First two paragraphs are a bit of a preamble, feel free to skip.

Due to various life circumstances, I'm currently looking down the barrel of at least 6 (more) months of quarantine. Around a year ago, I briefly got into Prizm programming (I have an fx-CG50 but I understand that they are for all intents and purposes one and the same when it comes to these things) and I've been getting back into it again with a more mature understanding of this type of programming.

When I was first learning, I made some pretty duct taped projects. I was pleased to get them working, but I feel like I am now in the position to write decent quality and robust C++ code for these calculators.

Given this, I wanted to float the idea of creating a YouTube video (or pair of videos) on writing a Tetris game in C++ aimed at intermediate C++ programmers who have a solid grasp of syntax and general programming but not necessarily how to get by without the standard library and have never really used something as low level as the syscalls in libfxcg.

The things I would want to achieve with this are:
1) bring information on PrizmSDK and libfxcg onto YouTube. Depressingly, the only YouTube videos seem to be students filming their calculators with their phones showing people how to get games on, rather than making them
2) provide information about C++ development for the Prizm. I wouldn't call myself an expert on this by any means, but I still feel like what I have worked out is definitely valuable
3) provide information on "cradle to grave" game development with PrizmSDK, lowering the barrier to those new to PrizmSDK further

What I don't want to do is simply remake the the tutorials.

To this end, I wanted to run this by some of the people on this forum. Any problems, things I should watch out for or flaws in what I'm planning to do? Has it been done before and I couldn't find it? etc
Bro yes please do that!!!
As you can see there are not as many people of people involved in Prizm programming as it used to, which is sad in my opinion because it's a very interesting platform both for learning, playing around, and grinding bits of performance by pushing the hardware. ^^

I think a tutorial series would be very welcome, especially with regards to your first point about bringing the platform on Youtube. I expect more people to get into it with the proper introduction. Smile

I can't advise you on the PrizmSDK unfortunately (not my everyday tool set) but I think I can confidently say that this hasn't been done before. I hope this can contribute to the recent activity for the platform on Cemetech ! Very Happy
Hi, I just wanted to know if this idea is still a thing or if there is already a tutorial. I'm currently really strugeling to get into the Prizm World, after I tried the same thing 2 months ago.

My motivation comes from my PreCalc 11 Class being really boring, so I want to code my way out of there. Essentially I want to build tools that help me solve my tests etc. I have almost 2 years of coding experience, and my strongest language is either Java or Kotlin.

If there is no tutorial, can someone help me decide between Lua/C(++) and show me where to get started? I tried to go with Lua but didn't get very far as all I found is a g3a file from 2013 and some functions that don't even say how to actually get user input.
When I'm proficient with what I'm hopefully going to learn, I absolutely support the idea of a tutorial and would even think about doing one myself, if that's something wanted.
Hi! As far as I understand there is little to no activity on the Lua side. Because the interpreter needs to be maintained, I can see why it's a bit of a struggle.

My opinion is you'll have a better time in C/C++ if you're acquainted with it (C in particular, C++ support varies). You have the PrizmSDK that several lurking people here are very comfortable with. Or if you want a ride, I might suggest the fxSDK that I maintain. In both cases, there is support and there are more programs to use as reference/examples than with Lua.
Lasslos wrote:
If there is no tutorial, can someone help me decide between Lua/C(++) and show me where to get started? I tried to go with Lua but didn't get very far as all I found is a g3a file from 2013 and some functions that don't even say how to actually get user input.
Yeah, after I created the first very early beta of LuaZM (, I unfortunately didn't have/make the time (especially seeing how few people were programming on the Prizm family) to continue refining it.
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