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Hi Everybody

This is a very brief announcement for my new project called "Sushi Assassination".

Here is the pitch of the game :
you are a ninja warrior hired by a gang from the town of Omuta, on the island of Kyushu in Japan, in order to fulfill assassination contracts on the few honest and influential notables of the town who hinder trafficking and shenanigans. Of course, in order not to arouse suspicion, the gang was very clear: this must be done without visible violence and be precise!!! So you've decided to do the smart thing by bribing the owner of a local Sushi restaurant and taking his place. You will therefore proceed by poisoning your targets. But so that your crimes do not come to light, the establishment must remain a completely honorable place to live. You will therefore have to serve the other guests their orders and ensure that they are satisfied. Only your target will have to eat the poisoned food, and especially not the other guests so as not to attract the police.

The game is far from being finished, but is advanced enough to be presented here. A certain number of game mechanics are already implemented:
- take a dish from the appropriate table (Pick)
- poison the dish to kill the target (Poison)
- place the dish on the sushi belt (Drop)
- throw away a dish (either because it is poisoned and risks killing the wrong person or error of dish choice for example) (Throw)
- customers can enter the restaurant and depending on the space available, sit at the bar for lunch or in the waiting area.
- if a place becomes available at the bar and there are customers waiting, the first to arrive takes the place at the bar.
- customers seated at the bar can order (a comic bubble appears with their order).
- if the chosen dish passes on the conveyor belt near the customer, he takes the dish and his request is satisfied.

For the moment the actions (entering a client, exiting a client, speeding up/slowing down the game, placing an order) are managed by the user (well me in this case via keys for obvious debugging reasons .

Here is the state of play in a short video:

For the characters, I took some assets from because I need a lot of them and I am clearly now good at pixelart and I found a pack that is really great: Ninja Adventure Asset Pack created by Pixel-boy and AAA

The following features should arrive fairly quickly:
- poisoning action will be taken into account and as well as "checking" if we have reached the right target or a unlucky person who was just seated at the wrong place at the wrong moment
- customer satisfaction (taking into account the time to be served)
- score/loss of life
- other levels (= some restaurant rooms with which will be more or less busy/complex/large), knowing that the engine must be able to manage this as it was already designed (we'll see IRL if it doesn't crash too much)
- of course a game sequencer to replace the manual control of the game/actions as explained above.

Please feel free to give me your comments.

And, as usual, stay tuned...
This is a brief update on the development of Sushi Assassination.
It reaches the revision 0.8

Most of the gameplay is now coded and visuals are almost finished.

This is how it looks like right now.

I expect being able to release the final revision of the game by the end of this year.
This looks incredible. Well done! So far, the game looks very playable! I was curious if you used a game development library or if you created everything from scratch.
Alvajoy123 wrote:
This looks incredible. Well done! So far, the game looks very playable! I was curious if you used a game development library or if you created everything from scratch.

Everything is from scratch. This is based on fxSDK/gint and Azur made by Lephenixnoir. This is a low level SDK to interact with the hardware. All the "high level" stuff is done from scratch and based on this SDK, all done by myself.

As I work for some years on the machine, I do have some pieces of code that are robust enough to be easily reused (for exemple the trajectories of the sushis on the belt are managed by a piece of code coming from my other project "Shmup for fxCG50" for the trajectories of the ennemies, and I also use it for the drawing of the spline effect in the CC26 contest).
I'm impressed how high-quality the artwork is for such a small display!
Do you know how easy it is to make out on the actual Prizm?
For the food it is not a problem, for characters, for sure you need to be very attentive and accurately check if the target is the right one or not. As the sprites are quite small, it can be quite difficult sometimes, and then makes the game even more challenging.

Fortunately, the screen is easily readable.
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