"arTIfiCE" Restores TI-84 Plus CE Native Code (For Now)
Published by Tari 3 years, 5 months ago (2020-09-06T23:00:00+00:00)

Following the news that new OS versions for the 84+CE family would remove support for native code, most users expected that bugs would be found and exploits implemented that would allow users to "jailbreak" their devices and regain the ability to run native code. That expectation has been proven true: "YvanTT" has just published "arTIfiCE", which exploits a bug in the CabriJr app to gain code execution and implement the jailbreak.

arTIfiCE logo

There is no doubt that TI will move to patch this flaw, and also that the pseudonymous developers behind this will release new versions that take advantage of different bugs. For CE users willing to take part in this cat-and-mouse game of bug bashing however, it is once again possible to run assembly programs and games on the most recent eZ80 calculators.