School has been in session for a little while (at least for me) and I've been constantly up late finishing homework and completing projects. When I'm up late finishing homework on my computer, I use f.lux so it's easier on my eyes. However when I look at my calculator, even on it's lowest brightness, it's still harsh to look at.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a program that changes the harsh white color on the calculators screen to a more red-orange color. I'd also like to know if this is possible in C or would it require ASM programming.

Bonus points if the program can adjust to the current time on the calc. (probably a useless feature due to incorrect clocks though)
I second this request, even if it is not actually possible.
I have an idea for this.

You could write a program, and every time you run it, it changes to what the color would be at that time on f.lux . And yes, it would have to be in sync with the calc's internal clock for this to be something worth doing.

Although making it stay that color, I don't know.

So it would most likely have to be in ASM, and a custom OS too, if you wanted it to stay that color.
The internet is currently down where I am, so I can't work on this right now.
It might be possible to set the brightness to a setting lower than the minimum OS setting with assembly. If not, you might be able to adjust the color pallette so that everything is darker and slightly orange. If you were to change the color pallette, it would probably get reset every time you launched an application that changes it to a different value.
The OS doesn't use 8bpp so you cant change a single pallet value, you would have to change all pixels on the screen, after every draw call, and this is too impractical. I do believe the LCD can go lower brightness then the lowest OS brightness, but IDK.
Yes it is possible to go below OS brightness, someone I can't remember the name of made it.

//store value between 1 and 250 into Ans, then run the program.

It's a shame that this wouldn't be practical, even if I had to rerun the program all the time it'd still be useful. Sad

EDIT: would this be possible on a CSE since we have access to the signing key?
read from bottom up.
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