Post any non-candid photos here, those go in this topic Smile Feel free to critique and share!

Erm, why are you standing in the middle of the road?
'Cause I own the road, fool.

But seriously, I wanted to go cliché. I would have got my car in the middle of the road as well if this poorly traveled road wasn't actually popular today.
Is the colors looking that sharp a result of filters, film tricks, or postprocessing?
KermMartian wrote:
Is the colors looking that sharp a result of filters, film tricks, or postprocessing?
Post processing, Colour Calibration actually.
Those clouds are intense.
Thanks elf!

I took about twenty of these shots, all nearly identical, this one had the most action I felt, mostly from the dirt being kicked up.
I'm disappointed that "Search" doesn't look at topic titles! Sad

Anyways, some photos from last nights "Battle of the Bands" as is off the camera. Only adjustments I did to these four photos were noise adjustments ;D

Very nice, comic! Are you planning on doing any color adjustment, or are you happy with what you have there?
KermMartian wrote:
Very nice, comic! Are you planning on doing any color adjustment, or are you happy with what you have there?
I have done colour corrections, albeit minor, on one or two. They were two mono-coloured for my tastes so I tried to get some colour back or at least tone it down. But not in any of these four. I also had a series of under-exposed shots and fixed those with no tall tale signs (i.e. massive colour noise) to my grateful surprise.
Just photographed another paintball tournament today, here are some photos from the last tournament in February:

Very nice work on those, Alex.
Thanks! These next photos will be posted at the start June and they'll be better than these. It was a brand new field so it had grass* and the green compliments the red & blue of the bunkers very nicely.

*Some fields are made without grass, but the fields that do have grass are usually extremely patchy and/or dead.
Quite a success in the newspaper these days!

Semester wrap up of sports.
ComicIDIOT, and those are all your work? A most excellent job, good sir!
All but one!
My favourite from today:

Only manipulation was altering the colour channels of the image.
Here's a three step image:

The scene as we and nearly all camera's see it.

The scene as a specially equipped camera sees it.

The scene after some photoshop work.
I guess by "specially equipped camera" you're referring to infrared photography? It certainly produces some interesting effects!
I am! Smile My favourite wavelength of light. It's been half a year since I photographed the spectrum. I hope to someday convert my camera to infrared only, so I don't need 20 second exposures.

Paintball tournament from April. Notice the paintball hitting the guy in the knee cap! :O

Also! I've been excersising this MOUS-qualified knowledge of mine and working some Excel - rather OpenOffice - magic. I should have two new camera bodies that I want, plus four new lenses and one of the bodies modified for infrared - no more motion blur and twenty second exposures! - by the end of August.

Why two camera bodies? I want two because my current body is over two years old, which is ancient. It's taken 75k photos 25k more than the shutter is rated for. It's also has fall damage and likely water damage from when I dropped it in a lake last summer.

The two new cameras will be purchased just about a year after official release - albeit new! - when purchase them. While both will replace my current DSLR, one will be sent off to be converted to infrared, as the link above links to a prior infrared photo post in this topic. Each camera will have the same two lenses, so I'll have three copies of each. Two for my old, four for my two new cameras.

The current lenses that I have are dinged up and don't work right; one doesn't receive focusing instructions 80% of the time - thus means I need to manual focus - and the other is stuck on Automatic focus, but luckily doesn't suffer the same focusing fate as the other. Both these lenses will be kept with my old DSLR.

My old equipment will be loaned out to friends when we photograph together! Woo. Good Idea

    Regarding the ODS document: it tracks a two week schedule, takes out lunch breaks then calculates gross pay. Removes applicable taxes and displays the Net pay.

    On another sheet, you manually add your gross and net hours for as long as you are employed. On a third sheet, fun facts are displayed such as the total number of hours you've been on lunch and your gross and net hours, number of days you've been scheduled and your gross and net pay.

    A fourth tab lists items you want to buy with the amount, quantity and local sales tax (if applicable), then it calculates the cost for the item and for the combination of items.

    On the last tab, you can adjust a buffer percentage. As in, you can work towards 150% more than your items are worth, which I think is a good practice. The amount of hours you work is calculated from the schedule sheet, by averaging out the net hours for the week and dividing by the days you worked, which is multiplied by your wage to get a rough idea of how much you'll make in the pay period; which seems to be your gross pay. The amount you keep after taxes is calculated then deducted from the gross amount.

    Finally, the number of weeks it'll take to earn enough money of the New Cost is calculated by multiplying the number of weeks by seven and adding that to the date you started saving on - entered manually via date value (i.e. 40331 for June 2nd), the cell is formatted to display a date - near the top of the sheet.

    I still need to add variables such as rent, utilities and other things that come out of a paycheck - perhaps you place 10% into savings and 250$ a check goes to rent and 50$ to groceries, gotta account for those. I'll work those in the next few days.

    If anyone is interested in using or looking at the sheet, which is still roughly formatted at best, drop me a PM with an e-mail. I'm in the process of converting this to Google Docs and Excel as well, but for now it'll only be available as an OpenDocument Spreadsheet. I'm saddened that Google Docs won't upload the document!
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