Recently I have started working on yet another rpg made in axe. This is my most advance program yet. I am determined to finish this one Razz

Tell me what you guys think Very Happy
Wow, the animations on the menus look amazing! I love the slideout Menu tab and how the menu options size up when you open it, it reminds me of a well-built mobile app. I'm also loving the tileset and the maps you've made so far, but I have one concern. The motion blur, particularly on the player sprite, is pretty hard to look at, unfortunately. Is there a way to tone this down, if it's a problem with the code? I know that WabbitEmu (if that's what you use for screenshots) has settings to reduce motion blur, but if it appears the same way on-calc, I think it'd be worth it to fix.

Another question, how will the battle system work? Are you going with the random encounter every step system? And how will attacks be? Any plans for spells or using items during battle? I'd love to see where this goes, looks really great so far!
The motion blur is way less on the actual calculator. The only blur that really exists is the player sprite, but nothing comparable to the gif.

Here is a gif of the battle system so far. After a random distance the screen flashes (that battle will load here) The fourth number down on the left is the amount of pixels moved left before a battle.

I hope to have leveling up, skills (instead of magic so I don't have to incorporate fancy flame animations etc), and items.
This is awesome. Please excuse my lack of Axe experience, but this should work on the 84+/83+ series, right? (Besides CE)

To get better on-calc graphics, perhaps just use a tripod and get a video of the calc screen, and crop out as needed.
Yes, this should work on any Ti-83/84 plus monochrome calc. Smile

That's a good idea, but too much work at present Razz
I also noticed that, when you went into the building, your character sprite temporarily erased some of the floor tiles (the transparent parts, at least)
This looks amazing, I love the animations as well! Keep up the great work! Smile
_iPhoenix_ wrote:
I also noticed that, when you went into the building, your character sprite temporarily erased some of the floor tiles (the transparent parts, at least)

yeah, the sprite isn't transparent, but do you think I should try to fix that? It would probably slow stuff down a bit since I would have to use masked sprites
Here is an updated gif.

Finish Battle Engine
- Add Attack, Items usage, and Skills.
- Add hitpoints for enemies and randomize attacks.
Add main character health, skill points, etc
Add code to level up, learn skills, use items, etc
Add title screen
The battles seem to be a bit too frequent. Razz
haha yeah, I was surprised too when I took the gif. Normally they are NEVER that frequent. I will upload the file sometimes soon and have people test it and give me input.
Really great looking, love the tileset! That menu is also one of the best I've seen, really creative and looks fresh.
I'm curious about what the chance of a random encounter is when stepping on a tile? Do all tiles have possible encounters or do some have encounters and others don't (like older Pokemon games)?
When you start the game, or end a battle, the variable (pointer) R is set to a random number, i.e. 142. Any time the character moves a pixel - except in buildings and other safe areas - R is decreased by one. When R equals 0 a battle occurs. There is a minimum amount of pixels before a battle, but I maybe should increase it (currently 36 or something). xLibman's Illusiat 6 (BASIC) uses a similar method, that's where I got the idea.
Looking great! Love the smooth animations and the sprites (especially the dead tree tiles Smile).
Really cool! This already looks nicely polished, and it's always great to see the TI-83+/84+ monochrome calculators still getting some love Smile
I have finished all the battle animations except the skills, and you can now use items. The only thing I really need to add is the whole level, hitpoints, level up equation, etc stuff
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