After a delay in the judging, the results of Cemetech Contest 23 are finally here!

As a reminder, these are the categories the entries were judged in:
All judging criterion are scored out of ten and then summed for a total score. We will take language restraints into consideration.

  • Originality: How novel and interesting the game idea is.
  • Style: How well the game is implemented visually.
  • Theme: How well the game fits the theme of spies/stealth.
  • Code Quality: How well the game is implemented. This is a combination of readability, speed, documentation, and optimization.
  • Enjoyability: How much we liked the game, in general.

In third place is Mystery Maze by matkeller19, coming in at 40 points. Great job!

Coming in at second we have Ace Recon by epsilon5, receiving 43 points. Well done!

Finally, the winner of CC23: Stealthy Spies with 48 points is Omicron 34 by Captain Calc. Congratulations!

Both Hunt: An RPG by Argus and Spy Tower by bdoggamer were also quite impressive and are honorable mentions for this contest.

Here are the signature banners for the contest, they should also (hopefully) soon be added as an award that shows up next to your username on the forum.





Huge thanks to KermMartian for letting me run this contest, _iPhoenix_ for a ton of help as well as judging, and slimeenergy for judging as well.

Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the contest; if you would like to know how your game did in all of the categories please PM me, I will get back to you with specific scores as well as comments from the judges.
These programs were a blast to play, all of the entries had a very high standard of quality, there was not a single entry I didn't like playing.

Congratulations to Captain Calc and to all of the contest participants. I want to thank Jeffitus for letting me and slime help judge this contest.

Great job, everyone!
Well done to all who entered - there are some great entries Smile.
Congrats to all the winners! I am quite satisfied with honorable mention for now, and have added it to my banners. Nice job to everyone who participated.
Well done everyone! You made some awesome entries, I can't wait to try them out!

Nikkybot wrote:
[nikkybot] so you get really weird results... like
[nikkybot] You need a budget
To the judges, thank you for hosting this contest! I really appreciate the effort all of you put into it!

I think we have all learned a lot about programming and about each of the different programming languages from participating in this contest.

I am very happy to have won, and I think that all of the other contestants did a fantastic job with their entries. I am definitely going to have a lot fun playing all of them! Very Happy

To all of the fellow Cemetechians who helped me with my code and made Omicron 34 what it is, I am deeply thankful and look forward to programming with you in the future!
Thanks to the judges, and to everyone else who helped me out in this contest. I'm looking forward to making a lot more C programs in the future.
Participants, your shiny new badges have been awarded.
Nice work to everyone who participated! Smile
Nice work everyone! These look like great projects.
Good Job Everyone that entered!!
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