Projects of the Month: October 2020
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October was a another thriving month for Cemetech members, over twenty awesome projects were worked on and a few were even released! Don't forget to vote in the poll and show these authors some support!
  • A Cemetech/Texas Instruments manga!: Wavejumper3 is practicing his drawing skills by drawing a cool manga featuring Cemetech members and calculator drama. They've posted some work on Discord so go check it out!
  • ACT Helper: For those who need a bit of assistance recalling or calculating common ACT math requirements, Roccolox Programs has you covered with this ACT helper! Not only does it store a dozen formulas to refer to, it can do plug and chug calculations as well so go visit the thread!
  • Cap'n Hook: If you're tired of programs not playing nice and overwriting other program's hooks, then you need Cap'n Hook! commandblockguy created this awesome manager so developers don't have to worry about compatibility with other programs. Go visit the thread for more information!
  • CE Font-Via-Localization Hook: Iambian is working on an amazing project which lets you change the calculator's font to whatever you want! They've made some great progress and even have a beta you can try yourself. Checkout the thread to see how to do it!
  • Chip-84 Ports: ckosmic has been busy with another great port of Chip-8, this time they got it running on a PlayStation! If you're a fan of Chip-84, now you have lots of non-bugy new games to play on a PlayStation you can actually buy!
  • Day of Week Calculate tool: Unsatisfied with the built in Day of the Week function, Privacy_Dragon decided to make a better one in ICE and TI-Basic. Give it a look if you want to calculate ancient dates for Gregorian and Julian calendars!
  • DIY Astrophotography Camera: After salvaging a sensor out of a camera, Botboy3000 aims to make a camera for astrophotography. However, they need assistance interpreting the data sheet first. Go visit the thread and if you want to help make an awesome project come to life!
  • Donut Quest CE: TIny_Hacker wants to port Mikhail Lavrov's Donut Quest II to the TI-84 Plus CE. Go show your support if you want to see this happen!
  • ez80 and z80 syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code: Those familiar with using Visual Studio as your primary IDE, you'll be thrilled to hear Liberal_Eater has created an extension which adds syntax highlighting for (e)Z80! Visit the thread for the download!
  • FPGA as ti link cable: New user rv68k has created a significantly faster way to communicate with your calculator via link port! No more waiting on the slow official SilverLink cable to transfer data at a pitiful 4.4KB/s, now you can unleash over twice the performance at 9.6KB/s! The source code has been posted so go check it out!
  • GPA Calculator: Schizal is working on a useful program which will calculate your GPA and even calculate what grades you need for a goal GPA! Go show your support in the thread!
  • h interpreter: For the dozens of people that program in the real programming language called h, Oxiti8 created an interpreter for it completely in TI-Basic! It's an easy language to learn so go give it a try!
  • Jetpack Joyride: King Dub Dub has made some amazing progress on his port of the popular mobile game Jetpack Joyride! This month he added animations and a jetpack sprite. Go check out the thread for some eye-candy!
  • knightos-nix: Some of you may be familiar with the alternative OS for the TI-84 Plus family, KnightOS. Despite being released years ago, it's still in development. siraben has made it significantly easier to build and run the latest KnightOS by using Nix! Go visit the thread and see how to easily you can build the OS in just a few terminal lines!
  • TI-Trek: Acagliano is making solid progress on his incredible StarTrek-based multiplayer game! They've implemented two-way chat communication, some game balancing, and UI improvements. It's an awesome project so go visit the thread to see some screenshots and the website!
  • Mode-7 style Pseudo-3D on Ti-83+: Crazy_Fox2 has created a Mode-7 engine for the TI-83 Plus! They're planning on using it to create a racing game and already have a proof of concept video up! Go check it out if you love 3D-like calculator games!
  • Organizer CSE/CE: If you need a great program to keep track of your schedule, tasks, and contacts, you'll be thrilled to hear Roccolox Programs has updated a program that does exactly that! Now your contacts will be automatically sorted alphabetically and the UI has been improved. Go see the thread for some screenshots and the download!
  • Pixel Art Creator: RoccoLox Programs just made a quick update to their awesome Pixel Art program. There's now a few more tools and different canvas sizes! Give it a download if you enjoy creating art on the calculator!
  • AutoInstallWin: Nomkid is creating a useful tool wich will automatically install and set up a list of common Windows applications for you! There's already a download and the source code is released so go check it out!
  • Rpg for ti 83+: Wavejumper3 is re-creating a cool looking RPG which, unfortunately, got deleted. Thankfully they didn't let that get them down and they're coming right back and making it even better this time with a full storyline and graphics overhaul. There's a video in the thread of the original RPG so go give it a watch!
  • Sonic CD Intro on Ti-83+SE: Crazy_Fox2 has updated their impressive app which will play the Sonic CD intro! This month they stopped the app from changing your settings when it exits. It's a beautiful project and there's even a video of it running in the thread!
  • Sonic TI-Blast: Sticking with the Sonic theme, Oxiti8 has made great progress on his port of Sonic Blast from the Sega Genesis. This month they've made the program enable and disable Classic mode to gain a speed advantage, and added different difficulty levels. There's a download available so go visit the thread to try it out!
  • TI-84+CE Mode7 test: Those who have been dying to get their hands on tr1p1ea's MarioKart-inspired Mode7 demo for the TI-84 Plus CSE, you can rejoice because it's now up for download! tr1p1ea warns us this requires Doors 8 so is not compatible with the TI-84 Plus CE, and it's still a demo so it may have serious bugs. Nevertheless, it's an awesome looking project you can finally download in the thread!

This month's article was pretty lengthy so congratulations on reaching the end! Be sure to vote for your favorite project this month!