elfprince13 wrote:
Not a single New England city has it. booo.

I've found out that while only 11 cities will be playing the simulcast my local theaters will be showing the episode on their own schedule. Since my friends and I were too slow to buy tickets for the Simulcast we'll probably catch it closer to home, else we'll throw a Doctor Who party and watch it at home as a group. Haha

Digging the look. The sonic screwdriver looks a bit like the one River has in the library.
If you'll recall the episode of the Doctor in the submarine, his Sonic Screwdriver had a red setting, so hopefully we're going to be reaching that point soon. Well, maybe not hopefully, but yeah.
A friend just shared this link with me. Not quite my preferred musical style, but it's still very creative. Thought some of you might enjoy it.

This exists, Wholock.

I'm having a hard time if the scenes inside the TARDIS are a composite/recycled or not though.
Yeah, I saw that. You can sometimes tell that the Doctor really isn't looking at Sherlock when he's talking (just something I noticed), but other than that it seems pretty good. Have you seen this guy's 50 anniversary trailer that he made before the actual trailer was out (I don't know if it was posted)?
Wow. I didn't think it was nearly this complex. Some parts seemed off (mostly the faces in the TARDIS) and this showed why! haha.

Interesting tapestry, makes me want to get all the old eps even more now.
comicIDIOT wrote:
Wow. I didn't think it was nearly this complex. Some parts seemed off (mostly the faces in the TARDIS) and this showed why! haha.
I had a feeling it was at least that complicated. Many kudos to the artist for putting that amount of work together!
Fun fact: In google maps, you can actually find a TARDIS that's traversible with Streetview.

In case you didn't want to sleep tonight.
tifreak8x wrote:
In case you didn't want to sleep tonight.
You're a terrible person for sharing this. I feel like the running wouldn't have been a good strategy, because the Angels are "fast, faster than you can imagine". That ending was super-creepy, for sure.
I wish to help your insomnia:

tifreak8x wrote:
But... but... they wouldn't be dead. Sad They would be gone! Nevertheless, you have helped me even more with my insomnia.
Actually, weeping angels can break necks. It was in one of 11's episodes.
I recorded this a couple of months ago; it's one of my favourite pieces from DW Smile


A little skit of Clara and the TARDIS. Quite amusing, if I do say so myself.


And found that one, back when Amy and Rory were a thing.

New trailer of season 8!
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