A while ago, I wrote a Wireshark dissector for DUSB, the protocol that the TI-84 Plus and other USB-enabled calculators use for file transfers.

It's still quite incomplete, but I decided to go ahead and release what I had as part of a recent effort to make tools and documentation more available.

You can find the source for it on GitHub, or if you'd just like to install it you can check out the releases page. There's currently not a Windows build available.

Let me know either here or here or here or here if you have any feedback or suggestions. I'm still really new to the Wireshark codebase, so there are definitely things that could be improved.
Very interesting Smile
I worked on improving the dissection capabilities in libti* (see https://github.com/debrouxl/tilibs/tree/experimental2/libticalcs/trunk/src , the latest commit on some files points to the DUSB dissection improvement commit - I'm not posting the commit hash because experimental2 is a rewritten branch), but Wireshark's packet reassembly and dissection features certainly allows for much more powerful and comprehensive disssection, not to mention more user-friendly...
Keep up the good work Wink
That is definitely very cool, congratulations Smile
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