c4ooo lost some important things to an OS install today; so I thought it might be useful to port Archive Undelete to the CE. For those who are unaware, this niffty little program can restore a program or appvar that was deleted on a RAM/ROM clear or accidentally, as long as it was archived at some point (sort of like a restore checkpoint). Looking at DrDnar's code gave me a bunch of headway; and it was a simple matter to redesign it to access the newly structured flash. I modified pretty much the whole execution and layout; but credit goes to DrDnar and BrandonW for documenting the archive memory in the first place.

Download: Archive Undelete CE

I have plans to add a scrollable interface so that way you can look at every deleted item, or just show the most recent checkpoints. I feel this would be a lot easier than having to keep track of what is what Razz

Enjoy everyone! Very Happy

Here's a screenshot:
Oh hey, I totally missed this yesterday. This is great work by both you and DrDnar; I know that the monochrome tool certainly came in handy for a lot of users who lost files. Thanks for porting and posting it.
Awesome! The CSE version has helped me before, this is a great addition!
Much approve, very like!
Nice! I always recommend people to backup often on multiple storage mediums to be safe, but those tools can be very handy too. I wish something like this existed back in 2002 when I lost Illusiat 2002.
um, this has never worked for me, and i really wish it would, because i accidentally just deleted something important...

The program runs fine, but it only shows three things, even though i know for a fact that i archived and unarchived many things since my last garbage collect

OS version
(it didnt work with previous versions either though)
What if I accidentally lose Archive Undelete CE from a RAM clear? Can I use Archive Undelete CE to restore Archive Undelete CE if I have archived Archive Undelete CE in the past?
This is kinda annoying, because i am actually wondering why it isnt working right (and why no one else has said anything about this
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