So lately I have been working on several calculator projects, two of which are written in TI-BASIC with the help of CE Textlib, but this one has progressed enough so I figured it was time to cross-post it here.

Here is Wal-Rush! CE Textlib Edition:

JWinslow23 made this game for the TI-84 Plus a few months ago for the CW contest then ported it to the Atari 2600, from which the walrus sprite is based of. I finally got the idea of porting it to the TI-84 Plus CE by taking advantage of CE Textlib's command chaining ability, by drawing multiple rectangles in one single Asm(prgmTEXTLIB) list. The entire game, aside from some text, is drawn with the rectangle command using various tricks I learned over time.

Basically, the flying walrus must avoid the red squares while not falling off the screen while flying. Collision with squares isn't implemented yet and I still need to spice the game up difficulty-wise, but besides that there isn't a lot left to do.

Although CE Textlib is CSE-compatible, this game will only work on the CE because I am circumventing CE Textlib boundaries in many ways and some of the tricks used in this game will not work proerly on the CSE (it won't cause crashes but rectangles will often show up at the wrong location). Plus the speed would be a problem anyway.
Looks very cool, I'm impressed with the speed.

Also great to see the 2600 still getting some love and obviously textlib as well.
Good news: The game is finally complete! Very Happy

New feature additions:
-Collision detection for fishes and deadly obstacles
-Fishes gives 10 points
-Along with spikes, there are now mines as well. Mines will chase you so they are much harder to avoid.
-Highscores support
-The death animation has been added and now looks similar to the Atari 2600 version in style.
-You can now exit the game with CLEAR from the title screen or during the game.

You need CE Textlib from to play this game. The game download is attached below:
I decided to make a new version of this game that uses Sprites v3.2 instead of CE Textlib. At first I still used rectangles and saw a slight speed increase, but with sprites the increase was even bigger:

Listening to The Beatles' "I am the Walrus" while looking at these GIFs makes them look so much better. If you can get that song to play during this game, from the calculator, then the game would be one infinitillion times better.
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