And then with S3 is up there, there are still parts of the sprite left, the outer cloud part. It doesn't just go away.

Here, like this:

So get the hex for the final sprite and xor that over before drawing the pokemon. Or:
xor S1 - Update
xor S2 - Update
xor S3 - Update
xor S1
xor S2
xor S3
Draw pokemon - Update

I don't know if you can control when it updates, though. If not, ask Zeda for the hex of the final sprite (or draw it on your own).
Yeah, I'm going to have to screen cap it I guess, see if I can figure out the hex for it. That's going to be the only way.
What we're saying is that you need an S4 which looks like:

oh, they beat me to explaining it. But have the screencap.
Sorry, I tried to mention that a while back. The hex if I am not mistaken, is:


Obviously you can change the 0000 parts to Gs. I only glanced at the sprite, so my hex might be wrong (I am tired x.x)

Then you draw sprite 1,2,3,4 and it will all be gone :3
EDIT: Fixed the hex
That definitely did it Very Happy Thanks a ton!
Awesome! I can't wait to see how it looks!
Like this:

I also added the fixed code for the first cloud as well.
Yes, like that Very Happy That looks nice and should have helped you memory-wise Smile
Xeda112358 wrote:
Yes, like that Very Happy That looks nice and should have helped you memory-wise Smile
Awesome, now we're talking! That does indeed look superb. Now onto more gameplay coding? Smile
Looking awesome!
Thank you, thank you Smile

Next up is to actually make the pokeballs work! That's not going to be a fun bit of coding. At least with the three, the code will be identical. One is going to catch no matter what.

Question for those that have played, The originals, if you threw a pokeball and it didn't work or you threw one at a trainer's pokemon, it took the pokeball away from you anyways. Should I stick with this method, or should I make it so you can get them back?
No recovery, as long as we can have our missing no. item duplication hacks Razz
Yes, I agree that the ball should be gone once it is used.
I always hated that--why couldn't you just go pick it up off the ground? I see why it's there for balance reasons, though, so I guess do what they did.
This is looking great!! Smile
Thanks James! And to everyone else Smile I'll make it so the pokeballs are used up whether they catch or not, then.
I know this wasn't in the original game (and would require a little extra overhead), but if we release Pokemon from the PC box, do you think we could get the ball we used back (e.g. if we wasted a Master Ball on a Pokemon, we could release the Pokemon and use the Master Ball again)? I know that 3rd generation Pokemon stores what type of Pokeball was used to catch the Pokemon, so that shouldn't be hard to extend.

Or, if you really wanted to go uber-pro with it, you could release a Pokemon, get the ball back, and then immediately begin an encounter with it so you can try to catch it again with a weaker ball.
i like the first part of that, but the second? kinda bit too far.
I'm probably not going to be doing anything like that. I made a post asking if pokeballs that didn't catch pokemon should be picked back up or not, and the majority of the vote was to go with the original games, so that's what I am going with Smile

On that note, I've made a touch bit of progress with the pokeball algorithms, hopefully I can get them finished and tested soon.
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