What is the best completed project of September 2016?
Endless RPG
 20%  [ 1 ]
Chess CE
 60%  [ 3 ]
Claw Embedded Development System
 20%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 5

Hello again, everyone! Another month (and a little more) has passed since our last PotM post, and this past month we've had quite the list of projects that was worked on.

  • Endless RPG: Battlesquid released a new version of his game, fixing bugs and adding improvements to the game. Check the link to the topic for the download link.

  • CalcTalk: Kydapoot has been working on a Siri like program for the 83+ line of calculators, offering up a variety of features to make the program useful. He has plans for some more advanced things, so check out his topic and let him know your thoughts and possible feature requests.

  • Atomas: For those playing with Atomas, you'll want to check out this thread. An update was pushed to remedy some issues regarding the game that affected displaying of certain atoms and the high score feature.

  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian has done more work on his toolchain and game, changing up the font and doing other work. Check out the topic for some awesome screenshots and a more technical explanation of what was done.

  • Action Battle: Another project by Kydapoot, where you fight an onslaught of enemies. He has a long list of feature and wants, check out the thread if this project interests you!

  • Doodle Jump CE: Unicorn has started working on a Doodle Jump game for the CE and has gotten a nice title screen done. He's currently fighting with school related life, so keep an eye on this project for future updates when he has them.

  • Reuben Quest 3: Sorunome has brought this project back into the spotlight, and boy does he have some awesome progress to show! A lot of his updates now revolve around story and map data entry, which is a bit harder to show screenshots for. Check out the thread for all the awesome that this project is taking on!

  • Text File CE: This is a planned future text editor with a number of options by seanlego23. His first post shows his plan of attack for this project, which looks like this text editor will have a good list of features for students to use. Check out the topic and let him know what you think of his current progress!

  • ConvPNG: If you've missed it, MateoConLechuga has posted up an update for this project, to assist with compression things. Check out the topic for a link to an updated version.

  • Pac-Man CE: MateoConLechuga has cleaned up and optimized his Pac-Man game, and added in a new version where you can access a new map. Check the topic for a link to a screenshot and download link!

  • Chess CE: MateoConLechuga has posted up some updates regarding his Chess game for the CE, stating he has upgraded the engine to something smaller, updated the graphics, and numerous other things. Check out the link for a download and screenshot!

  • CE C SDK and libraries: MateoConLechuga and jacobly have worked on and done some fixing to the C SDK and libraries. There were a lot of updates done, so check out the topic to see all that's been accomplished!

  • ICE Compiler: PT_ has been hard at work on this project, adding in and showing off so many things, it's too numerous to begin to mention here in this section. Start at the link provided and dive into all the features PT_ has provided for this project, I'm sure you'll be impressed!

  • Claw Embedded Development System: Muessigb has completed the assembler for his new development system for embedded devices, and requests help testing it. Claw is essentially a VM with a custom assembly language that aims to run on a variety of platforms, from Atmega devices like the Arduino up to 64-bit PCs. If you're interested in giving it a try, head over to the topic, give Muessigb your feedback, and test out the assembler!

  • CEmu: Since pimathbrainiac is no longer maintaining his CEmu build server, jacobly has put together his own build server for nightly CEmu builds, for those too lazy or inexperienced to build CEmu from source. The CEmu team has also been working on improving the CEmu keypad, fixing bugs, and improving variables transfers.

I apologize to everyone on the delay of this being posted. There were a couple that I didn't feel I could properly write bits for, so Kerm managed to get them written for me when he found a few spare minutes to do so. Make sure to send him some love!

And as always, we thank our contributors for making these projects and keeping us updated! Until next month, keep them projects coming!
What exactly does a program have to do to get onto this list?
Caleb_J wrote:
What exactly does a program have to do to get onto this list?
Good question!
1) Have a topic in the Your Projects subforum.
2) Be updated in the month corresponding to the particular PotM post.
3) Be sufficiently interesting and noteworthy, by the arbitrary judgment of the administrative team, especially tifreak8x.
Ladies and gentlemen: a poll for best completed Project of the Month for September 2016 has been added to this topic, open for the next 7 days. Please carefully consider the options before voting. Thanks!
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