To aid me in making games, I decided that I wanted to make some a library with code that I would otherwise have to write multiple times across different projects.

So, I'm going to call it "Janus," because that's the Greek god of all beginnings [of my game projects Evil or Very Mad ].

Right now, its features include:
► Simple key debouncing
► Quick way to get frame delta time
► A system for positional easing with the following eases: LINEAR, QUAD_IN, QUAD_OUT, and QUAD_IN_OUT
► A system for drawing animated sprites with variable frame lengths
► A system for updating and drawing a "QuickUI" for rapid prototyping.
► A method for quick and easy screen-shakes.

I'll add more features as I use it in more projects, but these features are the sorts of things that I'd like to start off with.

Demo (Animated PNG):

Github (Demo Code & Program + Library):

This was fun to make, and I'm excited to add more features that I think up while I use it.

Latest Screenshot In Thread:


If anyone wants me to make a guide for getting started with Janus, let me know. I might do it anyway, but knowing that someone might use it is more likely to make me do it.

The header file is pretty well-documented in my opinion, but it couldn't hurt to have a quick-start guide.
Well, it's time to add more useful things to this.

Today, I've added:

► Quick UIs (A very quick way to get an interface running for a prototype)
► Screenshake (What calculators lack for audio, they make up for in shacking the screen!)

Here are those eye-candy screenshots that you expect Smile .

UI with 3 options:

QuickUIs have an enum called "QuickUILayoutStyle" which determines the way the second column of options falls into place (if applicable). The options are...

UI Style: Uniform

UI Style: Stack

UI Style: Elastic

Now, how quick are these Quick UIs?

Pretty quick. For the demo file, these were the lines needed for the UI:


/*Line 21*/
struct janus_QuickUI ui;

/*Line 40; initialized in demo struct*/
{ELASTIC,"Janus Library Demo",0,0,0xFF,0x00,0xEC,0,20,{"Play","Options","Credits","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","11","12","13","14","15","16","17","18","19","20"}}

/*Lines 49->51*/

/*Line 65*/
bool selected;

/*Lines 83->88*/
selected = janus_UpdateQuickUI(&demo->ui);
if(selected) {
    demo->lastSelected = demo->ui.cursorPosition;

/*Line 102*/

Animation is the hot topic of today's update.

What's the goal? First, I'm going to make an animation:

Now, the goal is to put this animation onto my calculator, and I want the ability to have variable frame lengths, so I will not need to duplicate frames and waste extra space on the calculator.

Thankfully, Janus already has a quick way to get the delta time, or time since the last frame, so this process of enabling animation in the library will be quick.

Previously, there was a struct named "janus_Animation" which animated eases, so that and any code related to it have had "animation" changed with "ease" or "easing."

Now that I can create an animation struct and its respective functions with name duplicates out of the way, I will first create a structure with all the things I need:


struct janus_Animation {
    uint24_t frameCount; // Number of frames
    gfx_sprite_t* frames[JANUS_ANIMATION_MAX_FRAMES]; // List of pointers to gfx_sprites
    bool useVariableTimings; // If true, each frame will have their own timing, specified in "variableTimings." Otherwise, each frame will have a constant framerate
    float variableTimings[JANUS_ANIMATION_MAX_FRAMES]; // Used if useVariableTimings is true - List should specify number of seconds for each respective frame
    float constantTiming; // Used if useVaraibleTimings is false - Each frame will last for this amount of time
    bool loop; // Whether or not to loop animation
    float currentElapsed; // Current progress (in seconds) in the animation; initialize at zero for most cases
    uint24_t currentFrame; // Current frame in the animation; initialize at zero for most cases

Then, all I need to do is create a simple implementation for updating it.

I can define the animation like this:



...which says there are 12 frames and points to all of those frames, says to use variable frame lengths and defines all of those frame lengths per frame, sets the non-variable frame length to zero as it's not using it, sets "loop" to true so the animation loops, and sets the initial time elapsed and frame to zero as that will work best for most cases.

Then, I acquire the elapsed time since the previous frame by calling this at the top of my update function and update the animation, and after that I can render it:
(Full demo program here)


float elapsedTime = janus_GetElapsedTime();

So, this is the resulting animation with custom timings:

This is what the animation would look like without custom timings (a lot worse, in my opinion):

And this is what the entire demo program looks like:

If needed, the user can increase the maximum number of frames in the janus.h header file; I couldn't find a way to make it easy for the user to set up while also allowing them to use as many frames as they might be able to fit.
Looking good Smile You should avoid using floats wherever possible -- they are quite slow!

Also, I'm pretty sure janus_GetElapsedTime could be replaced by the clock() function.

EDIT: as for your maximum frames issue, have you considered just proving a pointer? Then the user can have as many as they want.
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