2018-2-5 Regular users can now edit and delete their own reviews.

2018-2-6 The main author of a program gets a PM when someone reviews one of his/her programs in the Archives.
2018-03-06 Dedicated server renewed for another year.
2018-03-15 Added Compile button in SourceCoder3 to online compile your ICE program(s) with the latest ICE version available.

2018-03-15 Added the possibility to replace your username highlighting in SAX with a custom regex, which overwrites your username; this should be a full regex, like "/^.*PT_/". You can change it in the edit profile page.

2018-03-15 You can now preview selected files in the Archives, right in your browser.
2018-04-10 The good old antispam test at the registration page has been replaced with a reCAPTCHA service.
2018-05-22 Renewed cemetech.net for another year.
2018-05-22 Replacing http://cemete.ch links in SAX with http://ceme.tech, which Alex registered, because http://cemete.ch is expired. We're not sure if it's going to be up again in the future. All shortlinks still work, like http://ceme.tech/u2.
2018-10-10 Due to planned http://cemete.ch downtime, SAX has been switched back to http://ceme.tech for shortlinks for the time being.
KermMartian wrote:
2017-10-21 On request from tifreak8x, added [center] BBCode tag

2018-10-11 Added again because the code was lost.
There will be some (probably short) downtime in the next few hours as we update the server. Don't panic.

Update 2019-07-07T11:09+00:00: all done, you may resume reporting problems that may appear.
Small change to the side sidebar's styling and markup, making it more semantic (thus more accessible to assistive technologies) and simpler.

Messages being sent to SAX from the site are being relayed differently now. There should be no meaningful difference in functionality.

(I was testing it by editing this post, but I'm done now.)
I'm migrating the chat server underlying SAX to a new implementation; connections to other chat services will be interrupted while this happens. I will update this post with further details when updates are complete. Updates are complete.

The client-side has been completely rewritten and the server is doing things a little differently for handling authentication which should be more robust. Before/after (before on the left):

The pop-out page is also redesigned to look more like what people usually expect chat clients to look like, rather than a larger version of the sidebar chat (I don't have a "before" image handy to share, unforuntately):
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