: grossrob0 has started working on an UNDERTALE port for the TI-84+CE calculators. As a battle engine, it does not try to be a true clone, but will hopefully provide a neat experience. Although much information on the project has not been made known, keep an eye out in the future for more updates!
  • CE Rigid Body Physics Prototype: Zaalane has made updates to their rigid-body collision engine, supporting both a pre and post collision passes. As a prototype this project is still under heavy development, and you should stay tuned for more awesome work. (Perhaps we'll see an angry bird clone soon?)
  • Currently Unnamed Contest: Have you ever wanted to solve problems for free karma? commandblockguy has started a contest that requires a fair amount of reverse-engineering in order to advance to different "stages". Hosted on commandblockguy's website, many Cemetech members have already made progress. Can you get to the end first?
  • Fruit Ninja CE: Michael2_3B has continued to make updates to his port of Fruit Ninja for the TI-84+CE. Improved Zen mode, better timing consistency, and physics improvments have made this game even closer to a release! We're told that a few small tweaks and smoothing are all that are left, so if you've been waiting to try this game, the wait is hopefully almost over! Give Michael2_3B some kudos for his work.
  • Graph'n 3D: KosmicCyclone has implemented a 3D grapher in TI-BASIC. Not only is this impressive, but it also features color highlighting. They are planning to add many new features such as view rotation, error handling, and more. A GitHub project is available if you are inclined to contribute, and the topic itself has turned into a code-golf challenge for optimizing the drawing time and figuring out how to implement the new features. If you have ideas or suggestions, click the link!
  • Fractal Terrain Generation: Similar to their 3D grapher, KosmicCyclone has also implemented a terrain generator in TI-BASIC. It supports different resolutions, terrain smoothing, and height setting. While currently in the development and prototype stage, it has many features that might be seen in games or programs in the future. Take a look through the screenshots, and learn from the posted code snippets on how it is done!
  • HUE CE: epsilon5 has created another reflex and skill-based game, with high frames per second and multiple unlockable achievements. It plays as a combination of Simon and epsilon5's other popular game HailStorm, and provides an escape from the monotony of school, or really anywhere. Post your high score, and give some thanks to the developer!
  • KhiCAS, a full-featured CAS: parisse has released KhiCAS for the Casio Fx-9750GIII, a technical challenge considering the memory constraints on the calculator. KhiCAS offers many advanced features, such as Taylor expansions, anti derivatives, and eigenvector calculations. A python-like syntax offers makes using it even easier. If you own a Casio system, it is definitely a program worth having. More information and installation procedures can be found in the topic.
  • TI-Trek: ACagliano has been steadily working on the TI-Trek project, and has implemented USB support for linking calculators across a networked connection!
    TI-Trek is a major project with many ships, features, and will be a fully complete multiplayer Star Trek game. beckadamtheinventor and commandblockguy have been helping out with the development as well, so go give them all some help and suggestions!
  • Minesweeper for the Ti 83/84: crapman5389 has created a Minesweeper port for the TI-83/84 calculator, and self-taught themselves the Axe Parser in order to create it. Most people are not interested in calculator programming, but the challenges it presents are unequaled, and it provides many avenues for learning. The game is polished and released, so give it a download and try for yourself!
  • Noti-ez80 (open source boot rom): beckadamtheinventor has sacrificed a calculator to the creation of an open-source boot code for the TI84+CE line. A commendable goal is to bring back the ability to distribute games and software without requiring a physical calculator. This would allow many people who don't own a CE to have access to the hundreds of community-developed programs. This project has many challenges, so if you can offer any assistance, it would make development quicker and a release faster.
  • Oiram Modding Test: A recent Cemetech addition grossrob0 has been working on adding many neat features to the Oiram program for the TI84+CE, including new powerups and switch blocks. This sounds like a major undertaking, so give them some support!
  • OSExt, a TI Nspire CX OS project: nspiredev500 has been steadily working on an OS for the TI Nspire, which already supports many of the low-level drivers and memory allocation routines necessary to support a full kernel stack. His goal is to eventually make it complete enough to be able to load and run programs via an attached Mass Storage Device (MSD), such as a flash drive. Additional support for cross-compiling programs via Linux is also planned. The creativity continues in the thread.
  • Terrain CE: An Isometric Terrain Generator in TI-Basic: Michael2_3B has been inspiring Minecraft lovers (Check out our Minecraft Server!) with a TI-BASIC isometric terrain generator. Reminiscent of the classic Sim-City games, this program is able to generate different types of worlds with grass, water, and more. The code itself has some sweet tricks, so if you are looking to brush up on your 1337 skills, give it a look.
  • TI, a Basic Rogue: KosmicCyclone has released an open-source TI-BASIC game called TI. It is sort of rogue-like, with a text-based interface. Currently, health, shields, and a few weapons are available. If you would like to see more added to this project to make it even better, take a peak.
  • Tile World: KosmicCyclone has been especially busy this month, and also released Tile World, which is based off of his Fractal Terrain Generation. Although not a ton of code is included, it shows off the power one has with TI-BASIC and a knowledgeable programmer. It is hosted on GitHub, and can be
  • Zipper 3.0: beckadamtheinventor has been rewriting his Zipper program, and hopes to port it to C/ASM. The current challenge that was overcome this month was creating a ZX7 compressor, made difficult because the current compressor allocates huge data structures and was unsuitable for a direct port. When complete, this project will be able to group any variables into a single appvar, freeing up resources for the user.
  • Game of Life: merthsoft has updated his TI84+CE port of Conway's Game of Life, as a show of appreciation to John Conway, who passed this last April. Additionally, a new "stamp" method of drawing the initial state has been added, making it easier to build and watch the pixels devour each other for hours. If your interested in that sort of thing, it's quite an enjoyable program.
  • 8-Ball CE: Alvajoy123 has been porting the classic 8-ball game to the TI84+CE. Currently, they have been working on multiball collisions and fixing various bugs with the program. The screenshots and concept drawings show a lot of promise for the game, so give a post and hopefully we'll see it soon!

Projects of the Month: May 2020
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As the world shutdown in the face of viral danger, Cemetechians stepped up to produce and expand a number of projects in May 2020. As always, be sure to check them out for yourself and vote in the poll for your favorite completed Project of the Month.

  • Building a Custom Laptop Inside a 1994 PowerBook 540c: Sam has begun work on an ambitious triple-monitor laptop. Beginning with nothing more than the husk of a 1994 PowerBook and a dream, he's already made great progress toward his technological marvel, and would appreciate your support in his endeavor.
  • Calculator Water Cooling: AlexTheGreatish, in collaboration with LinusTechTips, successfully overclocked and water-cooled a TI-84+, demonstrating the enhanced computational capabilities of this unconventional gaming setup. The thread includes a link to LinusTechTips' official video on the project, so do check it out to see their success.
  • Casio FX-CG50 Prizm New project: Updated X's & O's: Will1162 has developed a simple tic-tac-toe game written in C for the Casio Prizm series of calculators, featuring multiplayer support, adjustable AI difficulty, and many quality of life elements. He plans to continue updating the program as he develops new features, so head over to the archives and try it out for yourself!
  • CE Rigid Body Physics Prototype: Continuing his work in physics simulation, Zaalane has begun developing a rigid body simulator for the CE, which can calculate the movement and collision of various objects using particle-based equations. He has plenty of additional features and improvements in store, so be sure to head over to the thread to see what's new.
  • Classical 4th Order RK Ordinary Differential Equation Solver: nogdoesrandomstuff has created a program in TI-BASIC to solve up to 10th degree ordinary differential equations. The maths behind it are pretty impressive, so if you're ever in need of some serious ODE horse power, be sure to check it out.
  • DungeonCE Development Thread: Pieman7373 has continued development of DungeonCE, having vastly improved his game's UI and other rendering elements. This program has come a long way from its contest prototype, so be on the look out for future releases and even more features from Pieman.
  • Fruit Ninja CE [C]: Michael2_3B has continued the revival of Fruit Ninja CE, a clone of the popular mobile app of the same name. He has added a new mode, and plans to show off additional developments in the near future. Head over to the thread and show your support!
  • HailStorm CE: epsilon5 has released an update to his popular space-themed shooted, implementing some bug fixes and balance changes that are sure to excite. The release is available on the archives, and as a past Project of the Month, it's definitely worth checking out.
  • Isometric Terrain in TI-Basic on the CE: Michael2_3B has begun work on a terrain rendering program in TI-BASIC for the CE. Hearkening to the cubical style of Minecraft, this program can render a plethora of block types in a slow-but-beautiful isometric style. The current release is available on the archives, and you can also support its development on GitHub.
  • Mental Math for the TI 84+CE: Captain Calc has remade his popular CE mental math game in C in honor of the game's one-year anniversary. This program's sleek UI wonderfully encases a fun tool to practice math, so if you'd like to get your gears turning be sure to try it out for yourself.
  • NESizm (Casio Prizm NES emulator): tswilliamson has released a new version of his NES emulator for the Casio Prizm series of calculators, fixing multiple bugs and providing new mapper support. It is no surprise that emulators tend to pull a big crowd on Cemetech, and tswilliamson's is no exception itself, so if you've got a Prizm be sure to give it a whirl!
  • Noti-ez80 (open source boot rom): beckadamtheinventor began development of an open source boot ROM for the TI-84+CE, in lieu of TI's decision to remove assembly support on future OS's and models. The current version is not yet ready for use on-calc, so keep your eye on the thread to see what's in store for this project and others like it.
  • Plane Jump: Iambian has released the first version of Plane Jump, a simple yet addictive clone of a classic online game about rolling, jumping, and, inevitably, falling. The release includes a sleek title screen, in-game animations, and other quality-of-life features, and the thread includes a peak at Iambian's development process. Be sure to check the thread and try out Plane Jump for yourself!
  • Tanks! CE: commandblockguy has continued development of Tanks! CE, a clone of the popular Wii title of the same name. Now featuring 3D tiles, cleaner hitboxes, and improved rendering, this game continues to impress, so be sure to check the thread for contuining updates and future releases.
  • TI-Prizm (TI-8x emulator for Casio Prizm): tswilliamson has begun work on a new project: emulating a calculator within a calculator! Specifically, he plans to emulate the TI-83+ series on a Casio Prizm. Be sure to check out the thread for future updates!
  • Word Sort Game Series: RoccoLox Programs has added ten new levels to their Word Sort game for the CSE/CE calculators. He has also announced development for a TI-83+ version of the game, so be on the lookout for its release!
  • [TI84PCE] Scratch CE Development [C]: Alvajoy123 has begun work on a clone of the infamous coding tool Scratch for the CE, featuring the sprites, animations, and graphical programming you all know and love. He plans to continue to expand its features and code capabilities, so be sure to check it out!

That's all for May 2020! Congratulations to everyone who worked on or finished projects this month, and stay tuned for June!