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Hello Cemetechians! Time for a new Potm post!

Over the last month, we've seen a slight down tick on projects being posted up about regarding progress on their projects, and I'm sure we could blame that on finals that people are no doubt taking. Regardless, the projects we have gotten listed look fantastic! Take a look at the list below and let their authors know how awesome they are for providing these projects!

  • TI-Escape: This project is an 'escape the room' type of game by narabuster. If you like games where you are trapped in a room and have to look for items and clues on how to get out, give this one a look up. The graphics are simple and based on picture variables, but still nice for a BASIC game.

  • Catylizm CE: Spenceboy98 has been working on his project with Mateo fixing some bugs with sprite transparency and clipping. Wander over to the topic and check out the screenshots that show off the improvements in speed and sprites!

  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian has posted up a new update regarding this project, the updates having to do with the battle system. There are a couple of new, very impressive screenshots to check out, along with a list of new features, so go over and check it out and leave your feedback!

  • Wal-Rush! CE: DJ_O ported this up from a project by JWinslow23 on the monochrome calculators to the CE. The object of the game is to keep your walrus flying while avoiding objects on the screen, and eat the fish. Check out the screenshots and the link to the download in the topic!

  • 16 segment display CE: Grosged has posted an update and shared the source to this really neat little program. Take a look if you want to add a little something extra to your projects!

  • TILES: TILES is a project started by mr womp womp, and being aided by PT_, to allow users to create tile appvars for use with xlibc on the CE, and possibly on the CSE. From the screenshots and all the text, it seems a lot of work is being put into this project, so if you're an xlibc hybrid basic programmer, you should definitely check this out and be ready to add it to your list of tools you use!

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: 123outerme has continued work with this RPG project, and has managed to decrease the time it takes to save by half. Check the topic out for more information, especially if you are a beta tester for this game.

  • xLIBCE: Over the last bit, tr1p1ea has been hard at work at getting xLIBCE ready for a DoorsCE integration. He's added in a new small font that is fixed width, and he's been utilizing community member's programs to test xLIBCE to see what needs worked on next to make things backwards compatible. Check out the screenshots and information in the topic!

  • TILP: Lionel Debroux has posted up some new updates and changes for TILP, regarding work with the 68k and Nspire series of calculators. Read up on the changes and grab the downloads from the topic.

  • 2D Minecraft CE: C4ooo has started writing up a Minecraft like game in 2D for the CE in assembly. He's got a few screenshots up, and has shared some of the code for what he is working on. If this is something you're interested in, make sure to give him feedback on what he's gotten done so far!

  • Zombie Chase CE: Spenceboy98 has released a newer version of Zombie Chase for the CE that includes a new failure screen and bug fixes!

  • solidFRAME: Some of you may remember this little gem from tr1p1ea, as he was working to get it usable on the CSE. Well, he's made the effort to put this bad boy on the CE, and so far it looks pretty impressive! Check out the updates and screenshots and let tr1p1ea know how much we need this project!

  • Boxman CE: Botboy3000 has released an update to his Boxman project. Grab the download and give it a spin and let Botboy3000 what you think of the latest update!

  • ICE interpreter: PT_ has been making some headway with this project, showing off possible logo choices, and working a bit on implementing some algorithms. Check out the topic for a more detailed look at this progress!

  • Pokedex CE: Merthsoft has decided to surprise and wow us all (well, maybe not all of us, but dang the project looks good) with this all inclusive Pokedex project! It lists off all 721 Pokemon, giving various bits of data and their picture. Check out this project if this you are a hardcore Pokemon player and need data on the go!

  • Minesweeper CE: Merthsoft has released the final version of Minesweeper for the CE, for those of you needing this game in their lives. It looks well polished and a lot of fun, so get over there and give it a try!

  • Chess CE: Another C project by MateoConLechuga to show off its power, MateoConLechuga has taken on porting over a a chess engine. There's not a lot of information regarding the project posted up, other than a large chunk of it is done and he is trying to work out a pesky bug. Check out the topic and that lovely screen shot, and let's get Mateo motivated to get this project finished!

  • C SDK and libraries for the CE: MateoConLechuga has spent the last month adding and fixing a variety of things to the SDK and libraries, involving reorganization of how the files are placed, graphics libraries, and bugs. If you hadn't been paying attention, make sure you bounce over and grab the latest version to get all the newest goodies this has to offer!

  • Archive Undelete CE: MateoConLechuga ported this up from the CSE after a user lost important data on his CE. An important project to have on your calculator if you do a lot of coding and want to have a way to retrieve cleared out data. Check out the topic and download for more information.

  • Overclocked TI-84 Plus CSE: Building on original work from Cemetech on overclocking the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition/TI-84 Plus family and later the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, Botboy3000 created a very neat overclocking mod for his TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. He mounted a potentiometer inside his calculator at the top of the case, with the dial protruding for easy overclocking and underclocking. Testing at various settings allowed him to figure out at what speeds the calculator could be stably overclocked, and he painted the potentiomete accordingly. The current discussion involves brainstorming letting the calculator set its own clock speed via a digital variable resistor and link port communication.

Thanks goes out to KermMartian for writing the blurb about the overclocked 84 Plus CSE! Keep up the awesome work, everyone! Until next month~
Just search at the post for "CE" and you will see that 15/20 of the projects are for the CE Wink
Anyway, again thanks for getting this and I hope next month are coming even more projects Smile
Pretty sweet to see so many projects being worked on, keep it up people! Very Happy.
Small correction: JWinslow23's version of Wal-Rush! was not for monochrome calculators, but rather for PC (web-based) and Atari 2600. Wink

Thanks for the mention and this well-detailed topic, though. Smile
Thanks for featuring Tiles Smile It is actually meant to be cross compatible between the Ce and CSE and for now, since DoorsCE is not out, we've been doing it on the CSE.
Thanks for continuing to write about Sorcery of Uvutu! Unfortuately, the "double loading time" fix I did doesn't always save correctly, so I had to scrap it, although if some minor details with xLIBC are fixed (tr1p, you know what I'm talking about), then it'd work once more.
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