Pieman and I brainstorming about ideas:

So, after a day of spouting (?) ideas, we decided to settle with this gameplay:

The game consists of several levels, say, 15. You're a player, and have to move through these levels (literally). At each level you start at the top of the field and have to finish at the bottom of the field, which then scrolls to the next level. On your way from north to south you have to construct a path, using available path files. But... going in a straight way is impossible. Since the theme is "exploring the wilderness", you're going to explore it... there are rocks, trees, you have to move away from dangerous animals such as lions, pick up gear really quick (torch, knife), and run as fast as possible. If it's going to be dark, you have to use your torch, otherwise you can't run anymore. If you get attacked, be sure to have a weapon, otherwise... you won't finish Razz maybe more, but this is what we came up so far Smile


Oh, and we already found a name, let us introduce: WILDYBOI, the wild boy who's going to run in the wild Very Happy
Is the game 2d or 3d?

I like the icon Smile
Alvajoy123 wrote:
Is the game 2d or 3d

We are pretty much set on a 2d game, it will also involve some puzzles
I have some mock-ups of my ideas for the main gameplay portion of the game, but I won't post them until PT_ approves them (or not Razz )
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