What was the best completed project of January 2023?
Forest of the Unknown
 22%  [ 2 ]
Ti-83+SE/84+(SE) Video + Audio Player
 77%  [ 7 ]
AppVar Specification Information
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 9

As per usual, January 2023 (hey, we're less than a year behind now) saw the creation of a great variety of projects. We're now interleaving 2022 and 2023 Projects of the Month posts so that our members don't have to wait a year to see their 2023 projects featured: let's take a look at their always-impressive work this month:
  • Calculator Street Racing II: Evolution: Oxiti8 made some great updates to CSR II this month, most notably the addition of a new custom car format, as well as plans for another program that allows users to create and customize these cars. Additionally, a variety of bug fixes and quality of life improvements were made. Go check out the thread and suggest some cars for Oxiti8 to add to the game!

  • CEleste: commandblockguy made some new updates to the PotY 2021-winning CEleste this month, saving on exit and a speedrunning practice mode among them. Try out this very polished and enjoyable platformer if you haven't already!

  • CETris, another Tetris game for the TI84CE: This month, Minxrod added dark mode, grayscale, and further customization options to CEtris. Take a look at the thread and the Github and try out the recent testing builds!

  • Citadel: A TI-84+ Roguelike [Axe]: kilo implemented the A* algorithm for pathfinding into Citadel this month, as well as implementing mob movement. The process to get there wasn't easy and involved many fancy data structures--you can read all about it in the thread.

  • Crossroads CE - Crossy Road/Frogger-inspired infinite runner: epsilon5 unveiled a new project in January, an infinite runner game inspired by Crossy Road and Frogger for the CE calculators. Map generation, entity movement, and player movement were all mostly completed this month--check out the progress in the thread and give epsilon5 some much-needed encouragement to make some new updates!

  • DUSB Wireshark Dissector: As part of the larger TI-Toolkit project, commandblockguy introduced a Wireshark dissector for various calculators this month, as well as publishing a preliminary release. Check it out and give some feedback and suggestions!

  • Elimination: An RPG inspired by Earthbound / Pokemon: Hot_Dog added a few new weapons to Elimination this month, as well as planning out some potential improvements. Head over to the thread and give Hot_Dog some suggestions and feedback!

  • New game idea: Unknown: AchakTheFurry released a new game this month for the CE, which pits two players against each other in the "Forest of the Unknown." The forest contains many resources and items that can be used in the battle and which create a variety of possibilities and strategies. Grab Unknown and a friend and enjoy!

  • Procedural Terrain Generation in Javascript: This month, Michael2_3B added ridged noise, settings saving, dynamic shading, and much more to this neat terrain generator. Try it out here and post some feedback in the thread.

  • Self-contained WIFI capable TI-84: Nibroc6 started work on a Wi-Fi capable TI-84 in January. Some of the current progress includes finding a way to get the calculator communicating with an Adafruit WiFi dev board and finding a suitable microcontroller. Read through the thread and give Nibroc6 some support!
  • SomeCoolGuy (as Zexxerd)'s Web Projects: SomeCoolGuy created a website to show the specification for .8xv files this month, which is viewable here. It's a useful resource for anyone working with appvars, so be sure to give it a look and SomeCoolGuy some kudos.
  • Sonic 2 CE: A port of 8-bit Sonic 2 for the TI-84+ CE (WIP): grubbycoder worked on an SMS palette converter in Scratch (!) to help with this Sonic 2 port in January. It's a very large undertaking, so be sure to give grubbycoder some encouragement in the thread.
  • Ti-83+SE/84+(SE) Video + Audio Player: Crazy_Fox2 released a video player for the TI-83/84+ this month that is capable of playing high-quality video and audio on the calc simulataneously. The videos are at 20 FPS with grayscale, and with mono audio at 10.24 KHz--all of which means an exceptional viewing experience. Give it a download and transform your calculator into a video player!

  • TI-Floats Library: iPhoenix implemented some of the functionality of TI's float format this month in Rust, and promises fast and accuruate emulation of said floats. A work-in-progress build is available on Github--check it out and give iPhoenix some feedback.
  • Unit Tool: commandblockguy used some recent work on app generation to convert this CE homescreen unit conversion tool into an app, which allowed for significant optimization. If you're interested in some unit testing, it's available on Github.
  • [Ti-Basic] Hearts: zeldaking restarted development on this Hearts adaptation after eight (!) years. Improved knowledge of programming meant several seemingly-unsolvable problems from the past could be overcome, including memory management issues and the start of a CPU player. Read through the post and give zeldaking some recognition!

That's all for now! Be sure to vote for your favorite released project in the poll, and stay tuned for February.
Thanks to epsilon5 for another month, and our first 2023 PotM article! Be sure to vote for your favorite January 2023 project from our three candidates.
Maybe I missed it, but why did we skip from February 2022 to January 2023?
Jelte2357 wrote:
Maybe I missed it, but why did we skip from February 2022 to January 2023?

Don’t worry, we’ll still be writing the rest of the 2022 articles. However this year we’ve decided to also write 2023 articles at the same time so that we can kind of keep up with the current years projects as well.
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