I am so excited to announce the near completion of the GAMEULATOR GEN 4!
It has been made into a ti-84 shell as opposed to a ti-83 for spatial reasons

actually... let's let this video explain it

Now, I say near completion because I still have to add the L and R buttons along with a volume potentiometer but as of today it is playable as a console. Smile Im so happy to share this with all of you and I hope some good suggestions come through!
Woah cool! Just have one question can it or will it be able to play music and sound?
BQQM180 wrote:
Woah cool! Just have one question can it or will it be able to play music and sound?

Indeed it does play the sound coming from the game. Good question, I didn't specify that.
So now that the L and R buttons are put in place, the Gameulator is fully functional! YAY!

This questions came up on SAX yesterday
"If the cartridges go there, where does the battery go?"
The battery I'm using is actually from a little usb spy camera about as big as your thumb. I was able to fit the entire pcb along with the battery inside the gameulator underneath where the cartridge goes and it also has it's own built-in charger circuit that I modified to take mini usb as input. The battery puts out almost exactly the voltage needed for the gameboy and gives you a pretty decent battery life because it was built for a camera and cameras guzzle through batteries.

I'll try to get a picture on here soon that I hope will clear things up for people, but please ask any other questions you have! Smile
It's great, could you share instructions for making it and how much do you recon it costs to make please
Im not sure if I can write the instructions, I kinda figured it out as I went along. But I can tell you approx. cost:
Broken ti-84: I got for about $25
Gameboy Advanced SP: I got for about $45
Small usb camera: I think on amazon about $15

I can give basic ideas of what I did:
First I cut the ti 84 motherboard just under the top 5 buttons so the screen was off and the row of "y=" buttons

I soldered wires to the button contacts on the Ti 84 Motherboard and wrapped them around so they came out the back, then soldered the other ends of the wires to the buttons on the gameboy motherboard. Then soldered an external switch to the contacts on the gameboy's switch and added a battery and glued the screen into the screenhole in the ti 84

Then cut the shell of the ti-84 to make everything fit inside.
I can't give exact dimensions because I didn't take notes while making it but that's basically the gist of how this came to be. Hope this helps! Smile
Thanks, Botboy
What is the capacity of the battery, and how long does it power the gameulator on one full charge? If it is the size of your thumb, I cant imagine it would power it for very long.
The battery lasts for a couple of hours, I only had to charge it a few times in the time it took me to complete Metroid Fusion.
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