Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 1
Published by KermMartian 16 years, 5 months ago (2007-06-04T02:02:22+00:00) | Discuss this article

Over the past week or so, I've been putting a ton of bugfixes and new features into Doors CS 6.0 as per all your requests. Doors CS 6.1 Beta 1 is a preliminary release of Doors CS 6.1 for you beta testers, meant to give you a taste for some of the new features and help me solve bugs. Among the changes are improved file handling, a description display called InfoPop, improved Copy and Rename functionality, in-shell BASIC program editing, several new recognized BASIC header formats, and a more compatible 'Ans' hide token. The exhaustive list, for those who care:

» Implement stopgap AP file opening from FOpen GUI for archived files. (6/3/07)

» Completed writeback for AP files in FOpen GUI routine. (6/3/07)

» Enabled editing and handling for archived programs. (6/3/07)

» All editor crash/freeze problems fixed with BrandonW's help. (6/3/07)

» Folder name displayed in taskbar for non-main folders. (6/3/07)

» Added MouseMode context to restrict InfoPop to the desktop only. (6/3/07)

» BASIC editor added but disabled until bugs can be worked out. (6/2/07)

» Modified ArcUnarcDCSBASIC to skip past description-prefixed DCS headers. (6/2/07)

» Modified VATFind to understand description-prefixed DCS headers. (6/2/07)

» Repaired property display for unarchived TI-OS BASIC programs. (6/2/07)

» Fixed copying for archived programs. (5/31/07)

» Fixed renaming for archived programs. (5/31/07)

» Added renaming capabilities for folders. (5/31/07)

» Added description of "Folder" for folders in InfoPop. (5/31/07)

» Fixed all incorrect characters in the font table. (5/31/07)

» [ON][PRGM] keyhook implemented to launch DCS. (5/31/07)

» Folder renaming and auto-rearchiving implemented. (5/31/07)

» "Hybrid" DCS-MOS header with 16x16 icon on second line implemented. (5/31/07)

» MOS BASIC description format now accepted and displayed by InfoPop. (5/31/07)

» Elfprince's "ResetAppPage" problem turns out to be custom cursor issue. Solved. (5/31/07)

» EE audio timing fixed to control text speed. (5/30/07)

» InfoPop system created and debugged. (5/30/07)

» Repaired jumpy cursor editor by adding Cn2Getk instead of direct input. (5/29/07)

» Repaired "Galaxian" issue by optimizing GUIRRadio and GUIRCheckbox rendering. (5/29/07)

» Power hotspots added to Power menu. Upgrade complete. (5/29/07)

» Added new icons in place of radio buttons in Power menu. (5/29/07)

» Rounded the upper corners of GUIRSmallWindows. (5/29/07)

» Added several hotkeys; Hotkeys page created. (5/28/07)

» Made 'Ans' ($72) a valid 'hide' token. (5/28/07)

» Commented out the Zelda music in the EE, saves about 2,000 bytes. (5/28/07)

» Eliminated whitespace behind DCS Menu in rolldown. (5/28/07)

Anyway, you know what to do. Post in the associated discussion topic, tell me what you find, and be forewarned I'm already aware that opening archived files from the FOpen dialog will be quite funky. On to the most important part of the article:

Doors CS 6.1 'Montuori' Beta 1