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Items for monochrome Casio FX Calculators, like the FX-9750G, FX-9850G or FX-9860G series. For the Prizm series with color screens, see the Prizm category instead.



  1. A game pack for the casio fx9750. Currently contains 2 games:

    - Breakout
    Use the left and right buttons to move the paddle and break all the bricks

    - Minesweeper & Knightsweeper
    Use the directional pad to move your cursor, and use F1 to uncover a square. If you think a square is a mine, press F2 to flag it. In knightsweeper, rather than scanning your moves immediately next to the square you've uncovered, it scans them in the patterns of a knight's move (from chess)

    I'm working on adding more games, which should be coming soon

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  2. Solve puzzles by pushing boxes to their destinations, but be strategic—don't get stuck!

    - Push all boxes on buttons to win
    - You can only push the boxes; You can't pull
    - You can't push more than one box at a time

    - Easy Controls
    - 96 levels with puzzles ranging from easy to expert
    - Levels by David W. Skinner (from Microban)
    - Trains logic!
    - Sprites from opengameart

    If you find bugs or want help, my mail:

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  3. A simple demo program written in c for the casio fx-9750 and casio fx-9860.

    (Please add a fx-9xxx category to the forums)

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