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Name Description Average rating Downloads This compact recreation of Gabrielle Cirulli's "2048" provides both fun gameplay and example source code, all on your calculator. This game will save your progress even if you erase all the standard OS variables after a game, so don't worry about keeping the game open if you're … No ratings 350 This is a clone of the number game 2048 ( Slide tiles around and combine them until you get a tile with the number 2048 on it! Requires DoorsCS7. Auto-saving after every turn included. 7.5/10 (2) 2239 This game is a test of your quick thinking math skills. Using the four numbers from 1-9, and pretty much any math operation, get the numbers to equal 21. Good luck! 9.5/10 (2) 2824 A 3D gravity guy of sorts. Instead of the original sidescroller where you switch from top to bottom, it is coming towards you. There is a highscore feature. Becuase of the way I set the graphics up, you need ~9000 bytes to play. No ratings 1220 This is a very memory efficient and simple RPG. There are only two buttons to press. [2ND] and [ALPHA]. If you press [2ND], you confirm your selection. The opposite for [ALPHA]. The game auto-saves. And the enemies are weak. Have fun. R.I.P. The graphically aweso… 7.5/10 (2) 758 A clone of Badja's popular 'Uncle Worm' game but in TI-BASIC. This game is like Snake like game, but allows you to travel in many directions diagonally ect. 9/10 (1) 580 A simple spin off of Avalanche. COLLECT the "+" signs and AVOID the "-" signs. Press Clear to quit, and use arrow keys to move. More info in README. UPDATE 1.1 Added lives. you get +1 life every 50 points List containing high score now automatically archives and unarchives 6.8/10 (5) 324 An intense 2 player straegy game. It features fast board rendering times, and the ability to save/load games. This program scored an 89.5 in the UTI 2005/2006 Basic programming contest. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6 8/10 (1) 703 This is my version of Tetris that was originally made on the color 84+ Silver Edition and back ported to the 83 and 83+. This was a fun experiment on how I would make a Tetris game in BASIC and expand my abilities as a programmer. No ratings 1652
BattleQuest Second installment in the Battlequest series. Features over 25 equipment items, 5 skills, easy-to-learn game play, and graphic cutscenes. There are about 30 different enemies, including seven tough bosses that you can battle over and over to your heart's content. No ratings 426
BattleQuest 3-Journeys Through Battle Quest 3 is an excellent BASIC RPG for the TI-83/84+. It features such things as 100+ pieces of equipment, over 90 enemies (including 19 bosses), several different items, four playable characters (you have either one or two at a time in your party) , and a hot key battle s… 7/10 (1) 645 A unique text-based RPG with a sci-fi fantasy theme. You are allowed to choose from a list of characters, each of whom has special skills that are unique to him. Features a large number of items, equipment, enemies, etc. Overall, it\\\'s fun to mess around with for text gamers. No ratings 464 This version of Battleship is the standard 2-player turn-based game. You can place your own ships, or generate them randomly. This game DOES NOT use pictures, but it does use matrices [A] and [B]. No ratings 13 Introducing, the first Bejeweled clone for the TI-83+/84+/SE in pure TI-BASIC! This has very fast speed for a BASIC game, and excellent graphics made from textsprites. You also have the ability to save your game and come back to it later, as well as to restart the level you'r… No ratings 524
Billgame A rather longer and more involved version of Billgame. A good text game with amusing battles and laughable scenes. 10/10 (1) 285 A short, funny game where you guide the unintelligent Bill through life. 10/10 (1) 314 This is a game I made that can teach you to quickly convert between binary and decimal numbers. Read the readme for more info. Version 1.2 8.5/10 (2) 209 This game is just like Flappy Bird, except it fits in a 4x3-pixel box! The entire game is upscaled to fit the screen, so as to not have to make you squint to see it ;) . The game is simple; just choose a difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard, and press UP to flap your definitel… No ratings 851 A shrunken down version of the classic Bomberman game. Utilize your endless stream of bombs to make it to the exit without killing yourself. Works on the 83+ and 84+, recommended for the 84+SE. No ratings 469 Start an exciting career as a bowling pro. Battle your way through 4 challenging tournaments to earn the title of World Champion. Win trophies to prove your skill. Purchase items along the way to help improve your game. Realistic bowling engine allows you to put actual spin on t… 9/10 (2) 922 This is a classic two-player game, made for the TI-84+! Take turns strategically drawing lines, claiming boxes as you try to outmaneuver your opponent and trick them into giving you points. The player with the most boxes claimed at the end wins! 10/10 (1) 179 This is a game where boxes are falling from the sky. You need to climb the boxes to get to the top of the screen. You can only climb one box at a time but you can break stacks of boxes that you can't climb. Each level the boxes fall faster. Requires Doors CS7 No ratings 281 A ti-basic version of the famous game Bubble Poke! No ratings 78
CA Disco Dude and Gas'n'Time, as seen on No ratings 267 Another Sudoku program for the monochrome calculator series. Being 100% TI-Basic, it features a procedural puzzle generator, a move checker, save slots, a full GUI with innovative swipe controls and a few optional functions. A detailed manual can be found in the Readme file. No ratings 143 The classic mobile game that everyone has played, Cookie Clicker! When making the game I used actual game data from the original, to make it seem as similar and fun as possible! Changelog: Optimized Code Reduced Size 8/10 (1) 116 2nd place winner of DCS7 contest BASIC category, Clash of Dimensions is a point-and-click adventure game resembling those of 1990's Sierra games. It harnesses the power of DCS libraries to make a game both fast and fun. You play as a person laid off of work, doing nothing with t… 8/10 (1) 420 CRPG is a text-based RPG for your TI-83+(SE). It is totally awesome (hours of play) and has many enemies, weapons, and armors. Fight your way through a dungeon to defeat the boss, buy new equipment at the town, and train yourself in the many dungeon floors with multiple enemies.… No ratings 474 This is an extensive virtual fish program where you try to see how long you can keep a fish alive by feeding it, cleaning it's tank, and giving it medicine. But that's only the beginning! You can also catch more fish, sell them, play minigames, and experience all the surprises t… 5/10 (1) 311 My original game CalcFish now with extra features such as automatic UnArchiving, no run indicator, automatic contrast, and a few optimizations. Doors CS is not included in the download. The run indicator is on in the screenies because I used old ones but it is off in the program. No ratings 207
Cave The classic cave game, it just requires xLib! Check out the screenie! :) No ratings 359
Chance Version Hi, this is my newest game, it was supposed to be Black Jack, but because I used wrong rules I renamed it to chance. Read the readme for the rules and have fun! Sorunome No ratings 245 Quoted right out of the readme 'cause I'm lazy: Chemical Reaction is a small (2.4k) pure-BASIC DDR clone I started making on a boring Friday night. The gameplay is a bit weird at first, but you'll get it really fast, I promise. (^_^) 5/10 (1) 327
Choice 1,2, Play the game inspired by Choose. Same style of play, but different author. A good thing to have on your 83+ to waste time in class. No ratings 181
Choice 4, 5, Same as Choice 1, 2, 3. No ratings 158
Choice Same as Choice 1-6 No ratings 260
Choose A game made by the makers of Choose. This game can be very funny and random at times, for it includes a magic flute and an epic puppy battle! Sorry for the bad grammar, but please DOWNLOAD! It will amuse you and your friends for weeks. No ratings 267 Choose is a choose-your-own-adventure game as the name implies. It has multiple endings. Very funny, but rated M for mature topics and offensive text. No ratings 378 This game is a slight variation from the one on cool math games. This is a game that will not let you put your calculator down. It is so addicting! You can play it in class or in the car, and you will not stop thinking about it until you beat the game! You also have a chance to … No ratings 120 This is an analog and digital clock that uses the time that your calculator is set to. The current two modes take a little while to load but soon one of them won't. There will be an extra added mode before too long. The modes right now are regular colors and inverted colors. I w… No ratings 283 Crossy Road Instructions Press Up Arrow To Advance. Avoid the "-". If The "-" Hits You You Die. If You Die The Game Stops. Missing Items NO OBSTRUCTIONS NO LEFT/RIGHT NO BACKWARDS NO END TO GAME (May Update Eventually) No ratings 1352 This game is a wannabe clone of Crush the Castle. (its really Scarth 1.0 right now). Very early beta! No ratings 284 Cubix is an original puzzle game where you must eat all of the subjects of your kingdom. Of course, there is a catch. You need to figure out how to eat them all in order to move on to the next village. There are 20 levels, an arcade mode, plus a level editor, so enjoy! All help … 5.5/10 (2) 596
Darkness "From the begining of times, since creation, mortal man has always been left free to their choices. But now their is one among the other Gods who opposes that view and strives to influence the mortals in their daily lives. You found out and tried to put an end to it. Little did … No ratings 371
Decide Part It's pretty BASIC. All you have to do is choose a menu option and when there is text or a picture, press enter. Based off of the game Choose by Tristan Sirrico/xXEpicxXXxFailXx. Look it up too. I hope you enjoy.... Edit: Made the faces on the title screen faster. :P No ratings 238 Welcome to Descent Delivery! The future of delivery is here! Control a package inside a delivery room, and guide it to the delivery truck. The package moves until it hits a wall, so you must be smart in maneuvering through the many rooms. Good luck! UPDATE: Fixed small bugs with… 9.6/10 (3) 719 This is a game kind of like farkle. You roll 5 dice, you get your score. If you like games based on luck, this game is for you. No ratings 261 This is a game where you can do pretty much whatever you want. Of course, the purpose is to blow up as many enemies as you can, but that is just a suggestion. Basically, you are in a forest where you can dig, place mines, build blocks, and construct awesome things! As this is ju… No ratings 439 DodgeIt is a silly BASIC game, literally made while riding a bus back home from school. This is submitted for KermM's tests, but you can also play with it too! Instructions are built into the game. You basically dodge the shooting thingies. It's very simple! Enjoy! 10/10 (1) 297
Dot Mania This is a game i made a while back for TI|BD and its finally made its way to Cemetech! check it out! Dot mania consist of three games that have everything to do with dots, whether its dodging then, grabbing them, or searching for them! also included is a score board, score gr… No ratings 298
Dungeon Navigate your way through many rooms of a dungeon, moving fast while collecting valuable coins and avoiding deadly spikes. Try to get the highest score! Currently 5 rooms. Many more to be released in the future. No ratings 276
Dungeons The classic escape the dungeon game brought to you in basic. One of the best basic escape game made! MADE ONLY IN BASIC, NO LIBS. Using exclusive text characters the gameplay is amazing. Source code is included for those who want to scramble their mind. This is a really great ga… 9.5/10 (2) 354
Dungeons Same as Dungeons v1.0 but now with a complete textfile help section. With 15 levels including multiple tiles types including: movable boxes, fillable holes, teleporters, and current tiles. This version also comes with a level editor which I hope you design your own levels and se… No ratings 285 This is a demo for the RPG EFENDOS. I have completed a lot more than what is on the demo but it is a demo. Pretty cool battle system, with three characters and many opponents. You can fight, level up, defeat castles and expand your forces with your generals. It has scrolling lan… No ratings 289 A hacking simulator for the Ti-83+(SE). Find out coworkers passwords and log in as them to eventually log in as the boss, find the system info, and hack it. No ratings 355 In Egg, you must catch the falling eggs before the break against the ground! It has three different game modes, all of which will test your reaction time. High scores are automatically saved, but can you get past a score of 1000? Good luck! No ratings 399 This version of Snake may look familiar, but it was created completely different. It includes options for speed, number of food items on screen, and also has an option to set the number of obstacles in a map. Of course, a level editor is included to construct an intense maze for… 9/10 (2) 1094 Exodus is an extremely fun yet difficult puzzler/platformer for the TI-83/84 series calculators. There are 24 levels that should provide endless amounts of fun. Upon first glance Exodus looks like most other games released for the calculator, with monochrome graphics and loading… 7/10 (1) 370 The very popular iOS/Android app is now for TI-83/83+/84+, optimized for 84+. This program has MORE OPTIONS than the original app, including SPEED and GRAVITY settings, and instructions. NO external programs like MirageOS needed and under 1,8k storage required. No ratings 1838 This is an early release of Kyle Chiu's Five Nights at Freddy's 2, for Basic, enhanced by my RAGE graphics engine. There are testing issues I hope the experts here can chime in on: 1. Greyscale tested on a REAL 83+ 2. General Debugging, testing On this site, as well as … No ratings 434 This is a level based game where you need to manuever a falling pixel through an increasing number of other pixels. The levels are random, so their number is infinite and no game will equal another. 8/10 (1) 255 A game similar to your block breakers. Or Pong. Contest #11 entry. No ratings 426 So basically the title says it all. Download if you want but if you don't I don't care! Try it out anyways Some changes.... Now includes documentation if you want to see the changes. Now this time I uploaded the right version 1.2 not 1.1....... No ratings 280 This is a really old game that I submitted to a contest on Omni WAYYY back in the day. The premise is simple. Get from Point A to Point B by using your awesome gravity shifting powers. 9/10 (1) 337 An Un-Optimized version of my game. elfprince13 is currently optimizing it, 3 of my own variations of snake, time waster, can get frustrating. No ratings 325 Guessing game with multiple modes. Includes a custom maximum value and also HIGH SCORES for the tries it took! 5 scores for each mode. Nice menu interface. The number in the upper right is the current try and entering 0 as a try will quit the session, forgot to add that in Readm… No ratings 199 A rendition for Galaga, now on your calculator! Read the included readme for details. No ratings 2560 This is a advanced guessing game I made to waste space. Please give me some feed back on what to improve at This game has a lot of bugs… aka features No ratings 190
Grammer It's the simple run and jump game using Grammer. Enjoy! Read the readme file No ratings 238
Grammer Tetris Version Well, here it is! The final version of the first Tetris program made in Grammer! I don't think that I have to describe what Tetris is... ^^ Oh, Grammer is enclosed! Check out the screenie and enjoy! No ratings 271 This is a Harry Potter game, where you battle enemies, solve puzzles, learn spells, and much, much more. Very similar to the Gameboy Color version, but with more puzzles and more challenging. Includes the game up through Gringotts. No ratings 465 This is a Harry Potter game, where you battle enemies, solve puzzles, learn spells, and much, much more. Very similar to the Gameboy Color version, but with more puzzles and more challenging. Includes the game up through Gringotts. This version includes several bug fixes from… No ratings 391 A Halo-based RPG. This is the "final" version, with the exception of finishing levels 3-11 and maybe adding a couple more features. Execute "HALO1ESQ" to start the game (final version will try to condense everything into 1 program). Overall game size is right at 14K (incl… 6/10 (1) 328 Copied from the README.txt file: In this game, you are trying to guess whatever the 1-5 word phrase is that a different person/team has created. Here you can only go one letter at a time. Player/Team 1 creates the phrase and gives it to player/team 2. It is their job to gu… No ratings 368 This game is supposed to be hard. Very hard. The game mechanics are similar to Dark Souls; where you kill demons and collect their souls, which are used as currency. The game is supposed to be so hard that even the lowest level demons can kill you, even if you are on a very hig… No ratings 103 This game is very similar to the asm game cotton picker. You must go around and collect the required amount of thetas before time runs out so that you can go to the next level. No ratings 270 Arr, ye scurvy dogs! Welcome to me second submission to yer favorite contest, Transit Time! This be a game where ya search for treasure an trade yer way to riches on the high seas. No ratings 135 This game is designed to work across ALL TI-83/84 calculators. Yes, finally a program that works with both monochrome and color calculators! In this game YOU make your own craft to fly through checkpoints! Using intuitive controls, you can create amazing crafts! This new version… 8.6/10 (3) 1415 A TI-BASIC game where you are just a regular person going home from work one day. You see a mysterious tent, so you go in and pay 10 dollars for a wish card which says you have one day to do whatever you want. Not much play as you progress in the series, but its a lot of fun. No ratings 291 My first RPG, text based, but fun. Become a knight and travel the world. Sorry if there is another one of these in the assembly section No ratings 304 This is the newest version of lightning it is faster and before. I hope you like it. No ratings 329 This the entry that finished 2nd at the Cemetech Contest #5. It's an ASCII puzzle game where you have to move blocks to find you way through the maze. Supports external levels, and 2 demo levels are included. No ratings 259 Inspired by the games BitLife and Instant Life, comes Life Simulator! With custom menus and scenarios, this game brings you into a new life, with some differences that make your experience as enjoyable as possible! With many menus to explore, the possibilities are endless! You c… No ratings 867 a basic game where you try not to get struck by lightning No ratings 362
Line Chaser Line Chaser V1.0, September 23, 2008, by Aeromax / Flameviper, Cemetech. You control a line on the graph screen with the arrow keys. Your goal is to avoid the computer-controlled line for as long as possible. There are 50 high scores, and the file takes up 2.19 KB. Further docum… No ratings 253 Manage your text based city, keep your assets and population in line along with health, documentation for new programmers to be added soon. Visit the below forum to read about it, get help, and support. No ratings 242 This is my TI-BASIC Mastermind entry for TI-Concours. You use the [2nd] button to enter. It has 1-player mode and 2-player mode(you change it in the settings option of the main menu). Sometimes it takes a while to get the random number sequence, so try to be patient when it is b… 9/10 (1) 223 This is a version of Mastermind, submitted to TI-Concours. Enjoy it. No ratings 265 This is a Mario game made pretty much in pure BASIC (except for an asm snippet to fix the bug with the Text() command, grr). Featuring 6 worlds, 5 enemy types, animated coin blocks, and MUCH more, this is a truly must-have for your calculator if you are at all interested at gami… No ratings 719 I'm sure you all know the famous Nintendo DS game where you have 20, 50 or even 100 simple math calculations which you need to answer as fast as you can. It shows your progress on a daily basis and you have graphs of this progress. Well this should become a similar game for the … No ratings 412 Try to solve all ten of the different challenges using only three numbers. No ratings 189 Midnight is a RPG/platformer with tons of replay value and is one of the most advanced games ever coded in the TI Basic language. Featuring a dramatic storyline with numerous cutscenes, Midnight is unlike most other calculator games. There are bosses to overcome, numerous room… No ratings 270
Mino This is the final realese of my program Mino! It has a lot of unlockables! xLi's required! Check out the screenshots! No ratings 308 This is the newest version of Mino! Now the profils can have costum names, without using any strings to save! The profils can also be password protected. :) xLib is required. Please report bugs! No ratings 255
Mouse and This is my take on the cheese chase game in the calculator programming book. It is my first game ever, and it only has one level so far. I am hoping for some feedback from the community here. Things I hope to add: Make the game faster. Make the enemies move without slowin… No ratings 194 This is my current progress on my upcoming RPG. Its called NULL because its unnamed at the moment. Might settle on Savage Steel, but still have more of the storyline to work out. Changelog in the zip. No ratings 219 Look through the eyes of an NBA player at the 3 point line with this game. Become one of six players from teams such as the Celtics and Lakers. Gameplay is graphical, you see what the player is seeing as they look at the net. Game difficulty varies depending on the NBA player's … No ratings 520 The classic snake game, relived on your calculator with a twist! Try it out! No ratings 450
Oktober RPG It's finally out, after months of sitting on my calculator. The first 2 playable seasons: Summer and Winter. Winter quest are still buggy. Summer is fully complete, and both seasonal monster sets are done. There are collectible Items to turn in for quest rewards. This RPG includ… No ratings 341 The game is an extremely simplified version of the Oregon Trial from 1971. There are 3 Gamemodes: Standard, Trail of Tears (Unable to rest), and Hardcore (Start at 1HP and unable to rest). You get 3 characters, each of which you can name. Each day, you can either Travel 24 Kilom… No ratings 231 PLATFORM is a platformer for the TI-84+ CE and related calculators. In it, "e" must traverse a series of serpentine passages in order to reach the square. This BASIC program contains the main program, two subprograms, and a supplementary program that contains extra levels.… No ratings 190 It's Plinko, what more do you need to know? No ratings 335 It's Plinko, what more do you need to know? Now With Color! 8/10 (1) 1559 Well basicly its a shooting game where you can choose your ship, enemy ship, and weapon. my first decent game thats not text based, 5/10 (1) 340 You are a dude who walks around the screen, placing bombs & blowing things up. Supports variable range, AI, and up to 4 bombs at once. Runs much more quickly than the screenshot and includes a saved game. Download today! No ratings 462 This is a game where you are a ship flying through a cave, with multiple difficulty settings. There are two versions, one for the 83+ calcs and one for the 84+ calcs to account for varying speed. Includes a highscore table. Note that the screenshot is slower than the actual g… No ratings 274 Jump is a simple, but addictive game where you try to jump over a moving line. The game gets more difficult as the level gets higher (variable speed, random direction change, etc). The program is only 659 bytes and works with DoorsCS, so check it out today! Runs faster than… No ratings 383 This is my first try at a Basic version of Phoenix. There are 2 ships that gain more life on each level and are thus harder to kill. They also shoot at you. There is a very nice high score system included. No ratings 286 In this game 5 dice are rolled. There is always a numerical answer calculated based on a rule that the calc knows. Your job is to figure out the rule by rolling dice, guessing wrong (or right.) There is only one hint: The name of the game is the key to the game The key to the … No ratings 226
Pic3D Version In this program are three grayscale cross-eye 3D Images. It was mainly made to test 3D-images. Doors CS 7 is required! No ratings 326 Picraft is a Terria-like game for the Ti-84 calculator, and is my first EVER program so don't expect too much. I have been working on Picraft for a couple of months now so please don't steal! If you would like to help with the development of the game email me using the email in … 5/10 (1) 288 A game about dodging obstacles, similar to snake/tron with it's own unique twist. Check the ReadMe for some more info. No ratings 223
Pokemon Version This program is a battle simulator game. User gets control of a Pokemon, and has to train it through 20 levels, during which a computer generated opponent becomes more and more powerful. The rest of the details are in the readme. No ratings 1020 Pong on the TI 84, Run WALLGAME.8xp(with the other .8xps installed) to play. ENTER "1" OR "2" when prompted to select the number of players. **ONE PLAYER CONTROLS**: Press "multiply" and "minus" to control your paddle. The AI controls the leftmost paddle, while the player … 4/10 (1) 275 It is April fools day and you get a call from your friend saying, "Thinking of doing any pranks?". Do you put thumbtacks on the teacher's seat? Do you do the air horn plus seat prank? Do you put a funny picture on the teacher's map? Or do you do no prank at all? It is up to you!… No ratings 199 Linksoft 2013 is proud to present Contest #10's humble winner, Projectile project, finally coming to archives for download. -It all starts when you are kidnapped by a scientist because area 51 needs a new brain, yours. It is the midst of a war with Russia and missile testing ne… 10/10 (1) 240 This is a fully functioning simulator. Enjoy! No ratings 204 The object of the game is to have more of your pieces on the board than the other player. The game starts off with two of your and two of the other player's pieces in the middle of the board. Each player then takes turns placing their pieces. You have to place your tile next … No ratings 18 This is Sheldon's rendition of Rock Paper Scissors. It comes with both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. No ratings 255
Rubiks 3x3x3 Cube Version This is a virtual 3x3x3 rubiks cube I made. DoorsCS is required. Check out the screenshot! No ratings 384
Rubiks Cube 2x2x2 Version This is my awesome 2x2x2 rubiks cube I programmed recently! It is fully functional, Doors CS is required. Check out the screenie! No ratings 337 A small and simple game where you are an X skiing down a slope and you try to avoid the obstacles. Based of of HarrierFalcons avalanch- but even smaller. TheStorm No ratings 310 You start with $100, and spend a dollar every time you spin. The prizes/losses possible are listed in the game. It also keeps track of your longest streak and total times spun. If you go bankrupt, there is an option to get more money for free, but don’t try using it if you alrea… No ratings 238 Another Point-and-Click game escape/adventure game. It's TI-BASIC/AXE/XLIB hybrid. Enjoy! No ratings 213 Ah, Simon, how he eludes us. This time, we must repeat a series of flashing boxes ("lights") in his specified order or we lose. Of course, it gets harder & longer as time goes on. No ratings 111 From the README.txt file: This is my Simon Says program. It will use the buttons for the numbers 0-9. If you push any other button besides these ten, then the game will end. If you fail to repeat the pattern, the game will end. There are four difficulties: Easy (pattern … 9/10 (1) 224
Slide This is only a BETA release. It is, however, a fully function game with 11 levels, along with a level editor. Read Me included. No ratings 210 Have Fun Betting Till Your Heart's Content Bet 0 to Reset Your Money Balance There is a possibility to randomly win 1,000,000 coins ****Tfeverston reminds you to play safely**** No ratings 254 This is my slot machine program that I made. It is an alpha version and you guys can help me improve upon it. All you need to do is do one of the things that are listed in the notes section of the README.txt file and pm me the code. If it works, I will upload the updated vers… No ratings 232 A testing program i made to use as my first file upload, i programmed it in a little less than 2 hours. It's a very simple slot machine using lists in a new way i found and i decided it was decent enough to upload. The game is simple and based on chance and easy to change the pr… No ratings 195 Slots on the TI84, Enter number of players and then press ENTER to start. **MAKE SURE TO PRESS ENTER AGAIN AFTER SUBMITTING THE PLAYER COUNT** Try to match all the numbers by pressing enter to stop one of the numbers from spinning (going from left to right and increasing… No ratings 3 An in-depth game with several hours of gameplay, a clear plot, and stunning graphics. 1/10 (1) 73 A classic arcade game that has been reproduced many times on the calculator. Everyone i have talked to have said things about using Eulers number, whatever that is. I couldn't seem to figure out what it was so i came up with my own way to create snake using lists to store the pl… No ratings 811 My implementation of Snake for the TI 83+ family. Does not have levels yet, and is slower then some other purely basic snake games out there. Includes several subprograms, which should be fixed in a not to distant version. No ratings 684 CSE and Monochrome series RPG title using Doors. Play as an unknown hero trying to save his town from foreign rule. Take up your arms, grab your calculator and get ready to fight! Turn-based combat, xLIB sprites, hours of gameplay, and more! After almost one and a half long year… 10/10 (2) 679
Space (demo) Pixel vs. List In this file there are three versions that I attempted to verify which one was faster. The fastest version uses pixels(SPACEIN3 vs. the other two that use lists. One of the list versions uses three plots to plot graphics(SPACEINV, the other uses one plot b… No ratings 576 A classic port of the classic arcade game. Featuring three different styles of playing, saving of high score, and a nice layout. The blocks get extremely fast as they make their way to the top. Can you get a score of 0 in Side Stack? Yes, yes you can, but it takes some skills. G… 10/10 (1) 425 Contest 13 entry. A simple concept by a simple person. You are a cat in a space pod that "accidentally" got deployed. You have to gather as many stars as possible for the mothership experiments before time runs out. No ratings 154 A simple 2d game where you try to shoot an alien with your spaceship. Score increments by one per kill. Run TEST.8xp(with all other .8xp files installed) to play No ratings 81 This is something I made last year. Gives you a feel of how far I have progressed. No ratings 241
Sudoku This is probably the most advanced sudoku game out there. It features TOTALLY RANDOM SUDOKUS, and believe when I say, some sudoku games claim to have this, but it is simply the same puzzle with different numbers. It also features a Possibilites option, where you can 'pencil in… No ratings 34
Sudoku This is a Sudoku program that has great graphics, generates puzzles in seconds, and even has save games with instant loads! Better yet, it doesn't mess up any of your precious strings, matrices, or pics! It has an in-game pull-down (or, rather, pull-up) menu, and a pause feature… No ratings 541
SurvivalSnake Version This is a Snake game where you have to doge all the time things. Doors CS with all libs activated is required! 9/10 (1) 345 TI-Craft is a game for the TI-83+/84+/SE. In this game you can place and destroy blocks to build structures like houses and statues. Other features include flying and jump power ups, electricity, and tnt. this also comes wit a random world generator to add a little fun to your w… No ratings 672 TI-FLOW is a port of Flow Free for the TI-84 Plus monochrome series of calculators. Flow is played by two simple rules: connect each lettered pair of dots (nodes), and fill every space. Flows are also not allowed to cross themselves or flows of a different letter. TI-FLOW featur… 9/10 (2) 309 TI-PLOW, a derivative of TI-FLOW, is a popular single-player seasonal puzzle game for mobile devices with 100 hand-made levels for you to enjoy. Race against the clock as you help Timmy the plow truck driver plow all the snow in the city. Can you complete every level perfectly? 9/10 (1) 209 TI-Thrash is a homescreen, arcade-style fighting game, one like you've never seen before! Attack the enemy, and perform combos to charge up your Charged Power bar! Once it's filled, unleash a devestating Super Thrash attack to your enemy! Pick between 3 characters to duke it out… No ratings 697 A graphical TI Basic game that is intended to show the power of lists. Hopefully, anyway. It is not a finalized game, but you can play. No ratings 441
Tetris My implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+/84+ devices, featuring code written completely in TI-BASIC (with 95%+ coding done on the calculator itself), a custom menu, a pause menu, saving, loading, highscores (just numbers, sadly), and a help-screen. No ratings 1887 This is my implementation of Tetris for the TI-83+ family. I don't promise that it works perfectly, it is not done. It especially needs work with the scoring system. Note it involved many subprograms; that will hopefully be changed at a not to much later date. No ratings 378
The Button Game The objective of the game is to push the enter button as many times as you can within a specified amount of time. The default time limit is 10, but you can modify it to your liking. The game features a highscore list of the 3 highest scores w/ names, a statistics page, as we… No ratings 299 This program tests you to see if you can get the highest value possible, using only the number 4. Special thanks go to Haobo and comicIDIOT how helped my write some code, but not enough in my book to be considered co-authors.<br><br> Post your high scores in the Four 4's Sco… No ratings 214 This is my program based on the activity done in grade school called "The Mad Minute". The premise of this activity is to get as many problems right in one minute. Currently there is no timer system in place, so you have to time yourself. There is a system that lets you go to… No ratings 223
Tunnel Version This is the classic tunnel game I programmed recently! xLib is required! No ratings 304 Test out your calculator typing skills with this game! No ratings 52
Water Gun You are challenged to water gun fights! Choose from 3 enemies of different difficulties and see if you can beat them! The game enemies vary in hp and attack strength each time you play! This is text only, no pictures. Choose from 5 different attack options and fight until someon… No ratings 289 Similar to the game on the app store. Click [on] the tiles to advance. Click more than 35 in 10 seconds, and get 10 more seconds. Try to get as many as you can! No ratings 297
Word Sort Word Sort is a game that gives you randomly scrambled letters and you have to find different 3, 4, 5... letter words that can be made from those scrambled letters. Throughout each level, gain points by finding words and completing puzzles (10 points per level). Points can be… No ratings 2
Word Sort Word Sort is a game that gives you randomly scrambled letters and you have to find different 3, 4, 5... letter words that can be made from those scrambled letters. Throughout each level, gain points by finding words and completing puzzles (10 points per level). Points can be… No ratings 4 Have you played 15 square before? Well this is XSquare. You can create any size field between 2-5 for the length and 2-7 for the width. See the readme for more details. No ratings 243 A033 is a puzzle/exploration game written in pure TI-Basic for the homescreen of TI84SE and TI84CE. The objective of the game is to move the player character (pi) to collect points by earning (+) and (*) items, and avoiding contact with enemies (e), (i), and later in the game (n… No ratings 1007 Yet another interpretation of the classic pong game. This version doesn't loop and gets harder over time. It has smooth and fast gameplay (for a calculator) and has an interesting highscore feature. Two-calculator-Multiplayer coming soon! No ratings 612 RPG where you must locate the Crystals of Power in order to help you defeat the Enemy 8.5/10 (2) 744 For lack of a better name, this is Arcade, a space shooter-type game in which you must defeat a plethora of enemy ships that fire back at you. It contains an intelligent AI, increasing difficulty throughout, high score storage, and Doors CS 4.0 optimiation all at under 1KB! Chec… No ratings 1064 This is a game I made for Cemetech Contest 22. You must customize your character optimally to get the best score while fending off enemies. Made using the DoorsCS7 Hybrid Basic libraries. No ratings 114 This is the completely recoded version of a game I made early in my programming career. The goal is to naviagate through an asteroid belt without getting hit. Make your way through four increasingly difficult levels to beat the game! 8.5/10 (2) 1391 You are a pi symbol and you must shoot the falling threes. The speed changes as you get more points. and the program is quit small. it is under 800 bytes. No ratings 476 You are a pi symbol and must shoot the threes that are falling. As you get more points the speed increases. And the program is quite small, it comes in at only 767 bytes. No ratings 426 Finally completed, this fully graphical baseball game lets you play a realistic game of baseball against the calculator. You take turns pitching, catching, and hitting; strikes, balls, outs, and the score are recorded. You can save a game in the middle and return to it later, an… No ratings 1173 This is the second version of Battle, now optimized and much faster, for the TI-83. It is a game where who fight the calculator; it has a fast and efficient AI and 5 difficulty levels. You must destroy your opponent in 99 seconds or less; you get a higher score for a faster time… No ratings 580 In this addictive all-graphical game, you must rescue your crew that has been captured by aliens. You must destroy their defenses to free your crew without crashing. Fast-paced yet small; Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 437 This program lets you race a *3D* bike down a randomly-created trail using the ReaL3D Engine. Use the arrows to steer the bike; when you have gone 100 blocks you will reach the finish line and can continue for bonus points. Go of the road, however, and you lose. This version rep… 7.5/10 (2) 1080 Boggle v1.0 is a port of the handheld electronic version of Boggle, the popular word game. This version includes a small size and intuitive interface, providing both a timed and untimed version for you to play. You simply move the cursor around a 4x4 board, press [+] to add a le… No ratings 442 This is a cool, all-graphical game where you roll the ball at ten pins. After 6 frames of 3 rolls each, you get a chart with your score. Highly accurate bowling; you get to set direction and power. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 849 This is an amazing Breakout-type game with awesome graphics and many features. You can proceed through ten levels that you can play, quit and do other stuff, and then come back and play the same level. You can set the difficulty level or play a quick Demo game. Highscore tables … 3/10 (1) 756 This is a cool game where you have to catch falling objects in a garbage can. Catch 22 to win! Version 2.0 now contains both the source code and the calculator file. No ratings 350 This is the expanded version of the Mouse and Cheese game presented in Chapter 6 of the book "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus". You are a mouse chasing a particularly frisky piece of cheese, as your hunger bar quickly climbs. You must catch the next piece of cheese before … No ratings 366 Croquet 83+ is a Croquet game for the 83+/84+ series of calculators. It features a complete 1-6 player croquet game, with both human controllable players and 9 levels of AI. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6 No ratings 301 This game is the updated version of a game I made about two and a half ago in BASIC during the summer, entirely in Virtual TI. It's much faster on all 83 and 84 calculators, includes levels, better powerups, and more, and even has customizable key bindings. Doors CS 4 and h… No ratings 602 Dark Shadow is a third-person space shooter game. It is completely graphical and includes three different and unique enemies that you battle. It also includes three PowerUps with varying effect on your gameplay. The object of the game is to prevent the enemy ships from passing y… No ratings 421 This tunnel-style BASIC arcade game is written using the Doors CS BASIC Libraries introduced in Doors CS 6.7 beta and available in Doors CS 6.7 beta and higher. In-game, use the arrow keys to steer, or [CLEAR] to quit the game. Avoid the walls as they narrow; reach the end of … No ratings 318 This maze generator uses a depth-first search (DFS) algorithm to build moderately difficult mazes. It accepts a passage width parameter from the user; the smaller the passages, the more complex the maze. For speedy recursion, the DCS DFS Maze Generator uses the DCSB Lib AnsSta… No ratings 427 This is the first version of a fairly good dodgeball clone. You are at the top of the screen and must dodge a barrage of dodgeballs thrown at you. An innovative system keeps track of your high score; you lose if you get hit by a ball. Check it out! No ratings 472 An avalanche like game. Please email or with all comments and bug reports. This is only a BETA version. More updates coming soon. No ratings 195 With amazing graphics, an intelligent AI, and fast-paced play, Duel 1.0 is an outstanding game. It is similar to fighting games like StickFighter in its graphis engine, except that you control one of two battling space ships. The object of the game is to destroy the other ship w… No ratings 388 Yet another racing clone, but in this one you must avoid potholes while going down a randomly-created road. No ratings 385 it's only the demo, but the only things that are missing are the jump scares. later I want to add foxy and more rooms. now a version later. No ratings 365 The start of the Flamerman Series, where Hal must save his city from a rampaging dragon! No ratings 258 This incredible program contains a completely graphical interface, a beautifully rendered airplane cockpit with working controls, and different levels of play. Features include: * Takeoff with graphical runway * Flight with altitude, pitch/roll, etc. indicators in working contro… No ratings 853 This is a 3D tunnel game where you must pilot a ship through a narrow tunnel with random twists and turns. Once you reach the finish line, you can continue for bonus points. Your high score is automatically saved. No ratings 447 This is a fast, neat version of the classic Frogger. Ten difficulty levels! Version 2.0 now contains the calculator file, three lives, and a more advanced graphic engine. Check out the screenshots! 7/10 (2) 1095 game has something of everything. You must battle your way to level 100 while playing minigames to gain points and hunting for food to keep yourself from starving. Features beautiful graphics and even a scrolling map, all without the use of a single Asm library. Frog RPG is a fi… No ratings 448 This ZIP includes both the computer and the calc version of GAME1 No ratings 372
gondorfs test rpg this is a new rpg that i am workin on. it is new and i am taking all suggestions. history v1.0- first release- text based v1.1- added cool graphics, maps be tifreakware and the battle system home made. No ratings 233
gondorfs test This is an rpg that i have been making. It is fully complete, but I may add to it later. If you have time, please test this and tell me how you like it. Thank you. No ratings 320 KeyMash v2.0 is a somewhat more original and TI calculator-oriented version of games such as Dance Dance Revolution. Arrows fall with increasing speed from the top of the screen; you must press the corresponding key before the arrow reaches the bottom. If it falls to the bottom,… No ratings 338 This is an all-graphical racing game with fast-paced action, variable track and difficulty level; none of that text-based stuff. Beat a level and move on to the next; beat them all and you get into the high scores table. Cool! No ratings 568 This advanced puzzle-solving game combines the premise of games like Chips Challenge with mazes to provide hours of engrossing fun. The included level set includes 15 levels for you to slide, teleport, unlock, and bounce your way through. External levels are supported; Doors CS … No ratings 334 This is a complete, graphical remake of a game I programmed very early in my career but never released and subsequently misplaced. You play a standard game of 3x3 tictactoe against the calculator AI, which is optimized for both speed and intelligence. An integrated high score fe… No ratings 661 This is the classical Lights Out game, written using the Doors CS BASIC Libraries (aka DCSb Libs), a feature of Doors CS 6.7 beta and higher. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor around, [2nd] or [trace] to left-click, [clear] to quit. If you turn all the lights out, you win… No ratings 299 Missile Defense 2 is an incredible 3D game where you get to shoot down enemy missiles. Aim the crosshairs and the fast-flying missile and shoot your laser to get it! Get ammo for each successful hit; lose if you are hit or run out of ammo. This has great graphics, none of that t… No ratings 495 This game is a third-person puzzle-type game, in which you must run around avoiding the enemy and collecting bolts. Once you have collected enough bolts, you can upgrade your weapon, buy teleport modules, and even buy an extra life. If you lose all of your lives (you start with … No ratings 334 This is the first part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the first part, you must kill a guardian to get past it and advance to the second part. Look for Part 2 and Part 3… No ratings 579 This is the second part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the second part, you must defeat three separate enemies in a factory; each enemy starts out with full health, but… No ratings 338 This is the third part of the completely recoded MeGaMan series, in which you are a superhero battling a variety of enemies to reach the boss and save the world. In the third part, you must defeat the boss of the game: a two-headed robot that has double your firepower. Check it … No ratings 422 This is the complete recoded MeGaMan series, a trilogy in which you must battle various enemies and bosses to reach the end. In the first part, you must defeat a guardian and get past him to the second level. In the second part, you are pitted against three enemies in a factory;… No ratings 739 This graphical puzzle game is based on programs such as Tetris Attack and others, but with an important twist. You must go through a set of 40 levels to beat the game, increasing in difficulty. You must eliminate squares wiht letters, numbers, and symbols by matching them horizo… No ratings 296 Version two is an overhaul of the original game. Moving everything to the graph screen. It is roughly 4000 bytes. This size it a little daunting so please use Doors CS 7.2 to play in "home run" mode while archived. New features! See a menu and your city stats at the same time … No ratings 224 metroCity with expansion packs, metroHome and metroFinance! see your city grow in a graphical display! now with metroHome the housing menu update with every achievement. Download today! About 5,284 byte total. No ratings 225 This is an update to Minesweeper v1.1 and 2.0. Now for ease of transfer it includes the calculator file with several updates. AutoUncover has been added, the time keeping feature has been optimized, and high score tables have been added. Three difficulty levels are now available… No ratings 695 A group of custom made programs of mine. Contains a birthday program, a pistol sim, standard GETKEY program, and a rock-paper-scissors game. No ratings 276 I had made a more entertaining version, but with my calc getting wiped I lost it. No ratings 201 The goal of this game is to make a long enough pipe so that the water does not overflow in each of 50 increasingly difficult levels. There are nine different types of pieces that can be used, the game is completely graphical, and includes a speed-up mode for when you have built … No ratings 361 This is a mini-graphical-RPG type game where you run around trying to shoot your enemy while it is equally intent on shooting you. Life meters displayed on the side; internal level editor built-in. Allows for hours of gameplay; develop your own levels and publish them! One of th… No ratings 471 Quantum World is a BASIC game created by Photonic Studios in which your objective is to get to the top of the screen via jumping and strafing around in a randomly generated world. You are a pixel and you must jump around in order to get to the top. Once you get to the top, jump … 2.3/10 (6) 1801 This is a cool little program I made that lets you race a car down a randomly created track that gets steadily more difficult as you proceed. It has ten levels; beat all of them to beat the game. Check it out! No ratings 472 This is a program that has existed in several forms; I have finally completed it and published it. You are the first-person driver of a car racing down a randomly created 3D road. You must steer to stay on the road. Once you reach the finish line, you can continue for bonus poin… No ratings 471 Race 3 Turbo is an update of the popular Race 2 Turbo. It contains two full games, Classic Race 3 Turbo and Advanced Race 3 Turbo. Classic is your typical racing game, steering a car down a gradually-narrowing road while avoiding the walls. In Advanced you control two cars simul… No ratings 561 This cool game lets you race a car around a figure-eight track. It has eight car directions; use the arrows to steer the car. Aim to cross the finish line with the lowest score possible! You can also race on your own custom-made tracks. Check it out! No ratings 423 This incredible program lets you create a railroad and then ride on it. Use the built-in track editor to create a large railroad of unlimited size. When you are satisfied, you can ride on your railroad in 3D! Autosave is built in, as is detection of track length and automatic cu… No ratings 362
run version In this simple program you have to jump over objects/hide beneath them. Doors CS is required! No ratings 377 A lot more info in the readme (that you gotta read). Help T run away from the F. Use the arrow keys to move. Press enter to pause. Press clear when you are in the top left corner to send the F to the bottom right. If you have a TI-84 Plus or 83, just download the versions you fi… No ratings 211 This is an incredible Sim City program, with real 8x8 sprites, a huge board to build on, cool road sprites, autosave of cities and total elimination of memory errors found in other Sim City programs. Also includes the ability to share cities between calculators, and cool real-ti… No ratings 792 Scarth v1.0 is a full-featured, graphical Scorched Earth clone. You and the calculator face off in tanks on randomly-generated terrain, taking turns firing missiles at one another. I made this game after several community members lamented the lack of an adequate scorched earth g… No ratings 664 Here is a mini-demo of a sidescrolling game I totally wrote in TI-Basic. Actually the screen does not shifting : using line( commands to draw/erase make the illusion :) The aim is just to move this kind of "ufo" and avoid the mounts & valleys. For now, the game 's during a fe… 9/10 (1) 227 This is the board for a TI Sim City 2000 game. The graphics are _awesome_, with real 3D movement. Watch for a more final version coming soon!!! Check out the screenshots in this new version; feel free to give me feedback on it. Now has an updated readme with screenshots from the… No ratings 483 A fast paced Basic action game. you must quickly manuever the course using only 1 key. Challenging, fun, and addictive. DCS6 enhanced No ratings 331 Fully Functional sliding puzzle. Supports 3x3 up to 10x10. 10/10 (1) 147 This cool graphical Space Invaders game lets you shoot the UFOs, which come ever closer to destroying you. Get their shields down to 0% before they get you! Now with calculator file. No ratings 1332 This is Space Wars, a fast game where you pilot a group of four spacecraft through intergallactic space. Avoid the lasers of opposing craft trying to get you. Beat ten levels to win. This is a fast and very cool game! No ratings 398 a fun action/puzzle game where you try to trap a spider before it escapes into the floor boards...fully graphical. Supports external levels, DCS6 enhanced. No ratings 290 In this cool all-graphical (no text-based gameplay), you must defend your base from invading ships. You can move around and shoot to destroy other ships; the program keeps track of your high score. If a ship gets past you, you lose. Doors CS v4.0 optimized. No ratings 509 Stick Fighter is a two-player game in which two people fight each other. Similar to PC fighting games, the graphics are good, health and time are tracked, and special moves sometimes appear. You can move, kick, and punch; the first person who loses all life dies. The speed is am… No ratings 596 This is v2.0 of my Sudoku program. Features include randomly generated puzzles, rotational symmetry on puzzles for balance and aesthetics, a scoring system, and four levels of difficulty. Compatible with all major shells including Doors CS, MirageOS, and CrunchyOS. I am curre… No ratings 727 Tic-Tac-Tank was written for the TI-Concours 2012 programming contest. The contest challenged TI-BASIC programmers to write a two-player Tic-Tac-Toe game in 3,000 bytes or less. Tic-Tac-Tank fulfills those requirements, and goes farther with an AI and a unique game mechanic. Sma… No ratings 314 This is a fast, text-based tetris game. Version 2.2 includes all new pieces, even faster drawing routines, as well as an added bonus, a demo of v3.0beta, a fully-graphical version. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 1005
ti The unfinished source code of TI-Craft, a Minecraft-like game for the TI-83+. No ratings 291 2014 Omnimaga programming contest winner: Tipover No ratings 192 Produced for a Cemetech contest a year or two ago, this program is so-called "Ultimate" Pong. You control two separate pairs of paddles, one paddle per side of the screen. As you play, attempting to keep the ball within the screen, the paddles gradually move towards the center… No ratings 561 This is a cool little program where you get to tak ecare of an earthworm, nurture it to health (or not, if that's what you prefer). When it reaches a year old, it will split into two wormies that you can send to other calculators. A good way to stay occupied and fun to use. Try … 10/10 (1) 496 xPegz is my next-gen hybrid basic clone of Pegs. Based on a much faster engine, xPegz runs faster than Pegz but only a tad slower than the its original counterpart. However, it makes up for this with a powerful level editor, which allows you to make external level packs to give … No ratings 287 This is an incredible graphical port of the favorite game. It supports solitaire play, with rolling dice, a real scorecard, and AutoScoring. At the end of the game, the program will automatically add up your score. Check out the screenshots! No ratings 488 This is an on-calc version of the Yu-Gi-Oh scoring system, with graphical displays and support for up to 4 distinct players. You can add, subtract, or adjust points using the [+],[-], and [^] keys, and [2nd] to quit. Much better than keeping track on paper! No ratings 522