I decided to make my own disassembler. It supports both the classic Z80 and the eZ80. This was written in a single day, but seems to work quite well now. You can find the latest release binary and source code on GitHub.

CPU features:
  • Supports eZ80 CPU
  • Supports classic Z80 CPU
  • Select ADL and non-ADL modes
Input and output options:
  • By default, reads input hexadecimal to disassemble from command line
  • Supports reading input from text file with hexadecimal
  • Supports reading input from binary file
  • Supports writing output to stdout and/or a text file
Formatting options:
  • Optionally set base address input instruction stream starts at, allows below option
  • Optionally show branch labels for output
  • Optionally prefix every instruction with its address
  • Optionally display opcode data being displayed for each instruction
  • Optionally align instruction arguments with tabs or spaces
  • IRC mode: write all output to one continuous line broken with backslashes

Sample disassembly of the first 256 bytes of my TI-84 Plus C SE ROM image (it was the first .bin file I could think of):

C:\somepath\eZDisasm -Ideb csepage0.bin 0000
0000:   DB02          in        a, (02)
0002:   E680          and       80
0004:   C37802        jp        label_0278
0007:   FF            rst       38h
0008:   C39417        jp        label_1794
000B:   00            nop
000C:   00            nop
000D:   00            nop
000E:   00            nop
000F:   C9            ret
0010:   C3E70B        jp        label_0BE7
0013:   FDCB0266      bit       4, (iy + 02)
0017:   C9            ret
0018:   C3E012        jp        label_12E0
001B:   CD743F        call      label_3F74
001E:   00            nop
001F:   C9            ret
0020:   C36B18        jp        label_186B
0023:   CD7A3F        call      label_3F7A
0026:   00            nop
0027:   C9            ret
0028:   C3A827        jp        label_27A8
002B:   97            sub       a
002C:   328F9B        ld        (loc_9B8F), a
002F:   C9            ret
0030:   C31D20        jp        label_201D
0033:   7E            ld        a, (hl)
0034:   23            inc       hl
0035:   66            ld        h, (hl)
0036:   6F            ld        l, a
0037:   C9            ret
0038:   1834          jr        label_006E
003A:   DB04          in        a, (04)
003C:   CB7F          bit       7, a
003E:   C22D01        jp        nz, label_012D
0041:   CB6F          bit       5, a
0043:   C23B01        jp        nz, label_013B
0046:   CB77          bit       6, a
0048:   C25501        jp        nz, label_0155
004B:   C3C900        jp        label_00C9
004E:   FF            rst       38h
004F:   FF            rst       38h
0050:   C32D28        jp        label_282D
0053:   C3B00A        jp        label_0AB0
0056:   5A            ld        e, d
0057:   A5            and       l
0058:   FF            rst       38h
0059:   C34B25        jp        label_254B
005C:   C37825        jp        label_2578
005F:   FF            rst       38h
0060:   FF            rst       38h
0061:   FF            rst       38h
0062:   3C            inc       a
0063:   8B            adc       a, e
0064:   00            nop
0065:   34            inc       (hl)
0066:   2E30          ld        l, 30
0068:   2020          jr        nz, label_008A
006A:   2020          jr        nz, label_008C
006C:   2000          jr        nz, label_006E
006E:   08            ex        ex, ex'
006F:   D9            exx
0070:   DB55          in        a, (55)
0072:   EEFF          xor       FF
0074:   E61F          and       1F
0076:   28C2          jr        z, label_003A
0078:   FDCB3A46      bit       0, (iy + 3A)
007C:   2808          jr        z, label_0086
007E:   062C          ld        b, 2C
0080:   4F            ld        c, a
0081:   CDE702        call      label_02E7
0084:   2857          jr        z, label_00DD
0086:   DB56          in        a, (56)
0088:   47            ld        b, a
0089:   B7            or        a
008A:   2825          jr        z, label_00B1
008C:   FDCB095E      bit       3, (iy + 09)
0090:   CAD101        jp        z, label_01D1
0093:   DB07          in        a, (07)
0095:   FE81          cp        81
0097:   C2D101        jp        nz, label_01D1
009A:   78            ld        a, b
009B:   CB67          bit       4, a
009D:   C22301        jp        nz, label_0123
00A0:   CB6F          bit       5, a
00A2:   C22801        jp        nz, label_0128
00A5:   CB77          bit       6, a
00A7:   206B          jr        nz, label_0114
00A9:   CB7F          bit       7, a
00AB:   206C          jr        nz, label_0119
00AD:   CB4F          bit       1, a
00AF:   206D          jr        nz, label_011E
00B1:   DB55          in        a, (55)
00B3:   47            ld        b, a
00B4:   E611          and       11
00B6:   EE11          xor       11
00B8:   CA3A00        jp        z, label_003A
00BB:   DB07          in        a, (07)
00BD:   FE81          cp        81
00BF:   C2D101        jp        nz, label_01D1
00C2:   CB60          bit       4, b
00C4:   CA4901        jp        z, label_0149
00C7:   1846          jr        label_010F
00C9:   CB57          bit       2, a
00CB:   C2E201        jp        nz, label_01E2
00CE:   CB67          bit       4, a
00D0:   C2D101        jp        nz, label_01D1
00D3:   1F            rra
00D4:   DA5C01        jp        c, label_015C
00D7:   1F            rra
00D8:   DA6801        jp        c, label_0168
00DB:   1808          jr        label_00E5
00DD:   F5            push      af
00DE:   3E08          ld        a, 08
00E0:   D303          out       (03), a
00E2:   F1            pop       af
00E3:   D303          out       (03), a
00E5:   3E0B          ld        a, 0B
00E7:   FDCB1646      bit       0, (iy + 16)
00EB:   2802          jr        z, label_00EF
00ED:   C604          add       a, 04
00EF:   D303          out       (03), a
00F1:   08            ex        ex, ex'
00F2:   D9            exx
00F3:   FB            ei
00F4:   ED4D          reti
00F6:   FDCB034E      bit       1, (iy + 03)
00FA:   200E          jr        nz, label_010A
00FC:   FDCB17CE      set       1, (iy + 17)

I also figured out how to make your console application figure out whether it's been invoked from a command line or from another GUI application. The code that does this calls out to a native Win32 function and might or might not cause problems on Mono/Linux/Macs. If it does, let me know; in the meantime, if you're feeling bold, you can recompile it without the WIN_32 define to disable all that code.
Nice work DrDnar! This is some impressive stuff. Can't believe it was just done in a day. Smile
I've updated the disassembler with quite a few fixes and enhancements, including missing or incorrect instruction disassemblies, and adding an IRC mode for the disassembler. As before, the source code and latest binary is on GitHub.
Incredibly useful and brilliant work, as usual DrDnar Smile.
This will be really useful to me for a multitude of reasons. It will help in examining OS routines that we need to document for our programs, assuming that an SDK is not forthcoming, it will help with debugging, and of course reading your source will help me understand how I need to change jsTIfied's built-in disassembler to support ez80 instructions. Keep up the good work on this, and please let us know about your latest progress.
Splendid, DrDnar! This will be very, very useful indeed Smile
This has been very useful for me; and is quite easy to use! Smile One request that I think would be nice though is if the addresses and numbers could be prefixed with a '$' or suffixed with a 'h' in order to specify that it is in hexadecimal. I know that it already outputs all numbers this way, but when assembling, this makes things a lot easier. Thanks! Smile
MateoConLechuga wrote:
One request that I think would be nice though is if the addresses and/or numbers could be prefixed with a '$' or suffixed with a 'h' in order to specify that it is in hexadecimal.

As of right now, it can get kind of confusing when I see a "15" and think 15 rather than 21... Other than that though, this works like a charm. Smile
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