What was the best completed project of November 2023?
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Speedread Edition One
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As usual, our members worked on a number of great projects in November--let's get right into it!
  • Aether TI-Basic Editor (CE): VitalAsh announced a new project this month--Aether, a TI-Basic editor that aims to pick up where past attempts at similar projects have left off. So far, VitalAsh has already added inserting/removing tokens, undo/redo capability, selecting, and clipboard operations. Any TI-Basic programmer can tell you that TI-OS's editor leaves something to be desired, so go give your support for this promising project!

  • CalcClicker v1.0: CoolModder released the first version of CalcClicker this month, which is available on Github. It features lots of upgrades, some great graphics, and even a few Easter eggs! Go give CoolModder some kudos.

  • CPMCE - CP/M 2.2 for the TI-84+CE: tr1p1ea announced a very neat project this month--CP/M for the CE! It's a console-based operating system from the 1970s, and it (perhaps unsurprisingly) is able to run quite well on the comparatively modern hardware offered by the CE. Go give tr1p1ea some encouragement in the thread.

  • DuckHunt Development [C]: Alvajoy123 released a pre-alpha build of DuckHunt this month. It's a faithful recreation of the original, complete with the game modes and graphics that you'd expect. Grab the release on Github or the archives, and stay tuned for the full version!

  • Dungeons of Abrithil, and code optimization: nerd's_the_word started work on a new RPG this month for the nSpire. There aren't many details yet, so go give some suggestions in the thread.
  • Entity Component System: In an attempt to simplify the development of a new Smash Bros.-like fighting game, xcelxiao created an ECS for the CE this month. This should allow for program structures that make it simple to access and manipulate compoonents of entities within CE games--check out the thread for more details.
  • Express BASIC - a Tiny BASIC interpreter in C: lucidapogee continued work on this BASIC interpreter this month, creating editions that can run on DOS and Windows 9x. The project aims to allow complex calculations, while still maintaining a simple syntax and wide platform support. Go read through the thread to see all the impressive work lucidapogee has done so far.
  • HexaEdit CE: On-calc hex editor: HexaEdit CE received many updates this month--Captain Calc added a rewritten Find function, better key debouncing, an alternate look for the main menu, and a few bug fixes. This is a hugely helpful tool for any CE developer--give it a download on the archives now.

  • INSTR3MT, a 1-bit, non-polyphonic instrument for the TI-84+: Beakbonk's debut project, INSTR3MT, was released this month. It allows the user to play the TI-84+ like an instrument leveraging the 2.5mm jack. Download it on the archives today!
  • Internet Gateway - Basically Satellaview for your CE.: jasper7474 started work on a new project this month that plans to allow its users to download games, view newsletters, and do much more, all on your CE calculator through the power of commandblockguy's internet-ce library. Go give jasper7474 some encouragement to finish this ambitious project.
  • mini-utils: A minimal set of minimal x86_64 Linux utilities: clevor reduced the program size for mini-utils this month. This project is a collection of utilities for x86_64 Linux platforms, a assembly learning project for clevor. Read through the thread for more details.
  • Planning a USB C mod for the CE.: TheLastMillennial received a bit of information on how to convert a CE to USB Type-C this month. It's still up in the air how OTG support might be maintained--head to the thread if you have any insights you could share.
  • Portal Prelude Playdate Port: Ivoah worked on porting Portal Prelude to the Playdate console this month. Portal needs no introduction, and Ivoah has already made some impressive progress, even getting portals, buttons, and level transitions done in November. Check out the thread for more updates.

  • PRGM.CE and Speedread (SpdRd) Series: ryanconmartians announced two new series of programs this month. The first is PRGM.CE, a program that teaches people how to program in TI-Basic. The second, Speedread, is coming up later in this article, so be patient. PRGM.CE is available for download from the archives.

  • Project Glacier, A JavaScript-like language for the TI84+ CE: DarkSystem started work on a transpiler this month. It will convert a JavaScript-inspired language to ICE, and support useful features such as arrays, functions, objects, and more. Check out the thread and the Github repository for more information.
  • Resurrection of Roguelike Concept for Ti84+: theprogrammingcube decided to work through an old program idea in Axe for the monochrome TI-8x calculators--a text-based roguelike with nice ASCII art. Scrolling and collision is already somewhat done, and the code is posted in the forum. Go give theprogrammingcube some feedback and advice!
  • RPN83P: RPN calculator for TI-83+ TI-84+ inspired by HP-42S: bxparks reduced the size of this RPN calculuator program in November, as well as adding some more bitwise operations, different word sizes, and a few more neat features. Everything new is available on the Github releases page for the project. Go check it out.
  • Speedread Series (TI84PCE): ryanconmartians released Speedread Edition One this month. It's a program that tests your speed-reading capabilities, and is available on the archives now.

  • Sushi Assassination for fx-CG50 and other Prizms: slyVTT updated a neat project for the Prizm calculators this month. In it, the player is tasked with assassinate customers in a sushi restaurant without being caught. slyVTT almost completed the graphics and gameplay this month--further reading on this neat project is available in the thread.

  • The game formerly known as Metroid Infinity: CDI had a flurry of progress on a Game Boy fan-made entrry in the famed Metroid series of games. CDI did just about everything this month--create spritesheets by hand, learned how to use the GB Studio environment, and even verified it can be run on calc84maniac's TI-Boy CE!

  • Ti-84 USB-C mod with dedicated PCB: Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Light Creations actually made a TI-84 Plus CE USB Type-C mod happen this month! While it doesn't support OTG functionality (which is what TheLastMillenial was stuck on), it does allow everything else you'd expect, and a workaround is planned for the OTG issue.

  • Vertex 3 Engine - 3D Engine Written in ICE: jasper7474 started work on a basic 3D engine written in ICE this month. It doesn't work, though--see if you can offer jasper7474 some assistance in the thread if you have ICE experience.
  • Voxel Wireframe Engine for TI-84 Plus CE: peterkea000 showed off some impressive progress on another 3D engine for the CE, this month adding a new sorting algorithm, new drawing options, and some optimizations. All of this should make the program more efficient and easier to build upon--stay tuned for more updates in the thread.

  • VYSION 2 CE: the ultimate CE shell: epsilon5 worked on fighting off droves of users searching for a long-promised test build of this impressive new CE shell in November. A spoiler from the future--it's finally been made available on epsilon5's Discord server as of late December.

As we're approaching the end of our Twelve Days of PotY series, you should be very familiar with how this works by now--vote for your favorite project above, and congratulations to all the developers who made progress on projects this month! See you next time.
I have to give huge props to epsilon5 for rapidly putting together the November 2023 PotM over New Years, and of course also to all the amazing projects above! We have only one more day of the Twelve Days of PotY, the last month before we're actually up-to-date with the present, so be sure to help us finish strong by voting for the best project of November 2023.
the 3d engine is a pretty nice program for the CE, Im getting one soon, so ill try it out
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