Another month has passed, which means it's time for our monthly Projects of the Month (POTM) article. The end of the academic semester, final exams and projects, AP exams, and SATs and ACTs are upon us, which means that people have been mostly busy with their education and jobs. Fortunately, some of our members have been particularly good at time management, juggling their personal programming projects in the midst of their other responsibilities. We're happy to showcase some of the most promising projects discussed on Cemetech this month.

  • TILP: Lionel has been working on TILP, getting some TI-83 Premium CE/TI-84 Plus CE support worked into this fantastic linking software. No public Windows build has been made available yet, so check the topic for more information.
  • Periodic Table CSE: OHernandez is revisiting an older project made on the CSE, and taking it from all BASIC to hybrid BASIC with the libraries bundled with DoorsCSE. There have been some massive improvement times for generating the table, and the amount of data being available by the program.
  • 3 Pixels Tall: This is an interesting looking game being made in Axe that, so far, sports an interesting start of an idea and some nice graphics. The author is asking for any and all suggestions to help make this project something more amazing, so pop in and give them what you've got!
  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: This is a re-booted RPG for the TI-83+/84+ in progress by geekboy and Iambian. It features some awesome graphics, FF2 like battle system, and more! Check out the thread for more information, and mockup screenshots of what they hope to achieve.
  • Solius: A roguelike game in development by 123outerme using xlibc to give it a DOS terminal look. He's sporting quite the list of features, and the screenshot shows off some awesome coding skills at work.
  • First Fantasy: Mana Force: DJ Omnimaga's TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition RPG is now completed and released here in the Cemetech Archives. It may be the first full-length RPG for TI's color-screen TI-84 Plus-family calculators, and uses the hybrid BASIC libraries in Doors CSE 8 to their full potential. Check it out for one impressive game for your CSE!
  • Tanks!: Tanks is a turret-based game where you shoot at 1-3 other tanks to kill them before they kill you. There are still a few things left to do, before a final release, so go check out the topic and send some feedback his way on his beta version he has released!
  • BasicNote:Michael2_3B has been adding some new features to his program, and shifting some things around for the input. If you're interested in a note taking program, give this one a look!
  • BASIC Command Program: This project by MrDrew25 is meant to help new people with learning about the commands of TI-BASIC. He's got a few screenshots showing off progress, and they look pretty good!
  • BlueLink: This is an Arduino-based serial to TI link port, with code from KermMartian's linking routines. It is seen as a grey link and is usable by TI-Connect and TILP. Definitely worth a look if you need alternative connections for your older graphing calculators.
  • Pony Express: If you missed out on Google's April 14th google doodle, then you missed out on quite a distraction of a game. Now, that distraction can be yours in the form of an TI-83+/SE/84+/SE game. Michael2_3B has been porting this game in BASIC to the monochrome calculators, and shows off a fairly impressive screenshot in his topic.
  • nKaruga: matref has brought up an update for his space shooter game port, mostly dealing with the creation of a chunk of level 2. Fans of the game should jump in and grab the latest update ASAP.
  • HP Prime Equation library: This interesting program adds numerous equations to the solver app on the hp prime, covering topics such as geometry, physics, and astronomy. A must have for any HP Prime owner in collegiate courses!
  • SourceCoder 3: If you've been living under a rock of late, you might not have caught the announcement that SourceCoder 3 now has ASM support for z80 and ez80 calculators. There are some things that need hammering out still, so if you are an asm programmer, or an aspiring one, please check out the new feature of SC3 and leave some feedback.

Thanks to all of our members who have worked hard and shown us their creativity and perseverance this month. We can't wait to see where these and many other projects go in the coming month, as school winds down and free time ramps up. Who knows; perhaps a new Cemetech programming contest might even be on the horizon for the summer?
Nice job, once again! I appreciate the hard work you do to get these out every month! Very Happy
Great work, tifreak! I have some inkling of what a pain it is to put these together every month, to find topics scattered around in Your Projects, TI-BASIC, and other subforums, and put them together into a coherent whole every month, and you do us proud with your effort. This is all very exciting stuff, and I'm particularly impressed with how many projects we have for an April full of other time sinks. I'm sorry to see that your own Age of Darkness CE didn't make the list there; I am eager to see how that project progresses, especially as the hybrid BASIC libraries on the TI-84 Plus CE evolve.

Michael: A project might be omitted for a number of reasons, including not having significant progress in a particular month, not being sufficiently note-worthy, or simply oversight, so don't take it personally. Everyone's projects are equally important, especially in how they help each of us further our programming prowess and accomplishments, even without front-page recognition. Smile
As that project is just a platform for testing out pure basic things, I didn't really think it belonged in that list, especially since not a ton has been done to make it into a functional game as of yet.
Which project?

Also, great job on those projects everyone!
As usual, great work tifreak8x!
Unicorn wrote:
Which project?
As I said, Age of Darkness for the CE (AoD:R CE), which has a topic here:
Holy shoot, Tanks made it in that list. that's exciting; congratz to everyone who made it, and keep up the hard work to everyone!
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