Botboy3000 wrote:
I have gotten more than 10 colors in the color palette. Is this the correct notation for when these are used in sprite?

No, that is not the correct syntax. Since this is C, you don't even need the 9 between the [], it can just be uint16_t boxman_pal[] = { ... }; The numbers can be in hexadecimal, binary, octal, decimal, it does not matter. The comments also aren't required at all Smile
Here's what my sprite looks like:

EDIT:: Ok, here are some new sprites for Mateo to convert when he can Smile

(blue should NOT be transparent, it's xLIB color 126)
So the way sprites work is by selecting a color based on the number at that entry. So if you have a color array like you do in your above post, then any time 0x02 (or 2, 10b, 02, or whatever) is used, then it will select 0x01DF (or 479, 0737, 111011111b) from the palette index and use that color when drawing. Remember, C starts counting from 0, which is really nice when working with pointers Smile
I have a new beta version of boxman ready for testing!!

Debug mode is enabled in this version which means you can climb more than one block and can't die. This makes bug testing easier Wink

Here's a download link for anyone to try out.
PLEASE report any and all bugs you may find along the way Smile
There seems to be a bug where you can't die and you can jump over the high blocks (Testing mode, maybe?) Also, looks fantastic Very Happy You can even set up double buffered mode so that way the text doesn't flicker either.

EDIT: Haha, I can't read at all apparently. Anywho, here's some pseudo code for easy double buffering:

void main(void) {


   // This is your main drawing loop
   while(true) {

      // Draw everything


Botboy3000 wrote:
Debug mode is enabled in this version which means you can climb more than one block and can't die. This makes bug testing easier Wink
Minor update:

When doors CE comes out i'd like to have an icon, so I came up with something I feel pretty happy about but I don't know how many colors Doors can do so it may be a bit overoptimistic. Anyway, here it is:

What do you think? Smile
Looks pretty nice! Very Happy

Creating an icon is as simple as placing the icon with the properly chosen xlibc colors in the same root directory as the makefile called 'iconc.png'. The toolchain handles building it and inserting it into your program properly. You can see example icons in the toolchain demo programs too Smile
So there's no way to do it with Source Coder?
I like the game look so far. Smile
Botboy3000 wrote:
So there's no way to do it with Source Coder?
It's next up on my implementation list!
Awesome! I can't wait Smile
So I think Boxman CE is mostly done. I want to figure out an icon for it when doors comes out but with a lack of bug reports (and bugs that I can find with my hours of testing Razz ) I may decide to release this very soon to the archives. Smile YAY!!

(I may try and get CEmu if I can find it anywhere and put up a screenie for your viewing pleasure.)
Yes, I have been testing this game among my other projects during class, and have found no bugs (of course, I was in debugger mode...).
Welp, as long as I keep not getting bug reports this may be the final version of Classic Boxman CE. (hint: classic boxman Wink )

Here it is, the 135th export of Boxman CE on my computer (not in debug mode)


(if anyone wants to make a screenie that would be much appreciated Very Happy )
Here you are:
Thanks PT_! Smile

Just a side note, there's some text flashing that happened in that screenshot that doesn't happen on calc, and it's also a tad faster than on-calc but it's great!

Also, there's a small easter egg, nothing that enhances gameplay, but just sort of fun that wasn't captured in the screenshot Smile have fun! Very Happy and of course, report any bugs pleeeeease.
Great job! I have yet to beat level one. Smile

EDIT: I beat level 1. Now I'm stuck on level 2. How many levels are there?
So, after a VERY long time of this being finished but not in the archives, I am happy to say that you can now [Download] Boxman CE! Thank you to all that helped along with this project that seems to have unfortunately gotten buried. Razz I hope you enjoy the final product!
Awesome, Botboy! I look forward to trying this Smile
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