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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Calculator Notes This is a very handy program that lets you take notes and save them on your calculator. It has many capabilities including password protection. Hope it's useful. 644
Program Protector Ever wanted to protect your programs form snoops? Well now you can! This program will protect other programs with disable time for "disabling" programs if the password is wrong. Will not affect DoorsCSE icon if there is one and the icon will still show up even if you protect a p… 317
Calc screen modifier A very simple program that can invert colors on the screen, make it look old, fill the screen with a specific color and animate drawing commands. I hope someone will find a use for it! :) 359
Library Converter This extremely useful program converts programs into appvars (can be used to hide them - they can be run from the menu or an insert string) and vice versa. It also allows users to convert programs and appvars to strings (very useful for debugging) and rename appvars. Please read… 284


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