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Beginner's Trig Program This program contains some of the basic parts to introduce newcomers to trig. It helps calculate sine, cosine, and tangent of angles and sides. It may be edited, but I request I am given some credit if re-uploaded as a smaller or better file. 1393
Distance Converter This is a simple program that allows the user to convert distances from both the imperial and metric systems. 2655
MCAT MCAT, a formula used in chemistry to find the amount of heat gained or lost in a reaction. This program currently supports finding q, m, and C. Future versions will support Delta T. 1701
Unit Circle Model Note: ONLY COMPATABLE WITH CE OS 5.2 AND UP This unit circle program uses draw commands and obnoxiously complicated keypress tracking to allow the user to select from three different unit circle diagrams. Version 1.1: Tidied up overall code, Added Radian<>Degree Converte… 13529 9/10
Laws of Gases This program contains many different and useful formulas to use while learning or studying the laws of gases. Select 'Help' after running the program for more information. 2582
CEmeOS v0.1 CEmeOS v0.1 Created by matkeller19 Note: (I) marks the program section incomplete as I have not finished most of the program Description: Early beta of my current project that combines some of my programs that I have released and some personal ones into one easy to use pr… 296
CHEMOS CHEMOS is meant to be an all-in-one chemistry helper. All of the equations included are ones that *I* have learned in high school so if there are any that I have not included but you may want me to add, just PM me. Instructions are fairly clear, but if any help is needed, there … 4299 8/10
TriMake TriMake is an all-in-one triangle solver and grapher. Solve any triangle assuming enough information is given! Make using those annoying formulas so much faster! Version 1.1: Fixed code to work with less information, simplified solver 475
LoopOver This is a port of the game made by YouTuber carykh of a 2D Rubik's Cube. It is my first time writing in C so as I learn more I will refine the code and make it faster. Open the ReadMe for instructions. 539
DNA to RNA Converter Converts either a DNA or RNA sequence to the other while also outputting the corresponding amino acid sequence. Supports sequences of up to 66 bases. Use [f5] to toggle between editing DNA and RNA. Open the README for more information. Feel free to PM me for any questions or bug… 629
CC23: Mystery Maze Creating a maze program in which the player progressively discovers more and more of the map has been an idea of mine for a long time. I finally got it made and am satisfied with how it turned out! Hope you enjoy! Read the included README for instructions regarding level edi… 367
SimonCE A remake of the classic Simon light up game for the CE! A series of lights is displayed and you must repeat it correctly. Each time you do, the series gets one light longer. After 31 correct turns, you complete a sequence, resetting the series. See how many you can get before me… 654
RGB to 1555 A simple and handy program for converting RGB to 1555 IBGR color format. Useful for making custom palettes for TI 84 CE C programs. If the color is being used in a palette, use the hex entries labeled "Pal: ". 298
Maze Dash A remake of the game Maze Dash for mobile devices, now on the CE. The game features almost 300 levels of varying difficulty. The goal is to fill the map with a snake that can only move in one direction at a time. Look for tiles that may help you along the way! Read the included … 1230 10/10
RISK Roller One of my favorite board games growing up was RISK, a game known for taking forever to finish. One of the largest parts of this game is the time it takes for attacks to happen with dice being rolled for what feels like an eternity. This program aims to solve this by automaticall… 208


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