There have been brief rumors going around that KermMartian has stepped away from Cemetech to pursue his academic endeavors (see post) and that he left the role of Dictator of Cemetech to one admin. An admin that has been by his side for a few years and given him invaluable feedback on his projects. An admin that he trusts to keep Cemetech true to its nature: Programming, Hacking & Development. An admin that not only has as much assertion on the governance of the site as Kerm himself but the looks and eloquence to carry Cemetech beyond a hobbyist site.

There were some great candidates tossed around in the administrator topics - which we carefully name to prevent any speculation or insight. Below, are the names of the users we debated over:

  1. elfprince13
    • elfprince, or Thomas, was suggested due to his loyal dedication to the Freebuild Project. The LEGO inspired game supports Mac, Linux & Windows and uses the Cemetech user database; if you have an account here you have an account on Freebuild! Thomas' future plans are to incorporate your Freebuild avatar, and statistics, into the forum and website: Letting you start and manage a virtual server for you and friends to play on, view your avatar in 3D and browse detailed information about your minifigure. Thomas also enjoys activities in the forest and nature walks, giving him the space of mind to actively think about Cemetechs next step without KermMartian at the helm.
  2. Merthsoft
    • Merthsoft, or Merth or Shaun, created and actively maintains the TokenIDE for the TI-83+ Family of Calculators. It is being updated in his spare time to support the Casio Prizm BASIC tokens. A list of the new TI-84+CSE tokens has been sent to Merth and support for the TI-84+CSE will be available in a release the same day as the calculator. Shaun is also a local musician, having sung at bars and coffee shops all around town; as a classical musician, he has the vocabulary of an educated - and upper-class - gentleman allowing him to woo his way into the hearts of board members across the globe.
  3. Tari
    • Tari, or Peter, has a technical eye when it comes to new hardware and problem solving. He has done beautiful analysis of the Casio Prizms' CPU, and most notably has created a compiler to create .g3a files for the Prizm. Peter has also lived in Japan for close to two years where he has learned disciplined etiquette. His technical eye and the Japanese customs he's learned will be a driving force behind Cemetechs' partnerships.
  4. tifreak8x
    • tifreak8x, or tifreak or Dan, runs a TI Calculator site of his own, TI-Freakware. He is also avidly programming Pokémon "Purple," which has come an astonishingly long way since its debut back in December 2006. With his dedication to Pokemon Purple and the dwindling activity on his own calculator site, tifreak would make a committed leader for Cemetechs future.

Of course, we realised all of the above selections are not in favor of a proper dictatorship. Upon further deliberations the admins unanimously decided on someone. It took some help from other members, namely Nikky, for the final decision. Nikky called the user we ultimately selected "A mini-KermM" and mentioning that "He's trying to become KermM" among other flattering words and phrases to colorful to share. Without further ado, I present to you the new Dictator of Cemetech!


comicIDIOT, or comic or Alex, was chosen for a multitude of reasons. Alex owns the dedicated server that hosts Cemetech and does the site maintenance for the mobile theme and occasionally the main site. Alex is well versed with business affairs. Having been club president three years running of the "Future Business Leaders of America" or FBLA in High School. Activities in the club included lessons and exercises in eloquence, the "art" of hand-shaking, finessing over details and learning to understand that good choices aren't made overnight.

Alex wasn't the first choice everyone wanted to choose - he wasn't even in the initial candidacy - as the other admins wanted a panel in which proper votes could happen but Alex took helm and steered the debate in another direction: Himself. After taking the wind out of the sails from the other boats in the running, the other admins ultimately decided that keeping to a one-man empire was the best way to carry on.

Of course, this means some rather exciting projects that are being worked on will be suspended until KermM has time to devote his attention and time to them. Alex would like to express that the way Cemetech is run will not change and if you have any questions about the staffs choice feel free to post in the topic so others can see the staffs answers before posting a repeat question.
You'll note that the primary about & staff bio page has been updated to reflect these staffing changes. We'll be rolling out other updates across the site for the next several hours.
Oh wow, a takeover by some multicolored clown guy. Or something. Is this real life?
You forgot that I'm porting DCS for Kerm. It'll be out in full, glorious color in the next few weeks---it's already in private beta.
Besides the site being renamed to Comictech, why did the encoding change to break the site? Aka, "»" everywhere. Also, the formatting for the news post has no bbcode.

Sad Shaun should merge KermM with nikkysim and make KermMv2 with --disable-mono when building.
AHelper wrote:
Sad Shaun should merge KermM with nikkysim and make KermMv2 with --disable-mono when building.

Shaun loves him some Mono. He's constantly trying to spread it onto my Mac and Linux installations, no way he'd compile anything with --disable-mono.
I think they should change the banner even more(remove the calcs out of it) and remove some calculator threads. While they're at it there should come several sections for comic drawing and that sort.
Great change! Very Happy
What, the dictator is not Nikkybot ?
I'm not really sure I can back our new leader. I was promised a certificate for my local walmart to be able to get a dozen donuts. So far, I have not received it. Neutral
April fools, right?
I think a clear mistake has been made by giving the helm to Comic, and want no part of this travesty. How can I possibly stand behind a "man" without a beard? And I was also promised donuts and have yet to receive any.
why not calc84? Or BrandonW? Is it because they don't own the servers?
Also they're not existing administrators of the site--we only promote from within.
is KermM really going to leave for good???? We need his level head!
I like how the site name (aside from the 2nd "C") now looks closer to how Nikky spells it sometimes.
GinDiamond wrote:
is KermM really going to leave for good???? We need his level head!

Dictators generally don't have level heads though . Wink
and we're about to implement a new part of cemetech powered by google smell, right?
And you're going to switch the forum theme to the Bootstrap design framework and use this theme:
My god, that is beautiful. Comic, can you implement this as your first decree?
Also, the mobile version could get a bit more of usability.
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