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I've got 2 CE's (one black one which broke, and my "signature" mint CE) and a Casio fx 115es PLUS (scientific) and a four-function (Casio SL-300SV, bought for AP Bio)

ProgrammerNerd: The abacus was a good one (I have one too Razz) but the second?! If you actually have one in your basement, that would be cool!
Hereís a pocket abacus I have in my calculator collection. You can carry it in your pocket just in case you come across a situation where you need to do some quick calculations. The abacus looks a little distorted because I had to get close for the picture. Itís also heavy because itís mounted on a 1/2Ē marble base. I think it was originally used as a paper weight.

I have

2 TI 83+
1 TI 84+CE
1 TI 86
1 TI nspire CAS

Take note that only the TI84+CE is technically "mine." (I got it for christmas)

Hereís the latest TI calculator added to my collection. Itís a TI SR 10. I was at a flea market and the seller wanted $3 for it. I figured the batteries were probably corroded and it didnít work. I noticed there was a plug for a charger, but he didnít have it. I offered $2 and he accepted. When I got home and was taking it out of the car, I noticed a 0 on the display. Apparently I left it turned on and I didnít see the 0 because we were in bright sun light when I was looking at it. When I took the back off, there were 3 regular 1.5 volt batteries. I guess I didnít need the charger anyways. I was buying it just because it was old and not for it to work. I guess I lucked out on that one.
Wow that's quite a find! Those go for ~$10-20 on ebay! You're especially lucky the batterys weren't dead. How well does it perform? Is it quick at all?
Thereís a noticeable delay for the calculations, like about 1/10 second. It also doesnít have good precision. If I take the square root of a number, then square it, the result isnít exactly what I started with. But itís OK for a 45 year old calculator. Iíll probably pull the batteries out of it and put it with all my other calculators.
Well, better late than never!

I have a TI83+ and a TI84+CE with ambitions to get a Nspire CX CAS, the Numworks calc, and the HP Prime.
I just have a normal calculator, two scientific, and then three graphing.
I used to have an abacus, but it was given to a friend.
All are in perfect working order!
I have the covers for all except the TI-82. (Though the one for the 84+CE isn't in the image.

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