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4 days left, that's enough time to complete a game!

Fire And Flames
is what I'm going to be calling my entry to CC25.

(The empty space around the game will be filled with UI elements)

The goal will be to torch up a level beyond a certain threshold depending on the level. However, you have to get out of there alive.
I'm planning there to be a risk v. reward element where you can either stay and set more fires inside of the building or leave and potentially have the building burn out before you pass the required threshold of destruction.

So far, we have animation, collisions, and some fancy rendering (getting a player camera working was a slight pain, then, so was optimizing it so only visible tiles would be iterated through in the rendering).

I want to give the player an assortment of weapons for tackling different situations as well as a simple lighter for when you run out of ammunition with the other weapons.

Levels are three-dimensional, however, you can only be on one Z level at a time. Fire will spread to lower floors if there's a wall connecting them.

There's only one block in the game that won't set fire, and those are the red bricks. I want to try making some levels designed around safe rooms created out of these red bricks. However, no floor tile will be safe from being set ablaze. That means that fires can't spread from other floors into rooms made out of red bricks.

I'm happy with how my optimizations have worked so far in speeding up the program. Initially, the rendering was very laggy. Now, it's very smooth, allowing me to go in later and add the gameplay elements I need to.

To-do List:
Design more levels (Currently 7 levels)
Polish the game anywhere possible

Completed Features:
Add a win screen for when the player completes all levels
Save the players' best scores per level and number of unlocked levels
Maybe touch up the play screen's UI?
Add a fancy weapon switch animation
Add a goal (each level should have a % damage requirement)
Add a death state for the player when they reach 0 health
Add an indicator for the player's current weapon on the right
Add a level select
Store the player's best destruction of a level as a percentage
Level editor (probably made in JS) and larger default level sizes
Destruction meter (% of level destroyed)
Add shaped charge weapon
Make fire and ashes hurt you
Fire mechanics
Stair tiles for moving between floors
Weapons/projectiles to start fires (That totally includes napalm grenades)

Latest Screenshot In Thread:
Whoa! That's a crazy late start! are you sure you'll be able to complete the game in time?
He's got some extra time and the program looks pretty neat already. I believe in you slimeenergy! Gogogogo!
Welcome to the tilemap gang! Looks really smooth so far, and I like the graphics; did you make those yourself? And if the map is 3D, does that mean you'll be layering tilemaps too to show multiple floors, or will there be a minimap?
slimeenergy wrote:
napalm grenades

Sounds laggy and destructive, my favorite type of weapon! Now go finish this, it looks like a nice fast-paced puzzler!
King Dub Dub wrote:

Welcome to the tilemap gang! Looks really smooth so far, and I like the graphics; did you make those yourself? And if the map is 3D, does that mean you'll be layering tilemaps too to show multiple floors, or will there be a minimap?

Thanks, I did make the graphics, using Aseprite.
There will be just a plain old minimap, but I'm thinking about having a pseudo-3D preview as well.

TheLastMillennial wrote:

He's got some extra time and the program looks pretty neat already. I believe in you slimeenergy! Gogogogo!

Well, that's pretty lucky!


- There are now fire mechanics in the game
- The lighter, napalm grenade, and flamethrower now work.
- You can move across floors
The todo list in the main post will be updated shortly for new features

Here's a sample of what the game looks like right now with a custom level and all previous features. I'm definitely going to have to add screen-shakes to the weapons.

Edit 2:
I'm having too much fun with this.
New Update:

- I have an HTML5 level editor
- The player now has a health bar and can take damage from fire & ash
- The level now has a destruction meter (which is the percentage of flammable tiles that are either fire or ash
- The minimap now works
- The Shaped Charge now works (it blasts napalm to all tiles below it)

The minimap was tougher than expected. At first, it was too laggy and slowed the game down a lot. So, instead of iterating through all tiles every frame and rendering rectangles, it was more efficient to create a TempSprite and draw to that whenever a change in the minimap occurred.
You can press the + or - keys on your calculator to change which floor you're viewing in the minimap, but it'll automatically snap to the floor you're on whenever you change floors.


HTML Level Editor:
New update:

- There's now a death/win screen that rates how well you did
- There's now a destruction goal to win
- There are a few more levels in the game
- There's a fancy level select with an isometric level preview
- Your weapon is now displayed on the right

This game is really starting to turn out well. It's a lot of fun to play.
I'm surprised I've had so much motivation to work on this; It's been a few hours every day. I guess that's just what a good primary gameplay loop does to you.

Edit: I also removed the outlines from the isometric previews and it looks so much better now.


We're getting close to the deadline here, so this could be the final update before I submit it and release the download!

I've been working on the game a lot since the last update.

For one, we now have an introduction cutscene and 7 levels to go with the game.

There's also a cool final cutscene, but I won't spoil the ending for you Wink

There's now a tutorial for the game, accessible by pressing MODE in the level select, but I'll also leave that for you to view when you play the game.

I added a cool scene transition that's used throughout the game, and there's now a way to commit suicide to restart a level (hold DEL).

Your character now uses some more pixelated weapons in the level to fit with the game's art style (contrary to the higher-res weapons in the weapon display box on the right).
As well as that, there's now a neat transition for switching weapons in the weapon display box. (Thanks to MateoC for mentioning gfx_SetClipRegion ).

You may have noticed that, at some point, the grass color changed from a lush green to a withered yellow. I liked that most of the game was almost monochromatic, so I decided to push the grass over to that style as well. There's no need to make your non-collidable floor pop out so much as the walls, anyway. The only greens are now in important places because of the contrast against red that the color provides.

I like to add polish. So, I gave the level ending screen a new animation.

It now shows each stat sequentially, with a bit of screen-shake, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

I think I'll release the game's source code after the competition is over, shortly after I release the download. Be ready, it'll be around 2500+ lines.

I'm sure there are other features and bits of polish that I added that I didn't include in this forum post, but the moral of the story is that the game feels good. Cool
Update: As well as being submitted for the contest, the source and game have been uploaded to the Cemetech archives!
Check it out here:
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