What should be the name of the game?
3 Pixel Person
 18%  [ 2 ]
3pxl Person
 0%  [ 0 ]
3 Pixels Tall
 81%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 11

So this is my first large project, and it'll hopefully be awesome! In case I don't finish I'll have the source openly available most of the time ( I hope ), so when I do upload it feel free to suggest changes / optimization.

If any of you have ideas for the story that would be great but so far I'm leaning towards the title 3 pixels tall. The story would be all the sudden you wake up in a world where you are 3 pixels tall and a series of notes ( or other form of mysterious communication ) lead you to a portal which takes you back to your world.

What the final game will hopefully look like:


Possible Water tile ( I'll probably lighten it by 1 ):

Here's an example of the pxltest collision for the house:
Minor Update:
I'm working on jumping using a Z value so we might see changing heights in the next medium size update.
I have made a shadow for your character when you jump so this is sort of starting to progress. Smile
Awesome, can't wait to see how this turns out! I'd go with 3 pixels tall, the other titles wouldn't really make the game sound interesting imo.
Thanks, I think that I am going with three pixels tall because I don't have much of a plot without it. You may have to wait a long time for a playable version but I am planning on finishing this so we can only hope that I don't hit a dead end or lose interest.
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