So I was kind of bored with the slow paced type games that I had created (*cough cough*Railroad Empire*cough cough*) and decided wanted to make a fast-paced, exciting battle game. Its about 1/3 of the way done right now. I had originally wanted graphical enemies, health bars obstacles, etc, but it quickly became evident that doing such things would destroy the speed of the game and so decided to use text and numbers. So far, you can battle enemies that fight back until you die. What I have left to do is upgrades, levels, gradually increasing enemy strength, supplies, and game saving, highscores, finishing upgrades, and a stats screen.

Here are the game mechanics and facts:

The following apply to both you and enemies:
-Higher HP means more damage can be taken
-Higher Attack means more damage per shot is dealt
-Higher Defense means less damage is taken per shot
-Higher Speed means that it is less likely opposing shots will hit at all

For enemies only:
-There are 4 types of enemies, A, B, C, and D. A has good attack, B has good defense, C has good speed, and D is balanced. Currently A and C are weaker so I may have to adjust other parameters.
-Enemies grow stronger as the game progresses. This may be based on time or level, I'm not sure which yet.
-Destroying an enemy will award you XP and money, as well as adding to your kill count.

For you only:
-Higher speed is only an advantage if you are moving when the enemy is trying to shoot you.
-You cannot shoot and move at the same time (It is only BASIC after all)
-You start out with 50 HP, and 3 Attack, Speed, and Defense
-You can upgrade all parameters of your [Ship? Person? Tank? Airplane? Not sure yet] for money you earn.
-You start out with 10 repair kits, and 5 Double Damages, Double Armors, and Speed Boosts. bought
-Supplies can be for 10 [units of money] each.
-Repair kit refills your health, DD and DA so as their names suggest, and Speed Boost increases your speed by 1.5. Except for repair kit, all supplies are active for 45 seconds.
-If your HP reaches 0, GAME OVER!

In general:
-All prices, timings, and parameters of enemies and yourself are likely to change once I get it written and need to adjust game balance.
-Because of the timing commands, this will only run on the TI-84+ In that case, the timing commands would be unnecessary and so it could run (although probably slowly) on the TI-83+.
-I may have to remove DD, DA, and SB is they slow down the game too much.

I have no idea when I'll finish this bit I will (try to) not start yet another project in the mean time. I have difficulty finishing stuff up sometimes and I like to start things. That's how this project started though, so maybe its not all bad.
This sounds like a good start, keep it up! Very Happy
Thanks! Also, does anyone know an assembly routine that allows sending of variables and data from calc to calc without pausing OR that exits a pause command without you having to press enter? Either of those would allow a multiplayer version with linked calcs.
OR that exits a pause command without you having to press enter?

Not quite sure what you mean; like:

Repeat getKey
Not really, something that transfers data from calc to calc without pausing the program.
I have had some setbacks caused mostly by lack of commenting my code as I wrote and forgetting some of the control structures, so no physical progress has been made since my last post. I have figured a few things out, but am still in the dark about a fast, non-pausing variable transfer.
So I made a bit more progress.
-Enemies can now shoot back.
-The shop is at least started with repair kits and upgrades in progress.
Speed is starting to become an issue so enemy movement AI (which is only questionably necessary anyway) will probably not be implemented. Progress is slow because of school but I am still working on it.
Unfortunately, speed is killing this program. Also, the fact that it isn't possible to move and shoot at the same time really is messing up the mechanics. The only motive I can think of to move at this point would be to implement ammo recharge or powerups, both of which threaten the speed. I have made a bit more progress on the shop though and will hopefully figure something out. I suppose I could simply recommend playing it on a sped-up emulator or overclocked calc Razz
So today I went through the program and played it in a better mood and am now a bit more optimistic about how it's functioning. I have also been working on a bit of a surprise program with python that is similar to this...I'll make a thread for it in a minute.
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