What's a natural follow-up to Block Dude? That's right, Dino Puzzle! Here's some early progress:

More to come!
This looks great so far! Looking forward to trying it out! PuzzPack was a bunch of fun, and the faster speed/newer graphics is great. Very Happy
Thanks! Seems only natural that this generation of calculators should get the PuzzPack classics Smile
I agree. I'm glad to see this arrive on the CE, especially while retaining the look of the CSE version. Smile
Working on basic mechanics, I've done: Stacking, eliminating like-tiles, scoring, swapping stacks (including swapping incomming tiles if they overlap). Here's a screenshot:

You can see here I've got six stacks instead of the four that the original game used. I've got room to allow that and still show the score. i'll have to decide if I want to--maybe make it an "easy" mode?
Still need to do egg-stacks, speed increase, high-score table, and help screen.
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
I agree. I'm glad to see this arrive on the CE, especially while retaining the look of the CSE version. Smile
In case anyone missed the original Merthsoft version for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition to which DJ refers: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/files/995/x995
I've got the first testable version for y'all, here's a screenshot:

Here's the download:

Right now it's four stacks, with two incoming pieces at once. Scoring works and levels get harder. What I plan to add:
1) Multiple settings with different numbers of stacks and more incoming pieces
2) High score table
3) Graphics changes
4) UX cleanup
If the sprites are compressed then a few different graphical modes (as in, different tilesets) could be chosen like I did in my HP Prime game. I bet it won't increase the file size too much plus it would allow people to use the CSE tileset and maybe even original monochrome. Just an idea I had. Smile

EDIT: I am loading this on my game console now.
That's the plan! I'm going to include the original 10x10 sprites, these ones, and the artist who did the Block Dude sprites is whipping up some nice 32x32 versions for me Smile
I've added in the old school black and white sprites:

Additionally, the artist who made the Block Dude sprites is making some 32x32 sprites for me for this. He's sent me a WIP title screen to use as well:
Wow that looks pretty cool :O

For the black and white tiles my suggestion would be to make them and the background shades of the greenish hue the original 83+ and 84+ calculators have. Smile
Ooh good idea! Think you can get the rgb values of those shades? Wink
#1A1C16 #9EAB88 #565D49

Oooh looks nice Smile
Alternatively, with just the two colors:
I like the two colors better but only if you move the dino up a bit
Thanks for the feedback! I'll get him adjusted.

In the meantime, I've also got the assets for the modern theme (including new title screen). Check it out!

Oooh, I love the two-color "monochrome" mode and the modern theme. Excellent additions. Please make the font white on the modern theme, though.
Would it be at all feasible to change the icon when you change the theme?
(idk if this does that already... if it does, thats cool).
Otherwise, really awesome job! This looks quite good. I remember downloading the CSE version and trying to run it on my CE (to no avail...) Quite happy this is coming to the CE!
Hm, I'm not sure how to dynamically modify the icon. That would be cool though!
This is getting better and better. Smile
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