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TI-SVG 84+CE A scale-able vector-graphics interpreter SVG File is in Str1 Notes: -Planned Curved Line Segment Support -Planned Linear Function Segment Support 188
Win-or-Die A top-down Doom-like Game Notes: -Currently no working gun -Currently no fully functioning enemies -Includes rudimentary level editor 852
StringFormatter A TI-Basic extension written in Basic. Has three variable types so far: Array (2 dimensional) Empty (a Variable with no constructs, basically a string) Vector (basically a list with an unlimited index, but is intended for 3d programming) 37
MathGame This is a simple math question answering game. Has questions of varying difficulty. Has a high score feature. 1457
TI-Jeopardy! The TV Game Show JEOPARDY!, now on your TI-84+CE! Be sure to read the Readme for the keys and controls. Note: Untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, but it might work. 2582
MathGame83 This is a simple math question answering game. Has questions of varying difficulty. Has a high score feature. Ported from the TI-84+CE 124
BATI Screensavers Screensavers for TI-84+CE. TEXTLIB by DrDnar included. 495
CEDRAWv1.1 An SVG-esque drawing program for the TI-84+CE. Draw points, then lines between the points. Fast, and with color, line-style, zoom options, and the ability to move points around! Now with shape library and transformations! 238
PIXELDRAW This program is used for drawing and exporting 16*16 sprites for use with Sprites_v3.3 (I DO NOT OWN THIS PROGRAM), but can also be used to make sprites for other Hybrid-Basic programs. 220
CRYPT v1.0 A fast yet simple encryption/decryption engine written in Basic 278
BOSshell v4.11.1 release 4 patch 1 BOSshell, coming to a CE near you! This program aims to provide a simple GUI and system for interfacing with files and file viewers/editors. It works with the standard Asm header, as well as its own filetyping system. Now with better UI, programs in the file system, improved s… 1536 7/10
BOSSlibsCE for ICE (magic edition v1) The libs that (should) make it easier to write ICE programs if you like having pre-written routines, like menus. Feel free to post feature ideas. Version 1. 262
BOSSlibsCE for ICE (professional edition v4) Libraries for those who want some pre-written routines and you already know ICE. Version 4. 235
BOSSlibsCE for ICE (variables extension v1) Libraries for those who want some pre-written routines and you already know ICE. Currently contains matrices and matrix functions. 211
HappyHour This game is supposed to be hard. Very hard. The game mechanics are similar to Dark Souls; where you kill demons and collect their souls, which are used as currency. The game is supposed to be so hard that even the lowest level demons can kill you, even if you are on a very hig… 138
TileMapE version 2 This program is used to create and edit tilesets for use with Assembly programs. Rewrote the editor to be faster, smaller, and less buggy! 297 10/10
CRYPT-ICE This program showcases a low-level encryption method, where the 26 letters of the english alphabet are shifted to create a simple cipher. Input text in Str1, key in Str3, and the output will be in Str2. Fixed decryption bug in 1.1 186
Mobli-Pegs CE This is a game where you flip pegs based on a number you roll on two 6-sided dice. You may flip 1, 2, or 3 pegs, as long as the numbers on them add up to the number you rolled. There are 12 pegs. Continue until you can't make any more moves. Whoever has the least amount remainin… 299
IcyCraft CE v2.13.4 IcyCraft is a 2D graphics, 3D world, layered Minecraft clone, with textures I made myself. This game has just about everything you'd expect from a look-alike of Minecraft! v2.13.4: Added Exp points! Fixed generator bug. v2.13.3: Added seeds! Now the game can generate the same wo… 830 10/10
BCEDF EBook reader This is a program to read "ebooks" on your TI-84+CE! Included are two python programs to convert to this format. 186 8/10
FLIO v1.6 Requires python 3 or higher! This is an interpreted language I wrote for fun in python. It works off of a stack that can be pushed/popped from both ends. There are a quite a few example programs. Read the included README for a list of instructions and what they do. 131
BOS-BASICv2p4 BOS-BASIC is a dynamic, typed, interpreted language. See the included README for language documentation. Included is a variety of example programs. See this thread for updates/bugs/documentation: 147
Zipper 1.4 Zipper is a program to group variables of any kind into an appvar. All variables it unpacks are archived once extracted. version 1.4: Fix archive updating and prepare to add compression 146
CEdit text editor. [BETA version 0.07] CEdit is a fast, powerful, and (soon to be) configurable text editor for the TI 84 plus CE. It takes the filename to edit in ANS, or you can create untitled files by making ANS empty. Unlike other text editors, it allows you to edit arbitrary appvars. It … 44
HASHLIB CE Cryptography Library A CE C toolchain library -- for use with LIBLOAD. Use and invoke this library just as you would any of the CE C standard libraries. A library providing industry-standard cryptography for the TI-84+ CE graphing calculator. Contains a secure hardware-based RNG, Advanced Encrypt… 78


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