Development and Release Thread
This Library will be for a CE C,
It will be an optional inclusion in your project. Meaning it is not come with "gfx" but it does use it.

*Left: By commandblockguy | Right: By EverydayCode

So I was inspired by many users on Cemetech and YouTube to create a Sprite stacking
Library along with a Sprite stacking engine and on calculator tool.

"The reason I would make an on calculator tool is because most tools out there either cost too much, or they're just unreasonable."

BTW Tool may look like:

"very good content creator (but does not listen to viewers) here is his channel "

The goal of this project is to make a sprite stacking library that is efficient and optimized for developers to use.

Examples of sprite stacking:

The examples above will be what will be what the library will try to replicate and of course try to implement different types of optimization methods. Razz

I'll be posting more information down below ... such as the function and more info about the engine and on calculator tool. Also, I will be posting Demo prototypes!!
The project is split up into 3 different pieces.
*I will add images and prototype GIF's later*

Gfx3 Library / Gfx3 Engine
The library allows users to create and display objects.
"Of course with the use of the 'gfx' library"

Development status: 30% Done

// Setting up layers
void gfx3_SetIndexMaxLayers(uint8_t MaxLayers, uint8_t index_num);
bool gfx3_ActiveIndex(uint8_t index_num);
bool gfx3_SetIndexSprites(gfx_sprite_t *sprite_buffer, int layer_num, uint8_t index_num);

// Layer Options
bool gfx3_SetX_Offset(int X_offset, uint8_t index);
bool gfx3_SetY_Offset(int Y_offset,  uint8_t index);
void gfx3_SetObject_Scale(int xs, int ys, uint8_t index);

// Object rotation
void gfx3_RotateObjectCC(uint8_t index);
void gfx3_RotateObjectC(uint8_t index);
void gfx3_RotateObject_Layer(uint8_t angle, uint8_t layer_num, uint8_t index);
void gfx3_RotateObject(uint8_t angle, uint8_t index);

// displaying "objects"
void gfx3_Object_NoClip(uint24_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t index);
void gfx3_TransparentObject_NoClip(uint24_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t index);

  • (100%) Displaying object.
  • (50%) Rotating objects.
  • (0%) Optimize.
  • (0%) Debug.

Sprite/object editor:
In this part of the project I'll be creating a Sprite editor called "stackedX". It would allow users to export angled Sprites and object appvars to use on in the C library Razz.
"Like I said in a previous post most tools out there for sprite stacking is way too expensive, so I'm making it easier for users to create objects for the library."

Development status: Concept Art

fight is the editor | left is the preview

  • (100%) Concept Art.
  • (0%) Prototype.
  • (0%) Previewing drawn data.
  • (0%) Exporting data.
  • (0%) Auto Saving.
  • (0%) Final Debug!!

What do you think about this project? Would you ever use "gfx3" in a CE project?
So much yes!
G freaking G!!
This is awesome.
Assuming we don't go for a pre-rendered frame for Project TI-Trek, this could actually be very useful for Trek's 3D interface.
Quick Update:
gfx3 Library and engine:

"I know it may look like regular Sprites lol, but it's being layered in the buffer"

The Sprites are being layered in the buffer and their blit onto the screen. One issue I encountered was malloc"ing" the sprites in rotate function. This somehow allocates too much which leads to a crash.


ACagliano wrote:
So much yes!
G freaking G!!
This is awesome.
Assuming we don't go for a pre-rendered frame for Project TI-Trek, this could actually be very useful for Trek's 3D interface.

Lol yes that is a lot of g's Razz
I hope it would be very useful to you!!
If you're worried about frame rates I'll be introducing two methods later on.
"an okay api is no more than 8 functions, a good api is 4 or less"
Quick update:

Just finished the concept art for the sprite editor!
(undo and redo) mistakes (such as deleting layers and much more)
(saving / auto saving) simply saves before you leave can be changed in the settings' autosave to deliberately saving it.
(pallet and colors) you just may be able to upload the own pallet, or you could choose from a variety of x lib colors.

this is the preview area where you view your objects.
You can export your objects as an app var to use in the C programming language, or you can export it as many angled Sprites.

MateoConLechuga wrote:
"An okay API is no more than 8 functions, A good API is 4 or less"

Lol I just understood it. Thank you for the support Razz
"it is an okay library"

This is the first version of the project and is still in development stages ... There is bound to be some type of mess (hints *development*). Anyway any advice towards the structure of the functions and much more will be useful and not regarded.
The sprite editor concept art looks very professional and the test screenies look to be running quite smoothly, nice job!
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