So I decided to enter this contest even though what I got so far is kinda simple compared to another entry in particular that is absolutely impressive, but I wanted to see what I could do on the HP Prime. This is the beginning and I planned to experiment further, maybe switch randomly between animations.

Here is a video although it's kinda blurry:

Right now I'm working on G1 revision so I'll have to see if on G2 it runs too fast.
The question is, can you make the timing so that is syncs to music?
This looks amazing; I haven't seen much done with the HP Prime, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Really curious to see what can be done on such a powerfull hardware.
What langage do you use ?
I'll be using HP PPL in this case. I'm mostly testing on G1 since I wanted to make sure it runs at the speed I want. On G2 I could probably have added a rotating sequence using pre-rendered frames due to the much larger graphical "cache" available via GROBs.
HP PPL seems really powerfull.
It is really a shame that HP completely let this wonderful machine to moravia.

Anyhow, happy to see you onboard for the contest.
I agree. On the topic of screensaver-like visuals, I have a very old video on Youtube that showcases HP PPL programs at G1 revision speed. One day I want to port calc84maniac's TI-84 Plus BASIC textured raycaster maze program to HP PPL just to see its true capabilities, especially on G2. Kerm's civilization simulator would be a killer app or program on HP Prime.

The snowy static effect isn't supposed to be there, but I wanted the animated screenshot to be below 4 MB. I lacked ideas so far but the colors and the starting movement directions are different on each program run. I need to fix something that's causing the screensaver to go nuts vertically after running for a while.

On G2 models the initial color change is faster but for some reasons the rest is almost the same speed (but looks better due to better refresh rate).
This is very interesting to see that the program can use the main OS screen to propose some visual stuff.
I remember some old screensavers where dogs where digging holes on Win95/98/XP screens.
This is not something we can do easily on Casio fx-CG50, but seems very possible on HP Prime.

Still impressed by the performance of such a high level interpreted langage.
The HP team definitely made a great job in the past.

This is approaching from the final product. I need to see if I can clean the code, though.
At least from the video, I'm getting Aurora Borealis vibes. And I like the baseball.
Wow. One of the coolest screensavers I've seen.
Sent! I tried implementing something to make the wavy effect and lighting effect more random but it didn't work well nor look very good. I got the background to change colors, though.
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