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  1. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share

    "Scratch is a free programming language where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.(PORTED TO CE)" -

    Alpha v1.0: Limited to 6 lines of code.

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  2. This niffty program bounces circles across your screen. You can add and remove them, change colors, and more. Source is included. Enjoy!

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  3. Take full control of the entire LCD to display high resolution images! Instead of looking at the low-quality graph screen, you can now view pictures on your calculator with amazing quality! Check out the screenshot for the comparison! An easy to use converter is included along with a comprehensive video tutorial on how to get the high quality pictures on your calculator!

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  4. F1C is a souped fractal grapher in C with many features: use the whole screen for artwork rather then just the Graph Screen; plot Mandelbrot and Julia fractals; adjust pixilation range from 10x10 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; you can even zoom. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone. This update provides support for the latest versions of the Clibs.

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  5. This program gives you near full control over the LCD brightness!
    *You can quickly get the current brightness value by simply starting the program.
    *You can now brighten and darken the screen over the limits of the OS.
    *You can also increase brightness in smaller increments.
    *You can now set a custom brightness for your display!
    *You can use the subprograms for your own needs! (Read ReadMe.txt for credit instructions)
    Big thanks to MateoConLechuga for helping me with the C program!
    Warning, this was made for the TI 84 Plus CE, it will not work on the TI 84 Plus CSE or any monochrome calculators.

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  6. A simple screensaver that shows balloons floating up. Made for Cemetech Contest 18, keyword "Party".

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  7. Remember the days of DVD and CRT? Now you can relive those days of watching the DVD image endlessly bounce around the screen and *almost* hitting a corner! Take revenge on that DVD image by downloading this program and finally getting the satisfaction of seeing the image perfectly nail a corner! Includes a counter that logs each perfect corner hit!

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  8. Use arrows keys to select colors from the default ICE pallete to view an enlarged version and acquire its ID for use in ICE.

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  9. A simple "demo" of rotating/zooming a 16-color image on the calculator.
    Runs full screen at about 16 frames per second.

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  10. Convert Files with the desktop application, and then move them to the calculator. You can us it to view text aswell as Images on your calculator. There are also a couple of different compression options, to archieve a compromise between picture quality and size.

    NEW: Video support. Just add the mp4 like an image.
    about 6min of mp4_med video fit on the calc.

    -fixed video encoder

    For further instructions, read the supplied README.

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  11. An advanced drawing/graphic design tool for the TI-84 Plus CE
    Added color picker

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  12. This program is used to create and edit tilesets for use with Assembly programs. Rewrote the editor to be faster, smaller, and less buggy!

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  13. S2C is a Strange attractor grapher in C with many features: use the whole screen for artwork rather than just the Graph Screen; plot the Lorenz system (sorry, that's it for now); switch between dot and line modes; and customize the number of iterations. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone. And, if you haven't already, check out F1C on Cemetech as well! Note: the screenshot is slightly out of date.

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  14. Based on ICE Sprite Creator by CalcMeister (Sam), this program was written from the ground up in ICE to add many features, including the ability to read from/write to ALL OS strings;The ability to create Cesium icons;Two new draw commands: Line and Rectangle;The ability to type in the sprite dimensions instead of clicking them in;An undo feature;Instant saving/loading of sprites (no more scrolling through numbers);A polished menu system;and more! All credit for main GUI goes to CalcMeister (Sam)

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  15. A simple OUTRUN style graphic for your calculator, to exit press any button.
    Written in ICE, and Source code is included

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  16. A simple and handy program for converting RGB to 1555 IBGR color format. Useful for making custom palettes for TI 84 CE C programs. If the color is being used in a palette, use the hex entries labeled "Pal: ".

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  17. Title says it all. Read the included readme file for details.

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  18. Just like in The Matrix!

    To exit the program, press CLEAR.

    You can also customize the colour of the code rain -- see for more information.

    It's probably already in its final form. If you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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  19. If you don't like TI-OS updates, why not install Windows 10 update?

    The source code is included in the package, because this project is too small for a Github repo.

    To exit, press and hold the keys that correspond to the letters V, I, and M.

    Have fun!

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