Hey everyone!
I am working on a ti-83+ rpg (called ricardos game for now)
I accidentally deleted it a while back, but I have video proving I made it:
This was in PURE ti-basic, made entirely on-calculator.
(I know im crazy to do that, but that was the dark ages before my link cable came in the mail)
I am going to remake it in hybrid basic.
Any and all feedback is appreciated!
I am currently working half on the engine, half on storyline and that stuff.
If anyone wants to know the story thus far, I will post it.
Further updates as events warrant.
Edit: the video is trash, Its a horrible recording. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Hey, the video is ok! It isn't as bad as you made it sound. You should make the (remake of the pure basic game?) of the game run on the graph screen and use the xLib DrawTileMap to make the tilemap!
Yeah, i may still use the text (for now)
But there will be a Full graphical overhaul (Once I get a basic idea of how,as i am lazy and feel i can do that later)
The battles will be like earthbound, and there will be cutscenes that look like a visual novel.

I am also planning on adding a teacher mode. When it is enabled, you can press a button (to be decided, probably the + sign), and it will call a math subroutine that looks like the normal homescreen, and can be used for basic math. This obviously wont be at all times, but hopefully as much as possible.
It will pretty much be all graphical except for the actual walking around part.
Update: basic cutscenes implemented
(Think renPy 84)
Well, will upload video as soon as I get some good character sprites
Oh, yeah...
Anybody know a good sprite to hex program or website?
(Preferably a website, or a drawing program style thing)
(Or both)
Both TokenIDE and SourceCoder have sprite editing functionality.
Sprite-2-Hex does that on calc, if you're looking for something more like that.
that is really cool
good luck reverse engineering it
Hey y'all!
Sorry to necropost, but I am thinking of remaking this.
I deleted the original, and would like any ideas anyone has.
Anyone have any ideas? You can give me Easter eggs, characters, whatever!
Also: how should the battle system work? Could someone direct me to a ti basic battle system that already exists, or give general advice?
Wavejumper3 wrote:
Hey y'all!
Anyone have any ideas? You can give me Easter eggs, characters, whatever!

Maybe you can have an option to "look" for a show-don't-tell description of the local area you're in — to ground all of the letters on the screen to the world your character interprets.
Cool idea! I will try and add that when I start again.

Thanks so much!
I have worked on this a bit. I have a somewhat basic map system, interactions that can lead to text boxes or anything else, and i just need the combat system!
I would give pictures, but I can't due to complications. I will when I am back @ School.
Its basically the same as the video, but on the homescreen.
TTYL Cemetech!
If the video's anything to go by, it's looking great!
Good luck with your project.
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