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When I was very new to the realm of gaming, one of my favorite genres of computer games to play were the "Escape the Room" games. The concept of pointing-and-clicking and solving puzzles to escape a room intrigued me.

Several years later, I began to learn how to program on a graphing calculator. After moving from text adventures, I wanted to program games involving graphics. However, with a TI-83 Plus, it became apparent that my pixel-art was abysmal. So TI-ESCAPE on the TI-83+/84+ was something I simply couldn't do at the time. Sad

A few years later, I bought the TI-84 Plus CE, and then I realized that I could use the calc's color palette for Microsoft Paint. After making several pictures and testing the compatibility on the CE, programming commenced for TI-ESCAPE. And now, the game is complete!

This game, while short, was mainly created to introduce the "Room Escape" genre to the color calculators.
It doesn't use the point-and-click technology, but instead uses the keypad to examine objects. It is entirely coded with TI-BASIC and the pictures were made with MS Paint.

The game is pretty much done, and can be downloaded in the Cemetech program archives. If there are any bugs that are noted (by this thread or the reviews), then I'll gladly fix them ASAP. I will admit the code is not very optimized, but this my first game that I decided to submit on the archives. I will get better as a programmer as time goes on.

A sequel will be made, but only if you guys want it to happen. Hope you all enjoy!
Looks nice! It's not too bad.

(correction: It's pretty darn awesome ;D )
Used to love playing these types of games, looks great!
Thanks for all your support guys! Very Happy
While easy enough, this game was kind of short and I would have liked a series of rooms or some sequels. The open door could have led to another room, a short maze, or something. But, all in all, it was fun by itself.
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