Which is the best project of June 2016?
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ICE Compiler
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TI-Planet Project Builder online TI-84 Plus CE emulator
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Summer is in full swing, and our members have scattered to summer school, vacations, camps, or just some relaxing video gaming (Pokemon Go, anyone?). However, we're happy to see that our Cemetechians have continued to produce exciting projects, games, and programs. Without further ado, here's what people have been working on:

  • Wal-Rush CE: DJ_O has released a new version of his Wal-Rush game that uses a sprite library over the use of Textlib. Check out the topic for a screenshot of the improved performance this game now has!

  • Sprites: Sprites is a graphical library set for the CE graphing calculators, that allow BASIC programmers access to some nice sprite tools to create nicer looking programs and games. More information can be found in the topic, and you can check out a project update done by DJ_O looks like using this set of libraries.

  • Pegs CE: Ohernandez has done some code updating for his Pegs project, updating to new graphics libraries provided by the CE C libraries, and has gone in and added a level editor. Check out the topic for more information on these updates!

  • GLib CE: GLib started out as an axe library, way back in 2013. Now, TheMachine02 is working on a similar engine in ez80 assembly for the CE line of calculators. The graphics shown are quite impressive, and literately requires you to see them to believe them. Check them out in the thread and give TheMachine02 some feedback so this project continues on.

  • TI Monopoly: TI Monopoly is a temporary name until Kydapoot, the programmer working on this project, can come up with something more official. As the name implies, this will be a Monopoly like game for the monochrome 83+ line of calculators. Check out the thread for all the possible names of properties and the screenshots as the game looks right now.

  • Bejeweled CSE/CE: Unknowloner has been working on an all BASIC version of this Bejeweled like game, using what appears to be different colored dice instead of the variously colored jewels as the name would normally imply. Check out his video in the topic and let him know what you think of this progress update.

  • Project Builder online CE Compiler: Adriweb has shared that TI-Planet's Project Builder has been getting an upgrade, one where it allows you to emulate a CE right in your browser! Check the thread for a video and screenshots.

  • Prizm Emulator: gbl08ma is discussing reviving an old project, and that is one of Prizm emulation. He is currently looking for people that might be interested in this project, to gauge interest before possibly starting in, so jump over to the topic and give him your thoughts on the matter.

  • Don't touch the color: A project by Unicorn, that is inspired by Don't touch the spikes, where you guide a ball across the screen to touch the color that the ball is at that time. Check out the thread for screenshots with better explanations of the game play.

  • Escheron: Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian showed off an impressive screenshot update for this project being worked on by geekboy and himself. It shows off the new physical attack animations and UI adjustments. He's also included information on their editors, so check it out for more of this awesome game!

  • ICE Compiler: PT_ has been working on his compiler project, releasing a version 1.0 with some limited functionality. He's added a number of things after that release, so check out the thread to get more information and check out those screenshots showing off his progress.

  • CEmu: Adriweb has posted up an update for the CE Emulator, citing bug fixes and possibly a better UI being the important aspects of the update. Check out the thread to get at the latest version of this emulator!

  • Photon Particle globalCALCnet: Several members have struggled to port Kerm Martian's WiFi calculator networking system from the Spark Core to the Photon Particle development board. Theprogrammingcube succeeded, and has been brainstorming how Arduino-style "shields" could be stacked on the Particle specifically for calculator hardware development. If you have some feedback or ideas, you should check out his topic!

What are you waiting for? Get coding on some projects of your own that we can feature next month!
Great summary, tifreak8x!

I hadn't used CEmu in a couple of months, so it's great to see it's still being updated. It's coming along really well!
Congratulations to everyone who has continued to work hard on their projects even with the distractions of summer! I'm sad that I haven't gotten to work on my own calculator projects over the last few months, but I'm hopeful that I'll eventually be able to. Thanks for helping to motivate me, guys, and thanks to tifreak8x for his hard work every month. Smile
Yes, great job everone for all that progress!
Will the Contest entries be included in the next issue?
Ladies and gentlemen: a poll for best completed Project of the Month for June 2016 has been added to this topic, open for the next 7 days. Please carefully consider the options before voting. Thanks!
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