Twenty48, a Hybrid-BASIC 2048 remake
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It's the fabulous 4x4 tile-based sliding number game, re-created for the TI-83/84+ series calculators running DoorsCS7.2

*** REQUIRES DOORSCS7.2 **** Found here:


Simple controls:

Up/Left/Right/Down: Slides the game board in that direction
Mode: Saves the game in it's current state and quits the program
Clear: Clears the board and quits the program, not saving the current game



At the beginning of the game, there are two [2]'s on the board. You can slide them around with the arrow keys.
Each time you slide the board around, a new [2] tile appears randomly on the board.
When the two [2]'s collide with eachother, they turn into a [4].
As any two tiles that have the same value touch eachother, they combine into one tile with a value of their sum.
(There is a priority to the way they are summed, so if 3 of the same tile are in a line, the two that are at the "bottom" of the slide combine.

The goal is to make the largest tile possible. Any tile at or above the value [2048] turns black, but the ultimate goal is up to the player.
4096? 8192?!?! The possiblitie are (not) endless.

The game is over when you cannot slide the board in any direction, usually becuase it has cmopletely filled with tiles.

*** Note that the program does not detect when the game has ended, so you have to press [Clear] and re-launch the program to play again. ***



There is a scoring system that counts the values of the tiles that are created.
The highscore and current game state are saved in an AppVar in flash memory with filename "θθZZ2048"
Graphics are re-created at the beginning of every launch in case the file was removed. These graphics are stored as Pic7.


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