I have been trying to set up a scoreboard for the past hour and a half. Can anyone please help me? I just want a scoreboard that counts how many hostile mobs (s)he kills. Can somebody please help?
We'd love to help but you're missing loads of info! Fill us in and we'll take it from there.
  • Programming Language
  • How you want to get this data
  • What have you already tried?
  • Other info related to your project.
All right then. So I am trying to create a scoreboard in Minecraft. I have looked at numerous scoreboard generators, but none of them seem to make any sense. When I have figured all of that out, I then would input it into command block(s) so the scoreboard can be generated for a minigame that I a making. What I want to record is how many hostile mobs the player(s) have killed before the player(s) die. But none of the scoreboard generators make sense. Does anyone here know enough about Minecraft scoreboards to help me make one?
Almost there; what have scoreboards have you looked at? What doesn't make sense? Perhaps pick one that you'd like to use and post where you get stuck and we'll take it from there; I think the two of us should be able to figure this out Smile

I gather from the already supplied info that this will be in-game rather than an external plugin.
/scoreboard objectives add Kills stat.mobKills
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Kill

You also could have used the minecraft wiki, because this page explains everything: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Scoreboard
Thanks for those two bits of code, Monkey0x9. And for the type of scoreboard- I would just like a standard scoreboard that tracks all of the players. A last-man-standing type of scoreboard, with the last player standing being the winner. Or, if there is only one player, just have it count how many mobs the player kills before they die, and maybe their highscore.
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